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Chrysalis has finally given up.

After many humiliating defeats at the hooves of Twilight and her friends, the overthrown queen of the changelings has taken refuge within the Everfree Forest far from capture and decides to call it quits. Her quest for world domination has officially come to an end...

But it won't stop her from pranking everypony by any means necessary. 😈

However, an unexpected guest may soon hinder her heinous deeds and make her experience things she herself would've never predicted.

For just one little friend can make a big impact.
If anyone's curious, this is not part of the Li'l Chryssy series.

One like = one biscuit for the puppy baby :3

"Wholesome and adorable!"
~ Kryostasis

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Everyone knows that Russia is shifty at best and about as reliable as back alley surgery. I mean, that's been a given in our world since Ivan the Terrible was around. Unfortunately, the Princesses of Equestria haven't exactly learned this lesson, and have left themselves terribly open to a cyber attack launched by the Russian Federation.

But what exactly is Putin after?

Currently relevant, absurd pony political satire. Teen for hidden innuendos.
A number of links are provided in-story at relevant points. Be warned, a significant amount of political flaming (biased against everyone equally) within.

EDIT: Featured 1/2/17! Thanks so much!

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Robbie Rotten, after numerous failed attempts to pursue and catch the super sporty Sporticus now sets his villainy eyes (and chin) on someone who flies around more than flips around.

Or rather, somepony.

He fails spectacularly.

Crossover with MLP and Lazytown.

Update: Hit the top of the featured box on 12/25/16. I guess this fic really is "number one".

Unfortunately, our lovable lazy antagonist suffers from pancreatic cancer in real life. If you so wish, you may donate to Stephan Karl (aka: Robbie Rotten) to help him out. Such a great man deserves the best treatment.

Update: Robbie Rotten has passed away. He will always be number one in all of our hearts.

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Hearts and Hooves Day. Anon wants a pizza; Cadance wants to find him a marefriend. Only one of them is going to get what they want today.

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"Hey, uh, Rick, what did you want me to, uh, write down here again?"

"Look, Morty, it's not that urp complicated, just, just write down a generic description of what we did."

"But Rick, we did a lot of things!"

"Then figurp it out, Morty. Christ, and here I thought you were getting at least a bit smarter. Just, write down something about, uh, 'Rick and Morty Get Stuff From Horse Land'. 'Morty and Rick and something something horse pun'. I dunno, something."

"I want to go back to the ponies..."

"Oh, I bet you would like that, huh, MMMorty? Go back to the girly dimension full of urp friendship and magic and all that. Look, just give it here, I'll, uh, just put it up as it is."

Now with coverart by some guy named Shadow Bolt

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After a spree of indecent, criminal acts in America, Justin Bieber is deported to Canada. But they don't want him either, so he's exiled to Equestria. Will he make the best of his clean slate, or will he continue to be a spoiled brat? Yes.

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Lashona is one fine sassy woman living the dream. No debt, no kids, no husband, she's got it all. Due to forces beyond her control, she finds herself in Equestria.

And she isn't having any of it.

Nuh uh. No way, no how.

Hey look, YouTube readings! Start here!

What people are saying about it:
"Hey, RainbowBob made a new... Wait a minute..."
~Skeeter The Lurker
"Flint, this is absolutely f***ing brilliant."
"Why would you even..?"
~Comrade Sparkle
"Flint, you can't release this...you'll destroy us all!"
"Totally just commented to see if I could get onto the list of things people are saying about it."
"A group just for you!"
"Why the hell are there so many people in the description? THIS IS NEPOTISM!!"
~Vengeful Spirit
"this is gay"

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Steve creates the Equestrian equivalent of Pepper for a local establishment.
Things quickly get out of hand after that.

Just don't forget the golden rule and you'll be fine:

Never use Pepper without Salt unless skilled.

A complete shitpost.
You have been warned

I also wrote this in like 2 hours and I will never get those 2 hours of my life back now

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I accidentally revoked submission so I submitted the story again. please don't read if you already have and I'm apologizing in advance

No one had ever seen Anon without his clothes on. Not even the princesses. So they task Twilight to unravel the mystery. How will she fare? There's only one way to find out...

This story is a response for a blog post you can find here. This is pretty rushed so don't expect too much.

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Rick, a very enthusiastic human, meets Twilight, a curious pony who wants to know his name.

Rick isn't having any of it.

A shitpost written in a hour. Will be updated semi-regularly to springboard me into writing actively. Criticism appreciated, except from Mike White, because he's above this story.

Edited and inspired by FamousLastWords.

Now with an audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio! (Currently CH1 & First part of CH2)

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