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I most likely will read anything and everything, and romance and shipping is pretty much at the top of my list of what I like to read!

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What do you do when a mistake could cost you the chance of pursuing your dream?
What happens when that mistake leads to a new life entering this world?
Two families share that one unexpected bundle of joy. As celebrities secrets are uncovered and relationships tested, none of the Wonderbolts or the mane six will ever be quite the same.

Thanks to super3rainbow1 for proofreading and helping me brainstorm.

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A year is made up of four seasons, each with its own identity and experiences. These same four seasons can be said to describe the life of a relationship. The relationship between Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash rises and falls with time, but through sadness, hardship, joy, and laughter, they both love each other with a depth that cannot be fathomed.

This is but a glimpse into the life of that love, told over the course of a year – a year of four very different seasons that span a lifetime.

Winner of the Four Seasons of FlutterDash contest.

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Scootaloo has been living with Rainbow dash for a year now. Her best friend has just gotten her cutie mark and she is getting better at flying. But why does Dashie seem so lonely lately and why does she still think of her mother. Maybe its time that she gets someone for her big sister to be there for her. Maybe its time to get Rainbow a special somepony.

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A story of how Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash met as fillies. The joys and hardships of life, friendship, and love and all the surprises that happen along their journey as they become best friends--and much more.

This cute fic includes Flutterdash shipping as well as hints of SoarinFire and TwiLuna.

After about 6 years of hiatus, I have revised and rewritten the whole story so far with the intent of continuing and finishing it. Re-release started in early 2019 with a revised chapter 1. 2020 marks a brand new chapter 9 and the continuation of the tale of two cute social outcasts. 

Thanks to Super3rainbow1 for pre-reading and helping out when I needed someone to bounce ideas around with.

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