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I believe in my whole race. Yellow, white, black, red, brown in the honesty, courage, intelligence, durability and goodness of the overwhelming majority of my brothers and sisters everywhere

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Twilight didn't expect she would get to know anypony in Ponyville, let alone travel with them through one of the most dangerous forests in Equestria to fight a supercharged alicorn in an abandoned castle.

What she REALLY didn't expect was that she wasn't going to be the one fighting.

I did not draw any of the art that is on the cover. I only photoshopped Let Me Solo Her into the image.

p.s. writing this has given me aids.

p.p.s. Thanks for getting this on to trending, I like watching numbers go up.

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Berry Snowdrift lives in a small cottage on the outskirts of a wintery forest. Living away from the village has its ups and downs but when Berry goes into the forest one day to gather firewood, she comes across a very strange and mystical glade. And in it's center is a humble tower bearing a strange and otherworldly Guardian with a stranger story to tell.

This story is a what if kind of story. It's my take on what happened to Merlin after his supposed defeat in the old legends. I hope you guys like fey, magic and the teasing of two very royal sisters cuz there will be that abound in this.

Wow Featured the day of approval (6/17/2022). Lol that's a first for me. Im pretty aware of the temporary feature function as I've seen multiple fics of mine appear on the featured list temporarily. but this fic has been on it for hours now, so Im inclined to believe that its actually an enjoyable story so much thanks and I hope the rest lives up to the hype lol.

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While trying to protect his family from an attack by King Sombra’s newly-enhanced army, Shining Armor ends up blacking out and waking up in a mysterious new place. The scenery is bizarre, but not as bizarre as its residents. To return home and reunite with his family, Shining must work together with the strange inhabitants and travel this new world.

An MLP/Centaurworld crossover. As a note, the beginning is going to be more or less in line with the first episode of Centaurworld, but I plan to mix things up a bit more as the story goes on!

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This story is a sequel to Doctor Whooves: Invasion of Manehattan

Starlight Glimmer has succeeded, she has managed to steal one of the Star Swirl spells from the forbidden section of the Canterlot library and, after months of work studying countless tomes of arcane magic related to time, she will be able to defeat that princess of friendship and her friends before even meeting her.

All she has to do is stop the brat that was Rainbow Dash from doing the Sonic Rainboom on her. But before she does, somepony stops her and asks her a simple question, 'are you sure you want to do that?'

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This story is a sequel to I Am Human, And That's All I Want To Be

A/N this is a sequel to my story I Am Human. If you haven't read it I suggest you do. Thanks

Its been just over six years since your injury. You're not sure what happened but apparently while flying over the city you lost control and plummeted to the ground. Thanks to the Princess you were still alive but with no memory of your life before the incident. But lately, you have been plagued with dreams that seem so familiar.

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There's only one pony in Ponyville that the Mane Six have never met. Pinkie Pie has never thrown him a party, Applejack has never sold him a mug of cider, and Twilight has never seen him check out any books. And as far as that unicorn, Lapis Print, is concerned, that's exactly how it should be.

Lapis can't risk them knowing where he lives, what he does for a living, or even what his name is - if he gets his way, the Mane Six won't even know he exists, and nopony in Ponyville will miss him once he's gone.

It should be a piece of cake - after all, it's not like the biggest magical power in Equestria is about making sure everypony looks out for each other, right?

(Rated Teen for language - mental cursing mostly.)

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That DOES IT! Spike has had enough. He won't deal with Twilight anymore. Not when she can get so mean and yell so loud. He'll go off somewhere else. Somewhere where he can be alone. Curled beneath a hill, he hears a gentle voice calling.

[Cover by Bri-Sta!]

[Please consider supporting my ferrets here]

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"Spike, dear? This isn't working."
"What isn't?"
"This, Spike. Us."

After a second date cut short, Spike spends a night out on the town (read: seedy bar) with Big Mac to commiserate the loss. After deciding that he wanted a final snack before bed, he heads to the best bakery in town to find something to take the edge off of his buzz.

Think of this as a spiritual successor to The Days Passed, in the same family as the premise of the first one: Who would Spike seek out after a break with Rarity? This time, instead of ending up on Fluttershy's doorstep, he finds himself at Pinkie Pie's. And this time, it will be more focused on the character growth of Spike while keeping up with the relationship growth between the ship. I hope it lives up to the standards that TDP grew to have, and I had for it :moustache:

Cover is spliced together pics from TG Weaver , used with permission (careful with that link, while the pic is SFW the Twitter is not!)

EDIT: Already featured, 2-9-2021! Thank you so much :heart: :heart: :heart:

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If you think to be the best magician unicorn over Equestria was a challenge, you don't know anything about parenthood then. Starswirl always thought dealing with other ponies was easy, but he never thought how much difficult was to take care of one filly, imagine 3. That's his life with his 3 daughters.

Starswirl have to deal with past, present and future of his daughters, and even if they tried to conquerer Canterlot High in another dimension, they were still his daughters and they were still be grounded for not doing their homeworks.


A collection of random chapters about being a father to 3 sirens, making all the comedy, drama and random problems it could happen with our favorite sirens and the most powerful mage over Equestria.
So don't mind about past, present order, because it will be totally random, so keep reading for fun and enjoy the comedy and slice of life of the most difficult part of life called parenthood.

Edited by: Allegrano_Melody

Officially Featured in 12/09/2020

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Shining Armour had a great life, everything he could ever want. He was happy.

That is until the Monster arrived.

Violence tag due to certain themes within the story. CW: Child Abuse

An entry in the A Thousand Words Contest under Horror.

Preread by The Sleepless Beholder and mushroompone.

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