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This story is a sequel to Journey To Hearth's Warming

What does an assassin[Stone], a former knight[Comet], two agents[Noteworthy/BonBon], a fallen soldier[Flash], a broken family[Vapor Trail], a lost CMC[Sweetie Belle], an abandoned sister[Limestone] and a tyrant[Kray], have in common? The missions were simple; Protect the princess. Kill the target. Save a few marriages. Uncover the hidden truth. Meet with some sisters. Conquer the world. 9 characters intertwined together in 17 months of living hell. See the start, the end, and then the confusing stuff in between.

This is an anthology story, with almost every 17 months getting one chapter per season. Most will get around six chapters in all so I'm guessing a series of six seasons. However, once introduced, Month 17 and Month 2 will get extra chapters between every 4 months, because their months will be covering more events.

Much like my Hoodwinked series, to ensure no overloading, each chapter will be around 1k words, including the longer stories. Plus, I will be posting three chapters each month. Seasonal breaks are akin to my Journey To Hearth's Warming series, but with winter breaks at the end of November and returning in February.

For those wondering, yes, this is a remix of my Friendship Lost. Rather instead of trying to post multiple stories at once and hoping everyone stays in the loop, I've decided to just combine them all into one story. Yeah, some plot points have changed, but some paths haven't. This means, yes, Flash Sentry will be a grey character in the future, but in the past... well you are just going to have to read and find out how he gets there.

As for its connections to Journey To Hearth's Warming. At most you are required to read Season 1 episode 3, and the Season 6 Prologue. That's it. Nothing else is required for a good while in this story.

The idea behind the cover is it's what everyone sees upon looking at Canterlot now. By taking the classic image of Canterlot and splicing it through several photoshops then pasting the strange pieces of each over top of the original and then shredding it with draw n copy n paste. It's meant to feel very very wrong.

Chapters (13)

This story is a sequel to A Growing Fire In My Heart

It's been twenty years since Ember and Spike have gotten together as a couple and much has change. Not only have The Dragon Lands prospered, but they, and other nations, have come together to form the Alliance of Harmony. United by friendship, it seems a golden age of peace have come to the world as their tenth anniversary approaches. Spike believes it is a good time to finally propose marriage to Ember, having decided to take her as his life mate.

However, the shadows of the past have returned as Tyranus Redskull, the last of the clan that sought to usurp Ember, has been gathering strength and an army of exiled dragon clans for the last twenty years for revenge. He seeks now the legendary blade of the First Dragon Emperor, Imperiax , and use its near divine like power to unite the dragons under his rule and restore the Ancient Dragon Empire with war and blood. To do this, he must travel to the unknown lands of the west that none have returned from.

Spike, Ember, and others are forced to travel there to stop him for the sword is so powerful it could bring every creature to its knees. Can Spike and Ember find the strength to stop Tyranus? Will their love be a weakness or a strength in the end? Will the peaceful world where all creatures are united survive or will the flames of war burn it to ashes?

Please Help Out At the TV Tropes Page

Chapters (12)

After another frightening nightmare, Rarity seeks out the one dragon for consultation. Can he help her? Or will her nightmares continue to haunt her? The answers will be revealed in the story.

Chapters (1)

Blitzo the Imp never intended to show up in a world of ponies. He still has to find a birthday present for his lover, Stolas the Prince of Hell. How will he do this? Who will help him? Can an Imp blend in with a city as diverse as Ponyville?
Hopefully Pinkie Pie can help her new demonic friend.
Blitzo and Stolas are from the Youtube cartoon series "Helluva Boss".

Rated Teen due to mentioning of alternate lifestyles and gay male shipping.
This got into the Featured box on 1/6/22! Thanks, guys and gals!

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Six mares have been at the center of this dragon's heart for over ten years now, but when Spike announces he's leaving Equestria for new lands a full on mortal kombat style battle breaks out between these six mares. Depending on his friends, Discord and Big Mac have taken up the job of refereeing this battle while he gets his stuff together.

Proofreader: Koekelbag

1k challenge.

Discord: Will the right mare win?

Big Mac: Eeyup.

Discord: Will anypony survive this unscathed?

Big Mac: Nope

Discord: Will Spike ever get laid?!

Big Mac: Uhh...

Discord: Stay tuned and find out!!

Chapters (1)

Luna and Twilight. Once they were good friends. Now they'll discover together a higher and more strong feeling. Love.They never had this experience before. How will they handle this kind of magic? How will others react to this? Will this magic spread among the little group of friends? But they all know that it will change the courses of their whole lives.
Special credits goes to my editor and friend brony 4ever for his amazing work.

Chapters (18)

After a disappointing date with Fancy Pants, Rarity finds herself longing for a hard, rough, physical encounter. Hot and bothered, she sets off to find somepony who can fulfill her lustful desires. Luckily for her, a familiar face is among the crowd, and soon Rarity’s plans of seduction are set into motion. Will she succeed in her quest? A lady doesn’t kiss and tell ;) so you better just read to find out. (Rarity X Applejack)

Chapters (1)

This is the tale of how Rarity is given a gift. But not just any gift, a gift that will forever change her life. But what do you give to the most generous pony in all of Equestria?

This was supposed to be published at Christmas time, but dang it I worked really hard on this and better late then never I suppose. :derpytongue2:

Cover art done by the incredibly talented Starry Sky Studios Much love and appreciation goes out to her :pinkiehappy:

And editing done by the ever reliable Misty Dolphin :raritystarry:

Chapters (11)

Spike is searching for the perfect ring, with the intention of finally popping the question to his long time girlfriend. Thank goodness Trixie knows of a place that carries totally not cursed rings worthy of a pony like Rarity.

Rated T, for minor language and sexual references (nothing explicit.)

This was a commission for a patron and is a patreon supported story and will update monthly alongside the other stories.

Check out its sister story over here if you want something more serious.

Now with several readings done by Straight toThePointStudio Chapter 1 Chapter 2 part 1 and part 2 Chapter 3 Part 1 and Part Two (Coming soon)

Chapters (24)

This story is a sequel to Home for the Holidays

It was something the dragon never expected to happen. Not by a long shot.

A few months ago, during the Hearth's Warming Eve celebration, Spike discovered that Rarity, the mare of his dreams, had been harbouring feelings for him for just about as long as he had been for her. It was surely a surprise to him, though that and the kiss her confession came with was not an unwanted one.

Now, on Hearts and Hooves Day, the most romantic day of the year, and with all of the necessary preparations made, the dragon resolved to show Rarity just how much she meant to him.

Chapters (1)