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An amalgamation of nice and spice. Controversial in every sense of the word.

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Rainbow Dash is a simple mare. She loves flying, she loves napping, but most importantly of all, she loves her friends. She loves her family. She loves the little tortoise who sleeps in the corner of her bedroom. She loves her town, she loves her country, she loves her world.

She's never thought about what she would do without it all. She's never thought about what she would do if she woke up one morning, only to discover that the world had passed her by. She's never thought about what she would be willing to do, how far she would be willing to go, to get it all back.

Featured 7/2/22 - 7/8/22

Chapters (4)

Sparkler is a lonely foal. Her parents...well, they aren't exactly around. The only patch of brightness in her life is her half-sister, Dinky Doo. She loves Dinky more than anything. If only Dinky knew Sparkler existed, then surely she'd love her too

Won second place in the Quills and Sofas Sparkler /Amethyst Star speedwrite contest. Originally a Nightmare Night fic, but published a bit late.

Chapters (7)

This story was an exquisite corpse story written by the members of the My Little Reviews and Feedback Discord server. Join us here!

An exquisite corpse story is a collaborative writing exercise in which a group of people try to tell a story: the catch is that each author can only read what the author before them wrote and must continue despite not knowing the entire story. This was the result.

Cover art done by Moonshot :)


Chapter One: Greatazuredragon
Chapter Two: Lumina Faith
Chapter Three: Moonshot
Chapter Four: Firefoxino
Chapter Five: JPHyperX
Chapter Six: QueenChrysalisForever
Chapter Seven: Nailah
Chapter Eight: Jubal
Chapter Nine: Light Heart101
Chapter Ten: Jarvy Jared
Chapter Eleven: Schattendrache
Chapter Twelve: Stinium_Ruide
Chapter Thirteen: Cyonix
Chapter Fourteen: The Red Parade

Chapters (16)

Tempest Shadow lives alone, in a shell of a house that isn't a home. But a visit from Fluttershy reminds her that she might have more than she realizes.

A 2020 Jinglemas Breezie Fic for Zontan. Check us out here!

Edited by the combined brainpower of Silent Whisper and WishComeTrue.

Chapters (1)

A strange book written in a script not linked to any known language is given to Moon Dancer by a mysterious stallion with dark spectacles and a charming smile. Wary of what lay within yet curious nonetheless, Moon Dancer enlists the aid of her old friend Twilight Sparkle in deciphering the script and unlocking the truth behind the book's origins.

What follows is a detailed account of the endeavor and its tragic and terrifying conclusion, penned by the broken mare who survived to tell the tale.

Chapters (12)

When I agreed to be sent to Equestria I didn't read the fine print. I'm the wrong age, the wrong gender, and lost in the wilderness.

Chinese Translation: https://fimtale.com/t/9306

Can't vouch for its accuracy since I don't speak Chinese but it's being translated by a human who goes by DreamsSetFree.

Hi to all my Chinese readers!

New Cover art commissioned from Lunar Froxy.

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Applejack doesn't "do" dating. Everypony knows that. But after her brother and Sugar Belle get together, she decides it's finally time to give this whole "relationship" business a shot.

Only problem is, she's gonna need a bigger mailbox...

Takes place prior to Season 8.

Chapters (1)

The streets of Ponyville are no longer safe. Constantly being bumped into, honked at, and yelled at by an elderly alien has driven the citizens into their homes. All he wants is Denny's, who or what that is no pony knows. Can Twilight and her friends stop this monster from destroying the quiet little town?

Not if his Korean war stories are to be believed...

Rated Teen for language. Proofread and Edited by FlutterPriest and Admiral Biscuit.

Chapters (8)

Sing, o Muse, of impetuous Zagreus: Scourge of shades, son of Hades, Prince of the Underworld. Few tales are told of him and even fewer truths. But what follows, though wilder than the most outlandish Orphic fiction, is still as true as an oath sworn on the Styx. For the depths of his father's realm contain passages unplumbed by any, and gates to realms undreamt of by god or man.

But by pony, they are well known indeed.

A crossover between issue #82 of the main MLP comic and the game Hades. Cover synthesized from works by Pencils and Supergiant Games. Contains some game spoilers, including some several millennia old. Rated Teen solely to allow the content warning.

Prereading provided by Akouma, Bugsydor, Caliaponia, and SirNotAppearingInThisFic.

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This story is a sequel to A Daughter and her Dragon

When Cotton Candy was adopted by Sir Spike the Dragon, she never expected to become part of such a large family. Unfortunately, there are some members that she never had the chance to meet.

These are their stories.

Pre-read and co-written by Crystal Moose
Edited by Dreams of Ponies
Cover art by NixWorld

This is a collection that answers some questions in A Daughter and her Dragon, so it contains spoilers up to chapter seven. It is recommended that you read those chapters first for context.

Chapters (5)