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Her father was dead, and Sunny was alone. All she can think of is his dream destined to die with him? She feels like her dream will die tonight, but maybe a doctor can give her hope.

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"What's the one thing--the one thing--I told you not to do while I was away."

"Try to start a war."

"And what did you do?"

"...try to start a war."

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Things haven't exactly been going your way lately and it seems the ones around you have started to notice, including Discord. Although the draconequus isn't known for being "feelsy" or "cuddly", he decides to have a talk with you and help out in his own Discordy way.

I know a lot of people are struggling right now and I thought this might cheer them up a little. Especially for people who just need that little pick me up from their favorite character. ^^ Even if this didn't help your problems entirely that your experiencing right now, I hope I made your day just a little brighter!

Proof read and edited by my friend Noodlezss. Thank you so much for that!

This is my first fanfic I've written in second person and I was inspired to do so after reading Fluttershy's Whispers. Which by the way, you should totally read because it's absolutely adorable!

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Home is strength, and safety, and love, and comfort. And Sunset wouldn't trade that for the world.
Sunset and Twilight, on a cold, rainy night, curled up in Sunny's apartment.

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Whenever Time Turner touches a pony, he knows how and when they are going to die.

This makes living a regular life rather difficult.

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Verspertine has always longed to touch the stars--and luckily enough, she was born a thestral, so it's (maybe) theoretically possible.

She's been training her whole life to become a Wonderbolt and finally, thank Celestia, she's a cadet at the Academy.

First place in the of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting 'Batpony/Thestral' contest. The prompt was "stereotypes". Cover art by the lovely Scarlett Sketches--thank you to the folks who found the artist for me.

UPDATE: Now with a voice reading done by StraightToThePointStudio! Thank you so much, I really appreciate the love. :)

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Sometimes, it's better to forget. Everything becomes nothing, and nothing becomes everything.

You find yourself existing in the here and now, and that is all that matters.

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During the past millennium, Daybreaker has ruled Equestria with justice and fairness. Having risen from the ashes of her battle against Nightmare Moon, she ascended once more to lead Equestria into an age of prosperity and glory.

At least, that's what the ponies of Equestria are told. The real events are a stark contrast to what they are taught in school.

One night, she finally confesses her secrets to a pony who is willing to listen to everything she says. How will she react? And will Daybreaker be able to shed the reminders of her sins?

Takes place decades before the first episode of Season 1.

Story inspired and edited by the wonderfully talented and awesome RandomGuy101, who even came up with the current ending!
Thanks for the collaboration, Random! Working with you was one of the best experiences here!

Cover art is made by the wonderful StarBlaze25 on Deviantart!

Edit: Apparently, this story was featured on the day it was uploaded. Thank you so much to everyone who liked this story! It's a shame I missed it.

Edit 2: Turns out, this story was the 100th Daybreaker story to be uploaded on this site. What a coincidence!

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"Drink this potion, then answer the prompt written below."

Those are the instructions Twilight Sparkle has sent to a number of her friends, along with a small vial of a mysterious potion.

The following letters were their responses.

Art by Shamanguli, a snippet of the cover art for the Ponies at Dawn album Anthology.

Featured 5-18-21 to 5-20-21, peaking at the #5 spot. Thanks, everypony!

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Chrysalis Chrysanthemum is one of the most powerful, feared individuals in the world of corporate business. There is nothing she can't do if she puts her mind to it. At least, that's what she always thought. Then a girl named Sunset Shimmer drops into her life. Chrysalis is set to discover that of all the ways she has succeeded, there's one thing she failed utterly at. Make that three things.

Now she must face the hard truth and find some way to fix it. If only she had the faintest clue how.

The story of Chrysalis as a mother in two parts. Inspired by a long-held and beloved headcanon of mine.

Pre-reading done by Wandering Twilight, Mike Cartoon Pony, ShiningBeacon, and AuroraDawn.

Cover art commissioned from AmazingPuffhair, who surprised me by getting it done perfectly in only one try.

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