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Having been assigned a project about researching lost civilizations, and learning how friendship could have helped them survive, the Student Six try to find something unique. They find in the form of a sphere hologram projection, which tells about a different world that is plagued by ghouls, deathclaws, and super mutants. A world where various factions fight for survival, and to rebuild the human race in their image. A world that is both harsh and dangerous where friendship and decent kindness are a rarity.

A World Of Fallout.

Thanks to Chaotic Note, Titanium Dragon, Black Hailstorm, and Anonymous for helping with this.

The Storyteller series belongs to ShoddyCast who I recommend you follow. I also suggest watching the series of the Storyteller if you are a Fallout Fan or want to get into the Fallout series which belongs to Bethesda.

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Hearts and Hooves Day. Anon wants a pizza; Cadance wants to find him a marefriend. Only one of them is going to get what they want today.

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Twilight takes Anon on a tour of Ponyville shortly after he arrives in Equestria. While showing him around, she forgets to mention other species. When she introduces him to her number one assistant, Anon naturally assumes Spike is a pony. A scaly, disfigured, diseased pony. Naturally.

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While exploring Canterlot Castle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash uncover a room filled with stone tablets connected to dials. Above each dial is the name of an alicorn they know.

These old things couldn't possibly control an alicorn's power, could they?

Only one way to find out.

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Pinkie Pie is the richest pony in the history of Equestria. The secret to her wealth?

She has no idea.

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Note- The story isn't that dark.

This story was written with my friend, Godzillawolf. After stumbling upon a homeless Trixie, Twilight tries to help her get a new job in Ponyville. However, an unexpected visitor to the town wants to leave Trixie homeless and feeding off scraps. Checker Monarch is set on ruining everything Trixie does, for reasons not yet explained. Trixie must discover new friends and must face this old danger through new eyes.

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It is the year 2038, and the Earth is slowly being consumed by a space-borne monstrosity dubbed the Black Tide, which is using nanotechnology to remake the planet into something hideously alien.

Erin Olsen works for Project Harmonics, humanity's last-ditch effort to find a new world before the Tide can wipe them out. But when that world is found, and it turns out to be occupied, Erin will need to find the courage to face the unknown in order to save the inhabitants of both worlds.

(Many thanks to Easteu for the fantastic cover image for this story!)

Now with its own TV Tropes page

There is now a follow-up to this story: Sunflower - Side Projects
Sequel: Project Sunflower: Harmony

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After the events of their first Hearths Warming Eve together, and the revelation about Gallus' family, or lack there of, Silverstream comes to a shocking realization: Gallus has never had a birthday party! Silverstream decides to correct this as soon as possible, so she recruits the rest of the Young Six to put together a surprise birthday party for their griffon friend.

However, as all of his friends are busy planning this surprise, Gallus can't help but feel that his so called friends are avoiding him. Feeling alone and abandoned on this day, Gallus unknowingly finds himself in a vulnerable position ripe for manipulation.

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