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Other than a Cybertronian writing utensil, I am an avid brony that is partial to writing novice-level stories whenever an idea pops into my head, whether I like it, or not. It's mostly the latter.

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The End Times are here!

The Great Necomancer, Nagash, has finally completed his vengence on the Tomb Kings of Nehekhara. Settra the Imperishable has fallen and the city of Khemri is now nothing but sand. Every undead creature is now a slave to his indomitable will.

Or so he thinks.

A group of surviving Tomb Kings have managed to evade his sight. Uniting under a lost legion, they flee to a new land beyond his reach, but will this new world truly be safe? Can they count on the Crystal Empire to be their sanctuary? Or will the horrors of the Old World find a way through?


I have never written a Warhammer fic before, but I am a fan of the books and of Tomb Kings in particular. I hope this is up to scratch with my previous fiction but if anything sticks out let me know and I will correct it. Tagged for Human becaue they are human, undead ones, but technically still human.

Chapters (6)

Having to stay at Butterscotch's house while renovators fix her house (or at least try to fix it), Eris finds with time that she has growing feelings for the, compared to her, young pegasus. It doesn't help that she's not the only one vying for the attention of the Element of Kindness.

As a being who has lived through many an age of Equestria, can the draconequus figure out how to mix her chaotic nature with the laid-back and peaceful nature of Butterscotch?

An Eris x Butterscotch story! Because there are like, only one or two stories about Eris and Butterscotch, really...

Picture is from here.

Chapters (2)

If it weren't for a group of young mares, saving the day with luck and intuition, Equestria would fall. Chrysalis finds this absolutely unacceptable. For the love of ponies and their carefree way of life, the changeling queen takes a stand. Will she survive? Will Equestria?

Whoa, buckle up everypony, this one promises to be another big story!

The art is once more done by the amazing Vavacung, please show them some love and appreciation!

Chapters (36)

After saving Camp Everfree, Sunset Shimmer just wants to kick and celebrate like any typical teenaged girl. Or at least as typical as one can be when you now possess magic powers that let you see into the hearts and minds of others.

But memories are a fickle thing, and when Sunset Shimmer runs into her ex-boyfriend, she soon discovers that even a memory can be deceptive.

Special thanks to SolidFire for his editing work.
Cover art by Ponut Joe (can't link cause super-NSFW tumblr)

Chapters (1)

Falling into a volcano trying to impress people isn't very fun, and while it was quite hot for a very long time, eventually I actually started to feel a tad chilly, after a while though I blacked out, and woke up in a burning field, as a horse no less.

Featured 06/09/2016 (what did I do? How? I'm not this popular, if I knew this would happen I would have gone through and re-edited my grammar before I posted. Now I feel like a jerk.)

Featured 06/11/2016
Featured 3/26/2018
The editor is The Wind King
Proofreader is Nonameknight

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The nightmare of that evening haunts my every waking moment.

A flash of light.

Her powerful form with wings spread wide before me…

She was not just my mentor.

She was also my best friend and for that I will always be grateful for knowing her not as a Princess of Equestria, but as Celestia… The only one who really understood me...

But now? Now I can never tell her how much I truly loved her and how much she meant to me.

They took her away from me.

So I will take everything away from them.

There is a sequel! D=S-M2 and side story! D=S-M: Emerald Mirror

((Somehow Featured on: 12/03/2014 and again on the 06/07/14... mad.

Much love and all credit to the artist: Ventious who owns that picture and is all kinds of awesome. While I have yet to get permission (working on that one at some point), I will remove the picture if the artist demands it so.

And much thanks to these guys for helping me edit/proof and generally bounce ideas about this monstrosity: Grammar Nazi Tach, Discorded Discord,Curify, Lord Inquisitor

Chapters (14)

"A good teacher is like a candle— It consumes itself to light the way for others."

Fresh out of college and ready to tackle her career with all of her might, Cheerilee is what some ponies would call perfect for teaching in Ponyville's schoolhouse. It's her first day on the job, and she's ready to start doing her part to help the town's foals grow to be happy, healthy adults.

Of course, there are some things that college simply can't teach. When one of her pupils begins to show signs of trouble, Cheerilee will be forced to learn a very important lesson.

Teaching is about a lot more than writing on a chalkboard.

Concept gifted to me by my good friend, Blue Flame

Concept Development, Prereading, and other assistance by KillerShadow 15

Edited by
Lord-Commander (Chapters 1-11)
Xhoral1865 (Chapter 12)
Kestrel (Chapters 12- )
MissytheAngle (Chapters 13- )

Cover art commissioned from Sayer09

Thanks go out to everyone else who has helped me along the way, and to you readers for taking the time to read my writings. Enjoy the story!

Featured on Equestria Daily! 9/30/2015

Reviewed by Blunt Reviews!

Chapters (15)

Princess Cadance's life is fraught with intrigue, chaos, and diplomacy. She has been trained for it—educated, prepared, and hardened by her Aunt Celestia. However, all the training in the world couldn't prepare her for real life. Things only become crazier with the return of her formerly exiled and insane Aunt Luna, and she finds herself responsible for her newfound aunt amid the mysteries in the seaside town of Queensmouth.

A standalone Winningverse story.

Chapters (3)

Twilight Sparkle, also known as Medusa, is a hardened criminal mastermind, and the leader of what was formerly the most feared band of criminals in all of Equestria. That was years ago. Now, her crew is in shambles, and she looks to two-bit thug Rainbow Dash to bring it back to its former glory.

With Twilight's genius and experience, combined with some fresh blood, the Mythos Crew may become more formidable than ever.

Chapters (30)

A chance encounter in the park allows Sunset to clear the air with an old rival. Upon realizing they have more in common than they knew, Sunset takes a step she never saw herself making, but she will take the time to do it right.

Thanks to:
The Abyss

Chapters (1)
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