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Princess Luna is canonically my dad.

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Dragons are a lot of things. Strong. Brave. Confident.

Smolder has all of these qualities in spades. For example, she needed strength, bravery, and confidence to ask the object of her crush to visit her in the Dragon Lands.

She just didn't expect Ocellus to be such a good dragon too, or why that would be such a problem.

Edited by my dear friends FamousLastWords, Not Enough Coffee, Ice Star, Semillon, Muggonny, and MissytheAngle

Cover art by Raikohillust!

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When Apex Cornea asked Pharynx-dominus, Head General of the Hive's army, to mentor him, he never expected the outbreak of near war with the ponies. He never expected his mentor to be called away. He never even considered that Thorax, the Outcast, the Heirless Prince, the Rankless One, would try to leave the Hive because he doesn't believe in their methods.

Even more so, he never thought that he would end up seeing the older changeling...kind of has point. Now, there is so much more in store for him than he ever expected.

*Rated with the Violence tag for later fight scenes and blood*

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It was meant to be a friendly visit with the two Royal Changelings, Thorax and Pharynx. But during an attempt at the cutie mark swap spell, Celestia and Luna suddenly find themselves swapping places with the two. Now Thorax and Pharynx are the alicorns, and they're the changelings. To make things even more confusing, somehow no one else knows anything happened. It's up to the royal brothers and royal sisters to fix the problem themselves.

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Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash have been dating for six months. Usually an occasion like that would be the perfect reason for a party, but the pink pony asks Rainbow to keep their relationship a secret.
What used to be a curious request to keep it a secret has now become nagging doubt that hangs over their relationship.
Rainbow is left wondering why Pinkie wouldn't want anypony to know.

This story is mostly just an excuse to write fluffy Pinkiedash.

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"Here's the deal, Rainbow Dash," Discord said, pacing about before the distressed pony, "I've found that you and one of your little friends would make an adorable couple. If you can get the right pony to fall in love with you in thirty days, I'll give you back your wings."

Rainbow Dash glared at Discord, her gaze growing narrower and narrower. "And if I don't?"

Discord waved his claws, two writhing wings appearing in his grasp. He grinned wickedly, before tossing them off the edge of the cloud. "Oopsy-doopsy!"

Comments contain spoilers!

So, I realized the other day that Rainbow is shipped pretty popularly with each member of the mane six. Not sure why that is, but it's true. Anyway, I thought, wouldn't it be hilarious if she was shipped with every single one in the same fic? And who better than Discord to make that happen?

Thus, a fic was born.

Teen and sex ratings are for sexual comments and situations.

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The War has begun. The small Faction of Warsaw has been attacked by the Wolfpack and has fallen. However, what the Wolfpack doesn’t know is that two Warsaw civilians have escaped from the war torn town and are searching for help. The two, a changeling nymph, Hero, and a young colt, Sandbar, leave their town and find a way to liberate their home. But along the way, they learn that there’s more to War than meets the eye.

This was originally a Pokémon comic I was doing, but I cancelled it. Thought I’d revive it. Sorry if the first story (this one) seems a bit rushed, I was like ten or eleven, when I started the comic.

This somehow got on the popular list today (12/20/20)

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Everyone knows Rarity has amazing flanks; Rainbow Dash is sure of that. So what is Applejack upset about?

A non-entry to a Quills and Sofas Panic Fiction with the prompt "Do I Know You?"

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Cover art created by Nitro Indigo from the Art for Fanfiction Group.

”Get a job, gang.” That’s what the majority of drones tell Venom Stinger and his siblings, all of whom are known as “The Change Gang.” All they want is an actual role in Chrysalis’ hive, while the last thing they want is to end up turning into those eyesore reformed changelings. That changes when they’re sent as spies on a mission to retrieve information about the current condition of King Thorax, who has fallen gravely ill.

But when an unexpected transformation occurs at the wrong time, and the group of drones are suddenly discovered in their new states, Venom Stinger, Cricket Cluster, Flutterwings, Spiny Spectacle, and Scorchin’ Heat, along with new gang member Thistle Thorn, all have no choice but to struggle to adapt to their new lifestyle as Thorax’s subjects—and to struggle even harder to keep their secret of who they actually work with.

But can the newly-transformed Change Gang protect their new “friends” while trying to hide their biggest secret? And will they ever uncover the reason why they suddenly went through these changes?

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In Ponyville, a new and unusual resident moved into town. He went on adventures, made friends, met the love of his life, had children, and lived happily ever after for many years.

This isn't his story, but the story of his firstborn.

Anonymous Junior isn't like most ponies. Her teeth are sharp, her gaze is unnerving, and her gait is predatory. The hot blood of humanity, the blood of her sire, pumps through her veins, and it's apparent to all who look. Even when empowered by such passion, the life of a young filly is still one filled with trials and tribulations.

A re-imagining of Anon Filly as the biological daughter of Anonymous.
A Second-Person story starring You as Anonymous Junior
Takes place in the Reversed Gender Role Equesria AU
Makes use of OCs that I do not own. They belong to their respective creators and my depictions should not be considered accurate.

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“Hey Pharynx?” Thorax asked, trotting up to his brother’s nest and nudging him.

“What wimp?” Pharynx asked, opening a lavender eye and looking at his brother.

“Why is mom our only parent?”

“Huh?” Pharynx raised his head.

“All the other nymphs have a mom and a dad. How come we don’t have a dad?”

One conversation over twenty years ago can do a lot. Soon after the anniversary of Chrysalis' defeat, Thorax and Pharynx begin to question...where's their father? After a little while of searching, they think they've found a lead. But one problem still remains...because deep down...Pharynx still isn't sure if finding their dad will fix anything...and if they do find him...will Thorax still need him?

Featured 7/12/2020, 8/16/2020, and 9/6/2020!

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