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Once, the Equestrian civilization was to usher in a golden age for the galaxy. Then came the Chaotic Dark, which sundered the Equestrian homeworld and set events in motion which would bring about their downfall. Even now, a millennium later, they continue their struggle to restore themselves to what they once were. These are the adventures of the Celestia Solaris and her crew, as well as the personal journey of Spa'iik "Spike" Dragonfire, the only Draconian in the Equestrian Fleet.

A very special thanks to both Crystal Wishes and Ash19256 for reading my drafts and helping me to improve the quality of the story!



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After an injury at work sends you to the hospital, your loving mare Rainbow Dash decides to pay you a visit.

Please Note That This Story Is Cute For The Sake Of Cute.

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