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(Warning!: This fic has been rated Teen as a precaution, as it will contain diapers and diaper useage. Please read with discretion, or click elsewhere if it's outside your comfort zone. Thank you.)

Scootaloo loves her mother, she really does. She just wishes her mom would stop treating her like a baby all the time, especially now that she has her cutie mark.

Then, one day, Scootaloo accidentally brings home the wrong saddlebag from Twilight Time. And when Dizzy Twister goes to return it, a mishap ensues and the potion inside turns her into a foal. Luckily, Scootaloo soon finds out.

But now Scootaloo must care for her foalified mother, until a cure can be found. And even though she has the help of her friend, Diamond Tiara, Scootaloo is about to discover just how much responsibility comes with taking care of a baby.

Will Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara be able to keep the foalish Dizzy Twister under control? And will Scootaloo be able to find a cure before her father comes home?

(Dedicated to Matt11. Proofread and editied by deadpansnarker.)

Chapters (1)

Many people have many theories about Scootaloo. Some think she's an orphan. Some think she's part of an abusive household. Others still worry that she's somepony's illegitimate offspring that's hidden away.

However, the truth is far from that. She has a loving mother and father, and she means the world to them both. They've gone to great lengths all for her.

However...they're just a little...strange. Especially since neither one is comfortable with coming out except at night.

Rated Teen for some adult language.

Partially inspired by this story by Colonel J.

Edit: New Cover Art by G_Haze! Found here.
Edit 2: And G_Haze has decided to update the cover art, and damn does it look good.

Chapters (11)

Warning: This story contains diapers, diaper usage, and AB/DL themes. If these do not appeal to you, then please do not read any further.

As a result of the events of the Grand Galloping Gala, Octavia has been left stressed. As a result her professor has sent her to study from a former student of his.

This has been made all the more difficult thanks to Octavia's old problem returning, and the secret motive her new mentor is trying to conceal.

The mad man himself Lphooves, once again provides me with his artistic style for my cover.

Chapters (10)

Everypony in Cheerilee's class has a few secrets that they'll take to the grave with them. Many of them are usual gossip worthy secrets, however, there's one secret that the two most powerful fillies have never told anypony, not even the CMC.

One night, Sweetie Belle is invited around to Diamond's house for what she thinks is an apology. However, what she discovers, could make or break Diamond and Silver's lives forever.

Not even Sweetie could see this coming.

There will be Age-Play involved in this story. Do not read if you hate any of the following:

Foalish Things
Diamond Tiara and/or Silver Spoon

You have been warned.

Chapters (1)

For many, "Lesson Zero" was the episode where FiM metaphorically "grew the beard", since it established that Twilight's duty to send reports weekly ended.

However, the events could have taken a different direction entirely.

For the example, what if the Mane 5 did the sane thing at the wrong moment? What if Celestia wasn't so merciful towards Twilight? And to make things worse, Celestia got a sadistic sense of humor and an idea for an untraditional punishment?

How will Twilight act during her stay in one of her biggest fears and a total opposite of her usual orderly life?

Find out in this story!

Alright, for the first two chapters the story is for everyone. Starting with the third chapter, however, the rating is "Teem", because of some... Aristophanes-ish humor and some shards of fetish. You have been warned.

Credits: Corwin Freiss for editing

Autumn Breeze for co-Writing (post- Catonian Party Revolt.)

Cover art by TheMillenniumFalsehood

Chapters (43)

When Rainbow Dash finds herself lost in a new and unfamiliar village, she reaches out to a certain lavender-hued stranger for help. But to Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash is no stranger; at least until she notice her strange new voice, a lack of wings, and a fondness of the word ‘darling’. Intrigued by the uncanny looks to one of her best friends, she decides to lend the newcomer a helping hoof, but things go from weird to weirder when Pinkie Pie happily announces that she too has met her lookalike. Twilight Sparkle and her friends take it upon themselves to find out the truth behind this mystery: who are these doppelgangers? Could there really be another Ponyville out there? And what does it all have to do with Discord’s lost legacy?

Cover art by AireDaleDogz (http://airedaledogz.deviantart.com/)

Chapters (25)

Three days have passed, since the Cutie Mark Crusaders, along with their sisters, were forced to act like little foals in Twilight Velvet's house. Now the three fillies are back to their routine... or is it so?

Sweetie Belle receives a strange request from Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara concerning her and her new activity.

Will the white unicorn filly slam the door in front of the two bullies' muzzles? Or will she take advantage of the situation, an try to make a pact benefitting both parties?

"Ab Initio-From the Start-Al Principio" side story. Like the parent story, this fic contains shards of fetish and (maybe) some crass humor. You have been warned.

Chapters (3)

Those annoying Cutie Mark Crusaders have always been a pain in Diamond Tiara’s flank, but Rainbow Dash adopting Scootaloo as a little sister was the last straw. Now Diamond Tiara is off to the Ponyville Hospital to shop for a new little sister of her own, but she should be careful.

She may just get more than what she expected.

Editing assistance by Peter, Sind, Bad Horse and Seether00
Cover picture by the fabulous Muffinexplosion on Deviant Art.

Chapters (2)

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are introduced to a new friend: Zippoorwhill. Zippoorwhill is pleased to meet them, but the same can't be said for the two rich fillies of refined tastes. So how will they deal with Zippoorwhill in order to regain their peaceful lifestyles?

Chapters (1)

Sadness, depression, guilt, darkness all these things can easily swallow a happy day. They can change ponies lives in a heartbeat. All it took was one of Rainbow Dash's pranks going a little too far. A over reaction to that prank forever changing the lives of everypony and one dragon, But as the days roll on, the abyss of guilt and constant self blame will consume one mare. Can she ever find forgiveness for her mistake, both mentally and spiritually? Most importantly, will she forgive herself?

Editor Fonypan

Chapters (1)