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Some years after Twilight has taken her position as Princess of Equestria, but before Luster Dawn becomes her student, Equestria is at peace.
All is not to remain that way; the return of the Windigoes ancient magic cracked the boundaries of reality, allowing an ancient force to return, one that challenges the very foundations of the world of Equus and all it is built upon.

Faced with a new foe unlike any they have faced, and one able to absorb even the greatest of magic turned against them, Twilight and her friends embark on a desperate quest to a land that was myth even in Star Swirl's time, in the hope of finding a way to save their nation, and their world. At the same time, their friends, allies, and relatives work at home to try and survive, and hope that Twilight and her friends have something to return to.
The journey will take them further than any of them believe, and at the end, more will have changed than any of them could imagine.


Slight AU set after the end of Season 9; AU aspects only relate to some minor backstories for a villain, and my own interpretations and ideas on how magic works in Equestria, and that Equestria is one nation on a world of many, as well as Equestria having armed forces - of a sort.
The story is an adventure piece, with sci-fi elements, bloody and grim warfare, and - eventually - tech in Equestria, including mecha. Caution for occasional bad language and acknowledgement of adult themes.
While it isn't set after The Last Problem it does hint towards that being an outcome in numerous places.

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The year is 20X6. It is the future. And Young Hero Twilight-chan leaps into action, defending Neo Canterlot against a threat far greater than the average kaiju or humongous mecha attack.

For as it turns out, Twilight-chan's steadfastness as a hero is reflected in innumerable variations across the infinite multiverse... and something is collapsing the boundaries that hold those dimensions apart!

This story was expanded from its original appearance in the February 2017 Writeoff, "The Twilight Zone," with the assistance of MisterNick and Posh! Fantastic custom Twilight by The-Butcher-X with background/lettering by yours truly. Featured on FimFiction 4Aug.2018! :heart: Also featured by Seattle’s Angels! :coolphoto:

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Sebas Amos Tien, Mecha pilot for the resistance organization, TRAK.

Rainbow Dash, Ponyville Weathermare and performer of the first ever Sonic Rainboom.

For most of these two's entire existence, they have been separated by hundreds of lightyears of cold, empty space. But what would occur should the Pegasus be plucked from her home and be brought incredibly close to the Human? And how are her friends back home dealing with her sudden disappearance?

First time writing an MLP fic, and of course I mix it with a bit of my Original Fiction. Criticism welcome and expected.

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His home was a barren wasteland a never ending battlefield. A world of war and greed. What more can a soldier of fortune ask for? Now in a peaceful world where war is a foreign word.
How will the only Raven in equestria adjust. Peaceful world or not old habits die hard.

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Leos Klein, a Raven who piloted armored core units to the top ranking position on the leaderboard of the arena, has destroyed the core of the Ravens' Nest and Nine-Ball with it, but any further thoughts on the future disappear when a mysterious lone mission request appears in his inbox promising a better life.
Meanwhile, in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle receives a wave of energy emitting from the Whitetail Woods in the shadow of night. Investigation leads to discovery as two species unknown to each other struggle to form absolute trusts between them. He came in a machine, while another somewhere else is under construction.

A first generation Armored Core crossover. Set after the events of Armored Core: Master of Arena.

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To satisfy her need for speed, Rainbow Dash sneaks out of her home at night to ride her motorcycle through the empty streets outside Canterlot City. At one night an impossibly fast truck overtakes her, leaving her confused but determined to beat that truck whatever it takes.

However, this won't be the only strange thing she encounters after that, and soon she'll find out that Equestrian magic isn't the only "paranormal" thing—and that everything unnatural is usually contained by someone.

This story is part of the A New Empathy-series and so New in Canterlot City is technically a prequel, but this fic can be read on it's own, as only a few elements of the prequel will be mentioned.

The SCP-Foundation is a growing community project made by various users around the globe. The main SCP in the chapters is credited in the author's note.

Huge thanks to RB_ for proofreading this story!

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Octavia Melody moves alone to Canterlot City to get better at playing her cello, but has to face soon with rumours of magic being real, which she doesn't believe until she sees it for herself. Then her letters become the almost only form of communication with her parents.

Some say these two events are connected.

This story is part of the A New Empathy-series, but can be read on its own. The SCP-Foundation is a growing community project made by various users around the globe.

Written for Bicyclette's The Twilight Files contest.

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Little bits of stories that I started and then abandoned in favor of other pursuits. One was because I wasn't sure how to progress them past a certain point. The other was because it really dredged up some bad memories and I needed a break from it.

Octavia and Vinyl Scratch
Celestia and Luna

Chapters (3)

Major AU! What if it was not just Sabo, Luffy and Ace kicking it at the Dawn islands? What if a Twilight Sparkle was among them from the beginning? And what if a certain RAINBOOM happened the day of the Grey Terminal fire?

SPOILER! There will be elements of harmony, but it WON'T be Twilight and her friends...you'll never guess who!

Chapters (1)

Based on the lazy Hasbro recolour of Twilight Sparkle. One dark and stormy night, Twilight Sparkle is visited by a strange pony. But this pony knows a lot about Twilight Sparkle; in fact, she might just be Twilight's number one fan. And that couldn't be a bad thing, right?

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