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'R' and 'E' are right next to one another on keyboards, so I dismissed 'Mareiott' as a typo and booked my hotel room online. It was only after I found a pony waiting for me at the airport that I realized it was, instead, a horrible pun. Now I'm stuck in a horsey hotel for a week while attending a major trade fair on behalf of my employer.

Additional character tags: Snowcatcher, Flitterheart, Sunny Rays, Feathermay, Honeybuzz

Written for Admiral Biscuit's challenge/request for more slice of life fics featuring ponies working on Earth:


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You are an Aarons employee having a terrible day, just like any other from the moment you decided to set off on your own. With your horrible boss sending you to get things out the back to put out for display, you meet Starlight Glimmer.

Note: This story was done as part of a two hour writing challenge, hope you enjoy.

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Australia, everyone's favorite destination to go if you wanted to spend a really nice Summer with cars, music, racing and celebration. In this lovely environment, the Festival Boss, Racer, leads the Horizon Festival and drove it to a huge and enormous success.

In the meantime, in Equestria, several different events caused Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Sunset Shimmer, Rarity and Applejack to travel through the dimensions into this lovely place known as Horizon Australia. What they experienced? See for yourself...

This is a crossover between My Little Pony and Forza Horizon 3.

Rated E for Everyone. This story is told in authorial First Person.

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This story is a sequel to Planet Express's Package Pony

Adopted with permission from MrAquino! Nothing's normal with Planet Express, a local package delivery company in the year 3000. They already have a cryogenic frozen delivery boy, a karate knowing cyclops captain, a foul-mouth robot that wants to be a chef, a bureaucrat who never shuts off, a cute Chinese pretty girl from the richest family on Mars, a lobster alien that acts as their doctor (despite not knowing anything & is homeless), a super old professor that should be dead, and a janitor that no one knows. With all of these people, what happens when they receive a package from an anonymous sender? And what happens when said package contains an adorable gray pegasus filly with crossed eyes and a love for muffins? The whole Futurama series recreated with Derpy as one of it's main cast, that's what! Don't like it!? Well bite my shiny metal ass!!!

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