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I believe in my whole race. Yellow, white, black, red, brown in the honesty, courage, intelligence, durability and goodness of the overwhelming majority of my brothers and sisters everywhere

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Started as a snuggle fic written at 3am. May turn into something more.

Chapters (4)

The Circle was everything.

His walk in the mechanical walker had been everything for as long as he could remember, and the Circle it forced him into would be everything for the rest of his life.

But could one random child - out of the hundreds who had paid to ride the ponies - have a way for him to escape the Circle and the perpetually gray land that held him captive?

Zen and Ponies

Chapters (5)

For centuries a certain alicorn has been trapped in another dimension, living quietly, and avoiding being seen by the human eye. When she finally found a way home, her spell went wrong, and it pulled a human consciousness in with her.

That said, consciousness is me, Alex. I woke up one day, only to discover that I had turned into a pony, but I didn't turn into just any pony. I became a pony known as Lauren Faust, the mother to Celestia and Luna. Now I’m living in the Canterlot castle; I have a bunch of royals acting like children, changelings running around, and an ancient alicorn prankster stuck inside my head. All I can say is things get a little hectic.

Rewrite/return to fimfic
Edited by DracoMan671
The story was featured from October/12/ 2020 to October/16/ 2020. Thank You.

Chapters (4)

Another Harry Potter crossover fanfic (in general; it's actually my first one.) This time, however, I'm giving Harry to somepony a little less scrupulous.

Chrysalis had been planning for the attack on Canterlot for years.

When she wanted to relax, she would walk through an odd portal that led to a world unfamiliar to her.

It was during one of these walks that she stumbled upon the blood wards of #4 Privet Drive... and the negative emotions of one Harry James Potter.

Upon the further investigation she had ordered, Chrysalis discovered the true depths of these emotions.

She also ended up linking Harry into her hive physically and mentally. A whoopsie for most, but for Chrysalis, it presented a chance to give a better life to Harry.

The only downside was that she needed to rethink her plans to include Harry.

The Wizarding World shall beware Prince Harry Chrysalia...

The cover image is a DeviantArt picture from seahawk270. Go support the original creator!

Chapters (2)

Princess Celestia comes to visit you, but she gets stuck in the most embarrassing manner possible.

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio. Go check them out!

Chapters (1)

Fifteen is ancient for a dog, and Spike's starting to feel it: sounds and scents getting a little muffled, a little soreness in his hips, a gnawing little pain in his stomach that he hasn't told Twilight about even though it's been getting steadily worse the past few months.

In Equestria, though, according to Twilight, a fifteen-year-old dragon is still considered a child. And as she's been pointing out for the past five or six years, the portal to Equestria is right across town...

My entry in FanOfMostEverything's A Most Delightful Ponidox contest, this story didn't finish in the Top Eight.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Seven of Six: A Screaming Butterfly

Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn prodigy, her special talent of magic allowing her to wield all manner of the arcane arts with ease. She is an SGU graduate, has connections with the Royal Guard, knows Princess Celestia, and is a mother to a juvenile dragon.

She's also apprenticed to Discord, Lord of Chaos and Disharmony.

And he has a mission for her. A fallen alicorn named Nightmare Moon will soon return to bring eternal night and assured death to all the world. It's up to her to retrieve the Elements of Harmony and stop her.

Join her as she explores a familiar town, befriends familiar ponies, and completes a quest that's as old as the fandom itself, but with a twist.

A retelling of the pilot episode Friendship is Magic, but set in one of Starlight's alternate timelines.

Chapters (3)

It's funny how, in a split second, a time of fun and excitement can become one of horror and loss. A lesson learned, perhaps harshly, by Apple Bloom.

Now crippled and in a world of emotional hurt, will she be able to accept herself for who she is?


This is set before Crusaders of the Lost Mark.


Cover art drawn by Pabbley


Featured October 4th, 2020! Thank you all!

Chapters (12)

A man wakes up in Equestria as Peridot, he is then forced to go and find the Bewitching bell for Grogar if he ever want to go home, he has no idea how to use Peridot's body, no other options if he wants to go home, and to make matters worse a Peppy Pink Pony is determined to Befriend him at any cost.

Chapters (2)


Whether they are supermen with incredible strength and speed or alicorn princesses with the power of magic, they fight a never ending battle to uphold truth, justice and friendship. They are the pillars of the world, keeping it safe when all else fails.

But what if those six pillars are reduced to one? Can a single hero hold up the weight of the world? That is what the new ruler of Equestria Twilight is trying to figure out when a superhero enters her life. Strong, fast, impossibly white teeth, the hero All Might is the lone pillar that holds up his world. And perhaps this hero can show her how to be that lone pillar.

Or perhaps she will show him why one pillar cannot stand alone.

Chapters (30)
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