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This story is a sequel to Days of Wasp and Spider

Believed dead by their creators, the ponies that will become Celestia and Luna have broken their mental conditioning and escaped into the wilderness. Here they plan the revolution that will free all ponykind, knowing that it is only a matter of time before their ruse is discovered.

Back in their underground arcologies, the ponies' erstwhile masters deal with the consequences of the escape, all the while unaware that something lurking at the bottom of space-time wants them all dead.

A Soot-Covered World, book 2.
Canon species only/no humans.
This story has nothing to do with the Holocaust.
Art by InLucidReverie, used with permission.

Chapters (46)

Centuries after most of her friends have all passed away, Twilight decides to make one last trip into the past. No interacting, no greeting deceased friends, no reunion with her beloved marefriend. Just one quick glance at a life long lost.

However, for better or worse, she'll end up getting much, much more than that.

This story has a prequel entitled The Last Train Home.
Cover art by Swan Song

Chapters (6)

The Presence, an extraterrestrial, insists that all ponykind must be taught a morbid poem. Twilight is determined to find out why.

Chapters (1)

Scansion has a problem. The poems that flow from his pen at night are the most beautiful he's ever written, but he doesn't remember writing them. Drawn ever-deeper into an exchange of letters with a voice that speaks only through his work, he must discover the truth: Is the lonely, recently-returned goddess of the night reaching out to him in the only way she can, or is he chasing shadows?

* Now with a dramatic reading by Neighrator Pony! *

Holy crap you guys. What have I unleashed? Here's a sample of the word-of-mouth blogstorm that drove it to the feature box out of nowhere:
"This is the best thing I've read in a long time." –Bad Horse (rated: sitewide Top 10)
"'Thou Goddess' is magical and transcendent all the way through." –Skywriter
"[P]oetic beauty. There is scarcely a height of acclaim I would not believe it deserves." –Causal Quill (rated: sitewide Top 10)
"[C]hock full of splendid poetry … a jaw-dropping piece of prose and one of the best fics I have ever had the privilege to read." –Present Perfect (rated: sitewide Top 15)
"I shall keep this brief, because I must finish weeping before lunch is over. This is gorgeous, and has utterly deserved every accolade it has received." –Blue_Paladin42 (rated: sitewide Top 5)

Winner of AugieDog's "Nocturnes" Luna story contest! | Featured on EqD!

Further reviews:
"This is a remarkable fic, beautifully written ... quite simply, dazzling." –Louder Yay (rated: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…)

If the title sounds grammatically incorrect, please read this.

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After three hundred years in the beautiful simulation of Equestria, architect Teque has crossed the three-dimensional rubicon and built his first tesseract house. What he finds inside will change the way he understands his world--but he won’t make it out in one piece.

Now comes with a playlist! Check out some original music inspired by the story!

Written for the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest!

Part of the Friendship is Optimal universe. Contains major references to the source material. Reading it first is highly recommended.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Pound My Pumpkin

Part of the "Pound My Pumpkin" expanded universe.

Fluttershy was Discord's first friend in his entire life. When nopony else was willing to give him a chance, she was determined to find the good inside him, the good even he doubted was there, and she found it. She awoke him to goodness, and taught the embodiment of Chaos what it meant to live in Harmony. But such lessons don't happen in a single day. Some take a lifetime.

Over time, both began to realize it was more than that. Discord was always coming back to see Fluttershy, spending time with her more than anyone else. It was obvious that, before long, something special would brew.

But things aren't as simple as either might wish. One is Harmony, the Element of Kindness. The other is the Spirit of Chaos. Can they make what they have work? Or will the difference in their natures be too drastic?

Chapters (9)

Following another date together, Discord asks Fluttershy to talk dirty to him.

Perhaps he should've been clearer about it.

Chapters (1)