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(A stand alone sequel to Gallus' Guard Training. Familiarity with that story is encouraged but not required for you to understand this one. Indirectly based on the song "Don't Give Your Love Away".)

Gallus has risen through the ranks of Equestria's royal guard quite fast, surprising almost everyone with his dedication. But his dedication to his adopted home country is about to be put to the ultimate test.

War unexpectedly breaks out between Equestria and forces claiming to belong to the real Emperor Grogar. Gallus is part of a unit that is to be deployed to the front lines to fight, which poses a problem when he's just coming off a successful proposal to Silverstream.

Silverstream doesn't want to see the love of her life to go off to war, fearful that he will never return. Gallus, however, has already made up his mind. Yet before he leaves, he decides to offer up some words of encouragement to the love of his life.

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What is up my fellow Legion? My name is DeffBwade, aka the Apex Legion, and I'm just gonna make this update short. Due to recent events, I'm gonna have to go on hiatus for God knows how long. It could be a few months, a few weeks, probably just a few days. I don't know. And don't worry guys, nothing bad is going on with my life. In fact, I'm actually kind of excited to go on this hiatus. Cause I know this will be an adventure like never before.

And it will definitely cure my utter boredom.

Anyway, that's all I gotta say and I'll see you guys whenever I get back. Like, subscribe, and never stop slashing. Peace out everyone.

While the overall storyline remains the same, this is still a rewrite. So expect different events to occur than what you saw in the original.

Cover art found here.

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This story is a sequel to Lone Wolf of Equestria; Battle for the Crystal Empire

Long ago in the land of Equestria, I, Celestia, the alicorn of the sun, unlocked a portal to an alternate dimension.

And a bold wolf wielding a powerful magic within, was pulled into my world.

When I was unwilling to send him home, he tore away from my kingdom, and flung himself into the wild, where chaos and disharmony are law.

Now the wolf seeks to return to his pack, and undo the mistakes of Celestia.

Chapters (21)

This story is a sequel to The Lone Wolf of Equestria

Two years have passed since Logan, a werewolf from another dimension, was taken from his world by Celestia.

However, Celestia's search for him is put on hold by a startling discovery; the return of the Crystal Empire!

In this re-imagining of The Crystal Empire Two Parter, Logan and the Mane Six must set aside their conflict and work together to keep the Empire safe from the Dark King Sombra. All while Logan seeks out the Crystal Heart, believing it might be the key to returning him home.

Special thanks to Ashley Bailey for the cover art.

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After Cozy Glow was sent to Tartarus and the magic was returned to Equestria, Twilight and the school staff still had a matter to discuss with the rest of the students. All of the students were gathered to the main hall of the school to find out what their head mare had to say. Little did the students knew, it was mainly about them.

Suggestion of this story was given by BezierBallad

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My name doesn't matter anymore, it was lost long ago, but now the locals called me Kenjin. This is my story as a wondering swordsman, journeying from Equestria to beyond...

(The Movie starts in about six chapters, which means storm king, skystar, and Silverstream won't appear until then, Main Six unfortunately, won't be the secondary protagonists for this book, but they'll appear for about four chapters though.)

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In Brightest Night in Darkest Day, we use the fear you kept at bay. To fight the wrong and make evil pay, Sinestro's path, it is our way!

After buying a Sinestro Corps power ring from a mysterious vendor at ComicCon, Simon Jones finds himself in Equestria as a Sinestro Lantern version of Hal Jordan. Using the yellow light of fear, Hal becomes Equestria's resident anti-hero, facing down threats from the Green Lantern mythos as well as threats faced alongside the Mane 6/Elements of Harmony, and even some threats that don't fall into either category, all while seeking out ponies, griffons, and dragons to recruit into his Corps.

Story 1 of Phase 1 of The Lantern-Verse. Contains Trixie X Hal Jordan. Other pairings to be determined.

Co-written with Hopelight

Chapters (3)

Twilight and her friends wind up in another world, transformed into mysterious, yet incredibly powerful creatures known as Pokemon, and getting into a wild adventure with two young, up-and-coming rescuers on their rescue team. Together, they will encounter many tough Pokemon in this world, explore Mystery Dungeons to aid others or stop evildoers from causing harm to the innocent, and discover new things the likes of which no Pokemon has ever known. If the Mane Six have any chance of returning home, they'll have to get used to their new bodies until Twilight figures out how to get them home without her unicorn magic while also helping others with their new friends.

Cover made by The saiyan brony and collaborated with him as well.

Chapters (8)

Act I: Maretropolis
Katy has been through a lot in her life, being treated like a nobody, but now that she's in a brand new world full of talking ponies, she wants to make a name for herself, but she keeps getting showed up by a group of heroes called The Power Ponies, but also by a young man who claims to know her. And to top it all off, she was labeled a vigilante and is wanted by the Maretropolis Police Force, but that isn't going to stop her.

This is the story of how she became Equestria's greatest hero.

Featured in Popular Stories 1/11/18
A Special Thanks to FrostTheWolf and Brony Parasite for helping me make this story possible. :)

Chapters (9)

One day a little magic will change the nation of Equestria. With Felix smack in the middle.
What happens when in a land of magic and talking horses are hunting you?

Thrown into a situation he'd never wanted. Given abilities he never asked to have. He shall bring more change to the world than anyone before.

Chapters (4)