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It’s been so long since that day. Since I’ve had to live a lie. Of course, living a lie is what changelings are all about aren’t we? But this lie is different. 

I’m different. I want to change but I can’t. 

And everyone will hate me if they find out. 


Written for the second Quills and Sofas Anonymous Contest!

Many thanks to Mushroom for proofreading the final draft for me and for everyone in Quills who commented!

Cover art by me! If you are a writer and would like cover art, send me a PM!

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Jasper was not in the Crystal Empire when it vanished. His wife Agate was. Separated from his family across time, he writes letters in the hopes that she may eventually read them someday, however far away that may be.

Written for Bicyclette's Twilight Files contest.

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Luster Dawn makes some assumptions about Lil' Cheese, and puts her hoof in her mouth repeatedly. Cheese Sandwich and Discord have a conversation.

my favorite part

Pinkie grumbled, “You know, I swear, that’s like, the fifth pony in a row that thought that Cheese Sandwich was Lil’ Cheese’s father!”

“Don’t you mean fiftieth?” Fluttershy said, not taking her eyes off of the back of her biological son’s head, with whom she shared 50% of his DNA, the other half coming from Pinkie Pie.


originally written for the + Contest in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group!

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Zephyr Breeze announces to Rainbow Dash that he's been seeing someone, and no longer has any interest in pursuing her. Rainbow Dash is initially relieved.


my B story for Pride Month 2022. it's still Pride Month somewhere!

the first draft of this story was an entry in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting "B is for Bisexual" Contest

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Rarity receives an invitation to an exclusive get-together of all the biggest names in Equestrian fashion, and she knows exactly who she wants to be her +1: Ponyville's premier party pony, Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie would do anything to make her friends happy, especially Rarity, so she jumps at the chance to accompany her crush, but Pinkie is painfully aware that she's not exactly the type who fits in with high-society.

While Rarity has nothing but confidence in her precious pink paramour, Pinkie believes that she isn't good enough for Rarity or her fashionista friends by just being herself.

She needs to become... the perfect gentlemare.

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This story is a sequel to Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle has been out to her friends as a mare for a while now, and things have been better than she could have imagined.

But the Grand Galloping is fast approaching, and Twilight plans to attend as herself. Which means coming out to all of Equestria, and by extension, her parents.

Surely there'll be enough time along the way for Twilight to figure out exactly what Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are to her! Not to mention how to tell her other friends...

Story will update as chapters are finished.

Content Warnings: Gender dysphoria, coming out, "Well intentioned" transphobia from parents, transphobia from strangers.

Sex tag for: Named discussion of genitals in a transition context.

Proofreading and editing by our lovely partners, Kataponies and FlutteringLillies.

Cover art by ourselves. Find more of our art at humanwhodoesstuff.com. Title lettering graciously provided by Kataponies.

Featured, 1/30/2022! Thank you very much!

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coco pommel is Rarity's submissive. Twilight Sparkle is Sunset's. What happens when both their doms leave to attend a conference in Manehattan?

A whole weekend of hanging out, having casual sex, and learning more about one another than either could possibly imagine.

Oh, and maybe the blossoming of a fresh branch on the polycule.

Fourth Story of the Equestria Girls: University Series.

Proofread by Cynewulf, the mama wolf who picks me up when I fall down. Also Undome Tinwe, what more can I honestly say about him, he's the best.

Cover Art was done by iojknmiojknm, so many thanks to him for letting me use it.

A few things to note:
1) There is some funky capitalization in this fic which seems to go against proper English. It's intentional.
2) Chapter 3 references an abusive relationship (though there is no depiction of abuse or the abuser).

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Earth-pony Twilight Sparkle has always been a little "out there". But while testing her latest crazy idea, she finds that there are places even farther than that...

For more in this timeline, see: The Two Unicorns

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Fluttershy is a private mare. She keeps to herself when she can afford to, much preferring the company of animals to ponies. She doesn't like to really say why that is. She doesn't know how to tell anypony what happened. She doesn't know how to explain it or even where to start.

She just wonders if anypony else has heard the singing too.

A fic I wrote in a burst of inspiration while listening to In Birdsong by Everything Everything. Prereading done by the tremendously talented Red Parade. Cover art by SymbianL.

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This story is a sequel to Lies We Tell Ourselves

A month after Applejack came out as transgender, she confides in her best friend and her family about her troubles. She finds it’s not good to keep it all inside, even if she doesn’t mean to. At least they’ve got her back.

Another entry to my Transverse AU. Recommend you start at the beginning.
This fic contains dysphoria, boob jokes, characters experiencing feelings of uncomfiness and supportive family!
Thanks to my wonderful friend RainbowDashSonicFast for pre-reading <3

Consider donating to Point of Pride (A charity for Trans People!)

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