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I am a big fan of Starlight Glimmer most of my stories center around her. I do crossovers as well.

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With Twilight being gone, it's just Spike and Starlight in the castle. Spike soon realizes how much he realizes how much he misses Twilight. He realizes how much he misses having some pony to cuddle with...

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I just can't believe it. First, my plans for universe domination are foiled by that stupid plumber, and the next thing I knew, the universe died and is reborn. And worse of all, I'm the only survivor. No one else but me lurked in the vacuum of space. I know, I'm the kings awesome, but this is too awesome.

Billions of years could really change you, but who do I care, I was dormant all that time, but I woke up to find myself in a crater that I made when crashing into a planet of talking multi-colored horses practically live off friendship, and I'm very hungry. Couldn't I at least crashed into a world that's worth mentioning here.

And yes, I'm Bowser, and I could not believe in all my life that all this trouble started with the Big Bang.

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The worst episodes of the show get a happy ending with some logic.

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A short story from Starlight’s POV about what I think she experience during the Season 8 finale, School Raze.

Spoilers for: The Season 8 finale (duh)

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Spike wonders if his friends are truly his friends after some of the townsponies mock him, Starlight helps him think otherwise.(Takes place after Fame and Misfortune)

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