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A short trip to Canterlot with Rainbow Dash and Applejack is the perfect opportunity for Twilight to test out her new long-distance Teleportation spell. But a nasty cold dashes the hopes of a quick trip, and makes the spell disappear in smoke: instead of arriving in Canterlot, the three find themselves in the nearby Everfree Forest, and discover that their location is not the only thing that went wrong.

While Rainbow has exchanged her wings and tail for a straw blond tail, Applejack has acquired a rainbow tail as well as a pair of strong, blue wings.

While Twilight attempts to find a spell to return the body parts to their rightful owners, the others must attempt to deal with this situation... and with their changing feelings.

Chapters (16)

Vinyl. One of Equestria's greatest DJ's is failing. Her last hope is to take a job as teaching in Manehattan, the city where dreams come true. Not so much. Dreams may come true for some ponies, but only at the cost of others. But Vinyl is left with the question of which side she is on. Taking this job as a teacher, that's just the square one to finding her answer.

Edited By Decaffeinated Nightmare

Cover art by StormBadger, used with permission and pretty damn good in my opinion.

THIS IS MY FIRST STORY - so please give all types of feedback: Positive, negative, constructive all of it.
Rated teen for some suggestive stuff but no actual graphical content. That is decided and will not change.

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It's that time of the year where they have the biggest downpour of the fall season. As Rainbow Dash finds herself stuck in her cloud home, bored to death, a certain orange Pegasus crashes through her door.

Edited by TheGreatEater

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This story is a sequel to That Which Makes up a Rainbow

What are we? Are we just memories or is who we are something more? When everything is gone who are we in the end?

For one mare, that is a question with only one answer. She has a life with no past, but also with no scars. Follow her through the pain of building anew, when everyone around her clings to the past and to hope. What can be wrought from the turmoil of loss and birth? Could it be... a soul?

Chapters (18)


I screwed up. Bad. Like, the worst screwup in all of Equestria. And I don’t know if I can fix it. I want to, but I have no clue how to. I mean, how would it look if I came crawling back to her now, after the way I acted? She'll hate me no matter what I do. I’m just a bad friend. Just a bad friend that deserves to be alone.

Rainbow Dash has many friends, but five mares are closer to her than anypony else. Then one of them confesses how they feel, and she doesn't know how to handle it. How could anypony know how to react?

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Twilight Sparkle has been having to deal with an anonymous sentiment for quite sometime. She has done everything she can to find an answer to it, but it's been fruitless. Now, trapped within her place of residence, she awaits the conclusion of a terrible storm while at the same time, perplexed of what to do to find out what her heart has been telling her.

Luckily, the one thing she's needed for so long is about to knock on her front door.

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"Who are you? Where am I?"
"Am I...dead?"

Rainbow Dash explores the darkest recesses of her soul. Can she handle the truths of her past and her present, or will breaking the walls she has spent a lifetime building be more than she can handle? When one must come to terms with who they are, It can lead to a painful rebirth or an empty death.

Essence of a sunrise: That which is left behind

Chapters (8)

When Rainbow Dash stands up Applejack once too often, it's going to take a miracle to earn her friendship back. Fortunately, an injured and bed ridden AJ makes a good opportunity for Rainbow Dash to demonstrate her friendship, and then some.

Chapters (1)

Apple Bloom argues with Applejack
Scootaloo fights with Rainbow Dash
Sweetie Belle disagrees with Rarity

After a near-terrible accident the CMC are shut down by those closest to them. They agree that in order to find their special talents, they need to go on their own adventure. On one last crusade.

Written during Season 4.
Special thanks to Lord-Commander for being my editor!

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A collaboration between myself, Tidal and Seventh Heaven

Cheating. It never leads to anything good. Hearts get broken, trust is lost, and lives are ruined. Unfortunately, even the best of relationships are not immune to it.

When it comes to light that Shining Armour has been in a secret affair with Rarity, it leaves Princess Cadence and Spike stunned and badly hurt. Leaning on each other for comfort, the two devise a plan to not only get revenge on the ponies that hurt them, but maybe even heal their broken hearts along the way.

Note: This fic was written during season 4 originally, so that's why Flurry Heart isn't mentioned.

Coverart by: Not Enough Coffee

Inspired by the album Two-Faced Charade by Famous Last Words.

Chapters (13)