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Darth Maul, a powerful Sith Apprentice-turned-Criminal Warlord, has traveled far and wide to the reaches of the galaxy, but never expected to see something like this in his life. Now he stands in not just another world, but in another universe entirely where humanoids are mostly replaced with equines, and his body has been malformed to become one of them.

And now, he's off to change the timeline in his own dark, twisted image.

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This story is a sequel to Empress Rarity's 250th Birthday

“We are friends, are we not?”

The Empress’ two hundred and fifty-first birthday is just a few days away, yet there is little cause for celebration as Rarity’s Empire is crumbling before her eyes. Bad luck somehow meets her at every turn, and there’s a grim shadow looming over any hope for her nation and her crystal ponies. With a powerful darkness locked within her own mind, will the voices in her nightmares tear her apart? Or can she learn to rely on those she once called friends before it's too late?

Welcome to the sequel to Empress Rarity’s 250th Birthday.

This story was designed with new and old readers in mind. I have made sure to carefully place information to touch on the important facts to remind those that had read the first book of what happened, and to let new readers know what is going on in this one. Not everything is going to be explained from the last book at once, but it will be eventually covered.

So it is not necessarily a requirement to read Empress Rarity’s 250th Birthday, but it is highly recommended.

The group for the story: Birthdayverse.
Credit goes to Autumnschild for the editing.
Cover art is done by, and belongs to ifthemainecoon.

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After several years ruling alongside Celestia and Luna, Princess Twilight Sparkle still yearns for a more complete understanding of duty and power. She observes Rainbow Dash in her proudest moment and regains her focus.

Warning: this was inspired by Yukio Mishima.

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In the 19th century of Princess Celestia's rule, Equestria experienced an acceleration of its progress and prosperity as the first westward expansion began. Yet there were some ponies who took this call to progress as a warrant for ever more radical reform. In 1858, 148 ponies left Equestria to realize that radical dream. This is their story.

Written for a Writeoff Association contest (based off the prompt "Distant Shores"), but more broadly intended as an homage to Nathaniel Hawthorne, inspired by and deeply indebted to his great short story, Earth's Holocaust.

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Five years ago, the Free States seceded. Five years ago, the Princesses were taken captive. Five years ago, Equestria embarked on a bloody war that would cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

For five years, Rainbow Dash has fought to save her friends. For five years, the sun and moon have hung overhead, motionless. For five years, Rainbow has lived in that wan glow, while every day kills her a little bit more. The peace and happiness of her youth are but faded memories, and now she hardly recognizes the town she once called home. A hardened mare, Rainbow knows only pain and suffering...

...until one day, a reminder of what life used to be like lands at her hooves, and gives her something to live for once more.

Cover art provided by Ruirik. Editing provided by Solidfire and Pega-Ace. Written for the 101st anniversary of the beginning of World War I

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This story is a sequel to Undead and Unconcerned

The zombie apocalypse continues!

Will a cure be found?

Will Derpy ever act like a normal zombie?

Will anypony give a single buck?

Probably not.

Cover by CanYouResistClicking

Proofread by Rokkurin

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The village had been perfect, free from the inequality and misery rampant throughout the rest of Equestria. Then Twilight Sparkle and her so-called friends arrived and ruined everything.

But all hope is not lost. Starlight Glimmer has a plan to restore her lost utopia on a much vaster scale.

After all, it's not like that purple princess was friends with anything worse.

Story contains spoilers for the Season 5 premiere, nonspecific allusions to torture, and nuts. Story does not contain Nikita Khruschev or shoes.

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Before the Alicorn princesses protected Equestria with their magic, it was up to the Pegasi to defend what small parts of Equestria had been settled.
With the Earth ponies doing their best to make Equestria habitable, for the terrain was still harsh.
And the unicorns exhausting their magic by keeping the sky in check.
There left the pegasi, able to keep a good watch on the boarder, moving quickly with a portable command center. A large cloud that had structures placed on it. The army hub of cloudsdale, led by a fearless leader. And a not so fearless sidekick, private Pansy.
Recently promoted Admiral Hurricane was trying his best. But his best but his army was too spread out.
The forces outside Equestria outnumbered the pegasi 100 to 1.
It was in this time of weakness that ALL enemies of Equestria took a chance.
Pouring in from the boarders of Equestria by the thousands.
A war had started. And for peace and harmony to rule, It MUST be won.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to The Needs Of The Many

Having recently been married, me and my newly wedded wife travel to Equestria where we're both welcomed warmly. But it's not all rainbows and butterflies with my return as my pony friends' souls start separating from their bodies not long after our arrival. With their souls housed in my mind and the other princesses attending to business in The Crystal Empire, I set off on the long trek north to get help from them with fixing this dilemma. But an ancient and familiar evil threatens to corrupt me during my journey. Will I make it in time or succumb to the darkness, dooming my friends in the process?

Sex tag for some romance, innuendo, and suggestive situations. Gore tag for some blood.

Part II in the "Guardian Of Equestria" saga.

Note: As a sequel, there'll be several elements from The Needs Of The Many that pop up in Host Of Souls. It's vital that you read the former first. Also potential spoilers in the comments section.

Cover art by Turbo Solid: http://turbosolid.deviantart.com/art/The-Crystal-Empire-Spoilers-333095607

Chapters (9)

For centuries, Equestria has been lead by an omnipotent regent that knew right from wrong, guilty from innocent, brave from cowardly, truth from lie...

But there was an earth pony settlement, founded only a hundred years ago, which didn't fully accustom to this form of state. They elected a mayor to act in their name, over their own, though bowing to the higher ladies.

With a princess of their own, there no longer was a need to hold elections, choose one of them to represent them, rule them self to a distinctive degree. Democracy had been abandoned.

All this, Twilight Sparkle has put thought into, and she has proposed a letter to the princess, informing her of her plans. Princess Celestia's reaction might be a lot different to Twilight's suggestion than the newly crowned Princess of Friendship had thought.

There is a reason why Celestia is still in charge after so long, and she will explain to Twilight why that is.

Proofread by Cubidyow

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