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Integration between species can have its fair share of hiccups, especially when children are thrown together without proper knowledge of their fellow sapient's anatomy. Silverstream aims to fix that by giving a classroom lecture on how to interact with hippogryphs safely.

Set post season 9

A commission for Nitro Indigo

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Abstract: In his final and most personal monograph, a prolific and widely celebrated ethnologist and hippologist describes the customs of the Little Ponies (sp. Equus parvus) related to courtship and matrimony. Topics covered include sudden-onset equine infatuation (SOEI), typical courtship behaviors, the prominent role of the equine matchmaker, and the rituals of equine marriage.

But this study moves beyond a mere description of pony culture. It reflects also on the interactions between pony and human—and on what those interactions mean for the future of the human race.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Lyra, a simple pony with simple dreams. Dreams involving aliens, that is. Her fascination with them even got her a job dealing with them, though no one takes it seriously. Lyra hopes to one day be able to meet one, she just needs to believe.

In comes a human, whom mysteriously gets transported to Equestria. It's up to Lyra to show the alien the ways of her people! The power of friendship, magic, and hugs await her on this strange adventure.

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Apple Honey, who runs a farm supply and repair shop and writes the Ponyville Express in her spare time, has a perfectly ordinary day.

A Pony Planet story

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