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This story is a sequel to A Dazzling Sleepover

The Human World is seen as the dumping grounds for Equestrian threats that are too much to handle. The biggest, most notable example of which was the Sirens who are now regular human girls trying to get by.

Thankfully, it wasn't that difficult.

After becoming more friendly with the other humans of this world, the Sirens are starting to comprehend strange new human traditions and values such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, as Equestria's magic starts to corrupt parts of the city, they have to weigh dealing with their own lives alongside defending against these threats.

Including anything else that just so happens to get left over from Equestrian conflict...

Landed on the Featured Tab on 3/7/2022, 3/17/2022, and 11/2/2022! Thanks everyone!

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The daily lives of the royal princesses, often times is pretty simple. Wake up, raise or lower their celestial bodies, hold court, meetings, sleep, and repeat. Oh, and dealing with their infuriating nephew! Overall, things aren't all that easy for them but it's manageable and mundane.

But when an innocent wish came true, both sisters are now facing a new Blueblood. One that can be considered better, yet for some reason, this version seems to have forgotten how magic works and keeps looking at the world like a newborn baby.

So what happens now? Did their wish actually come true? Is it some sort of act? Has he been replaced by a changeling? And what does this new Blueblood mean for Equestria?

Only one thing is for sure, shenanigans will appear and a lot of ponies are about to spit their coffee. Look out Equestria! There is a new Blueblood on the loose, and this one might actually be worthy of the title 'Prince'.

The 'Romance' tag is for events that happen later on the chapters

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Thank you so much for giving me a hand!
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Now with a Russian version!
Link: https://ficbook.net/readfic/8253964
By: Mariness

I made this out of curiosity and intrigue, so there is no need to take too seriously. This takes place during season 8 before Spike got his wings.

Rated ‘Teen’ for language, mild violence, and graphic depiction of cuddling. Ratings could change at any moment depending on how the story progresses.

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For the past three months, The Mane Six, Starlight Glimmer, the CMC, Gabby, and Smolder have all been receiving love poems, love letters, or small gifts with no name saying who it's from. They become determined to find out who this mysterious person is and why they're so infatuated with all 12 of them. When they finally reveal who it is, however, the answer to their questions is something that no one saw coming.

Takes place sometime in Season 9.

Sorry, I couldn't fit Starlight's tag on this story. I wish FimFiction would allow more than tags for main characters.

Featured on Spike's page on April 12th, 2021. Thanks, everyone.

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Spike is forced to survive on an alien ocean planet with its own dark secrets

Suicide tag is for mentions of it.
Disclaimer: I don't own Subnautica, that belongs to Unknown Worlds Entertainment

A big thanks to MegaCartmanX and DerpTape for proofreading this for me and to ShirtMechanic for making the cover art.

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After years of being the runt of the litter (despite having no siblings), Spike finally comes into his own and starts to grow up and mature. The result is a unique bit of magic all his own, or so the theory goes: He awakens one morning to find words hanging overhead that call him [The Gamer], along with powers that let him 'live life as though it were a game'.

How he decides to handle all of this, and where things go from there? That would be a spoiler, and you all know how we feel about spoilers around here...

Frequently asked questions will be answered from time to time, and those answers linked here for the curious:
The First FAQ

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Spike's life was rough to begin with. He lives with a single mother, and neither of them know what happened to his father. One day during a walk in the forest, Spike comes across a strange capsule machine in front of a giant tree. He hears a voice telling him to put a coin in the machine, and against his better judgement, he does. He releases a strange spirit known as a Yo-kai named Whisper. He is given a watch called the Yo-kai Watch, which lets him see the mysterious spirits known as Yo-Kai. He soon finds out he's not the only one with a Yo-kai Watch, and that there's a secret organization called Y.U.C.S, also known as the Yo-kai Undercover Combat Squad. They work together to stop Yo-Kai from causing too much chaos. But little do they know that in the Yo-Kai world, an evil Yo-Kai is plotting against them. Along with stopping this evil Yo-Kai, Spike is also on a mission to find his missing father.

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Baked Bean is but one of the thousands of tourists in Canterlot, and he's looking for some inspiration to help launch his writing career. To this end, he pays a visit to the Royal Gardens, but while there he quickly and quite accidentally invokes a long-forgotten law that will completely upend his life and thrust him into the spotlight...

As Celestia's husband.

And all this because of noses.

As seen on Equestria Daily!

With an audio reading by Fire Hearth Studios!

Cover art graciously provided by the Right Most Awesome Backlash91!
Original cover art provided the Right Most Awesome Sipioc!

Proofreading and prereading services provided by Georg, Sipioc, and Moon Fire!

Fan Art for this story can be found right here!

A most worthy review by Cyonix!

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Spike has had enough of being treated as a slave instead of a friend. He works, cleans, does chores for Twilight and her friends, and gets abandoned. Being sick and tired of being used as a tool, an object for his so-called friends, he wishes for better life without them. Little did he know that his wish was going to grant him the best adventure ever.

While Spike is gone, Discord is going to disguise himself as Spike to see if Twilight and her friends are worthy to be Spike's friends or not. Change is on the horizon in Equestria for everyone. However, some changes are not for everyone.

Thenewbluebrony sent me a gift. An artwork of Spike's Fairy Tail Emblem on his chest. In honor of the gift, I've decided to make it my cover art image for the story after the 200th chapter.

I lost count of how many times the story was featured after 100 times but it started on June 16th, 2021 since I mainly publish chapters late at night. (Habit of mine)

(Spoilers in the Comments. You have been warned.)
(Please note that this is an alternate universe of Fairy Tail)
(Takes place before season 8. Also, an alternate universe)
Fairy Tail is copyright of Hiro Mashima

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Long story short, I was a brony. I woke up one day to find myself in Spike's body. Dream come true, right? I'm in Equestria, I could interact with my favorite ponies, etc.

Well, as it turns out, I just happened to wake up right at the beginning of Season 1. Which could only mean one thing: I can change the future of Equestria. I could solve problems prematurely, prevent disasters from happening, and keep Twilight from going insane.

So now, my mission isn't to hug my favorite ponies, but to make sure everyone gets a happy life.

Chapters (87)