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Deciding to take a vacation from her busy life in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle decides to visit the human world to see her friend, Sunset Shimmer. The two then decided two have a meal at Sunset's favorite diner, and It'll be a meal Twilight will never forget.

Made for MLPFan234's contest. Follow her for some great stories.

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This story I'm making here is not only my sequel to the Turnabout Storm video series by NeoArtimus. It is also a sequel to Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.

Eight years have passed since the famous Phoenix Wright cleared the name of Rainbow Dash. He was currently on vacation with his friends and adopted daughter since no murder case turned up. But just then, he was summoned back to Equestria. Only this time, not alone, for he brought his friends and adopted daughter with him. Now they'll be spending their vacation in Equestria, which has some serious cases going on, each harder than the last. Unknown to them, something dark and evil is watching from the sidelines.

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It's been over eight years for Phoenix Wright. Eight years since he was transported to the world of colourful ponies. Eight years since his showdown in the courtroom against Trixie over the fate of Rainbow Dash. Eight years since he was disbarred for submitting false evidence in a trial back in the human world. The last several years of investigation over the case that cost him his badge, and his subsequent return to the legal world has left his foray into Equestria as a faint memory, only the picture he keeps in his desk proving to him it wasn't a dream.

Coming off his most recent case, the ace attorney has decided to take a well deserved rest, but fate would have another plan for the lawyer, as once again his services, and those of The Wright Anything Agency, have been called to Equestria to solve the second murder in recent equine history. The stakes are higher than anyone, or anypony, could imagine, and if the defendant is found guilty, the repercussions could be disastrous. Day one of the trial is about to begin.

All rise.

A/N: While planning out my other fics and getting back into writing, I finished watching Turnabout Storm and noticed that the resulting "sequel" fics are lacking or overwrought. Consider this a writing exercise and an attempt to do the series justice.

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One day in the Crystal Empire, Shining Armor is asked by both his fellow guard Flash Sentry and his sister Twilight Sparkle for love advice. Being the kind pony he is, he helps them both. After all, it can only be a coincidence. What are the odds of a connection between them asking for love advice on the same day?

Thanks to Resonant Spark for being my editor. I have an editor now.

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My name is Jack Smith Johnson, and I am the last of my kind.

For years, I have hidden in the shadows of society as my kind dwindled; captured by force or simply lured by the promise of hot food, warm beds, and a life free from being hunted. As far as I know, I am the only non-brony left alive. And that won’t be for much longer.

This will be my last Thought-Journal as Jack Smith Johnson. As soon as this finishes, I’m sending it to the tablet I’ve hidden. This is the tablet you now hold in your hands, reader.

Our last hope goes with you.


Prereading/editing by GaryOak.
Cover art by Mega-Demon-Piggy.

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Everyone knows how fairy tales go: We meet a dumb protagonist who does something foolish. Things go wrong. We learn a moral.

Clearly, fairy tale authors have never met Clyde Pie.

In this collaboration, a number of your favorite ponyfic authors take a fresh look at classic fairy tales, and what we can learn from the wisdom of an eminently sensible earth pony. (This is an open collection; submission rules can be found here.)

List of authors:

Cloud Wander
Meta Four
Quixotic Enigma
Caffeinated Pinkie
Thomas Hunter
Ghost Pikachu
The Iguana Man

Cover art by Veggie55

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After the gala, things return to normal quickly. Yet it seems like there are some things that need to be talked out.

At least, Discord feels that he should.

Short little thing that came to me after the 'Make New Friends But Keep Discord' episode.


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Three months can seem like an eternity, but in the timeless nature of hibernation, it passes in a blink. Spring is here, and Tank has awoken, ready to reunite with Rainbow Dash.

However, there's a small complication.

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When Trixie wakes up in a cavern without the ability to tap into her magic, she must undergo a terrible test in order to escape with her life.

Based off my favorite horror movie franchise and requested by several of my readers, this is a single chapter event that I hope people enjoy.

I am rating this Teen for blood and some gore. I don't consider this mature as I do not go into graphic detail on the situation.

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Some versions of multiverse theory state that every decision we make creates a whole other universe. Whether we ate a bagel this morning. Whether we went with orange or grapefruit juice for breakfast.

Whether we married Discord or Flash Sentry.

Needless to say, some universes come out more different than others.

This is the story of two such universes.

And the day they collided.

[A Kilala97/Lopoddity crossover. Big thanks to Lop for the cover art.]

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