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Set a few years into the future, this story focuses on the adventures of the older Cake Twins. Much like Friendship is Magic itself this story has no true conclusion, and is always ongoing so long as I have the ideas for it.

Six year old Pound and Pumpkin have grown up a little from the babies they used to be, but there is still much to learn about maturity, working together, and friendship. Working together they protect and love each other, and some days they can't stand each other and get into horrible fights. At the end of the day they always come back together, hating being away from their other half.

Pound is very impulsive, acting without thinking, with an ego to match Trixie's, even when he can't back it up. He has no hesitation at attacking others for picking on his sister, insisting that's a privilege only he can enjoy. The unofficial leader, he's usually the one to think of idea's, and also the first to sulk or get depressed when things don't go his way.

Pumpkin is the more rational one, the voice of reason. However, she's still apt to go along with Pound's ideas simply because its better than being alone, and she doesn't want him to get hurt if she's not around.

Together they can overcome anything that comes their way.

Chapters (84)

One day, Applejack was petrified by a cockatrice in the Everfree forest.
It was a long time before she was ever revived.

A story of moving through lives and the bonds forged in-between.

Was begun before the season four finale, so disregard anything in canon relating to Tirek. He does not exist in this story's timeline.

Thanks to Discord Kantus for prereading.

Now with a reading by Terminal Velocity. Click here to view.

Chapters (6)

Pinkie wakes up sick one morning, which is just about the worst thing she can think of!

But Fluttershy will be there to make things better. Things are always better with Fluttershy around.

Also, check out the artist's deviantArt gallery! His pony stuff is all adorable, and I just went on a massive upvote spree of all his pictures on Derpibooru. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to see a doctor. I think my heart has melted from all the cuteness.

Chapters (2)

A chance meeting between the upper-class Octavia and the wild party pony Vinyl Scratch has Vinyl feeling things that she'd never felt before. Yet things are far from what they seem.

(Labeled "Dark" just to be safe.)

Chapters (2)

After running across the Crusaders in Manehattan, Rainbow finds out a little secret Scootaloo had been keeping from her.

Pre-reader: Kalen Nighteyes
Editors: Awesomeblaze, mobius160

Chapters (2)

Sweetie Belle gets stuck in a time loop.

Proofread by many people such as: 0_0, refferee, Leonzilla, crooked, TheGreatEater, and other people I may have missed.

Chapters (143)

**The following is an alternate sequence of events different than those that happened in MLP:FiM, Season 4 Episode 17: Somepony to Watch Over Me. This story breaks away from the canon episode right in the scene where Apple Bloom confronts Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo about her sister's constant babying of her.**

As an alternate avenue of events of Somepony to Watch Over Me, Applejack's babying of her sister goes too far and into an even more babyish territory. Apple Bloom's friends get dragged into it as a result.

Warning: Contains diapers, uses of diapers, and many other elements that others may deem ABDL~ish. Read at your own discretion.

Chapters (4)

Tirek has, undoubtably, thoroughly, completely, won.

He has all six former bearers of the Elements tied to his (formerly Celestia's) throne.

He has the other three alicorns trapped in Tartarus.

He's absorbed every scrap of magic from every pony in Equestria.

And nopony will ever get a cutie mark, ever again.

Three certain fillies are going to do something about that. And if they can somehow rescue their sisters in the process, all the better...

For another take on the same idea, see Crusade at Midnight Castle by Carabas; or, for a story that takes the idea in a completely different direction, see Der Unter-gang by Monokeras.

Chapters (15)

Twilight is perplexed by an earth pony capable of summoning and manipulating invisible objects. In the name of science, she decides to uncover the mime's source of power. The mime is not happy about this, and sets out to stop Twilight with walls, ropes, and every other manner of mime related weaponry.

Cover Art thanks to Time Turner (A.K.A. Pilkie)

Chapters (2)
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