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Canterlot High and Crystal Prep Academy each have their fair share of amazing students, both academically and athletically. None, however, are quite as notable as Rainbow Dash and Indigo Zap.

A short time after the near-disastrous events of the Friendship Games, the two star athletes from each school arrange to meet up for a chat at a city park, where they find that they're not as different as they may have thought.

The artwork for this story was made by IJAB.

This story was graciously edited by Dubs Rewatcher.

Featured on Equestria Daily 31/03/2016.

This story now has an audio reading! Done by the ever amazing Lotus Moon

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After winning Canterlot Mall's music video contest, the Rainbooms and Shadowbolts party together on the finest yacht their prize money could buy.

One Shadowbolt, however, doubts her place on the boat... and naturally, there's only one Rainboom that can set her mind at ease.

Prereads: Mooncalf and Jabbie

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With the intramural soccer championships in full swing, team captain Indigo Zap is riding high. But one day after practice, old rivals show up equipped with trash talk that cuts right through Indigo's confidence and straight to her heart.

Just as she's about to give in, Rainbow Dash arrives to remind her what's really important.

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.

Cover Art: Jabbie / Edits: FSSZilla

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There's a few rules to being Rainbow Dash.

- You gotta be the best flier in Equestria.

- You gotta be cool.

- You gotta be radical.

- You gotta be awesome.

And most importantly of all...

- You can never fall in love...EVER...

- ...Unless you fall in love with a Wonderbolt. Then it's totally cool.

- ...Even if he's already got a marefriend; still totally cool.

- ...Right?

A SoarinXRainbow Dash ( SoarinDash / Rainin ) fanfiction.

Chapters (6)

(alternate ending of 28 Pranks Later; technically a(n unofficial) sequel to Let's Talk)

At the time, it seemed like a great idea; seemed like the perfect way to teach Rainbow Dash a lesson. With a racing heart and rising guilt, surely she would up and learn her lesson. It's a totally understandable situation, isn't it?

But when things go south, maybe it'd be better to lie and say nothing at all. Still, what happens when Rainbow finds out?

Featured on 6/11/17 for some reason; honestly don't know why.

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Rainbow Dash has always felt empty, as if she was incomplete. It might've been not being a Wonderbolt, but... it was far deeper than that. Like there was an absence of something within her. But when a certain Wonderbolt rescues her in a blizzard and spends some time with her... how will she feel? And how will she react? Maybe being a Wonderbolt... was not the most important thing in her life. Warning on straight Dash shipping, constructive criticism is encouraged, flames shall be extinguished.

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Today is Hearts and Hooves Day, also known as Rainbow Dash's worst holiday. Soarin Skies goes to Ponyville to ask Rainbow Dash on a date. Will it turn out as well as he planned? Or will might give him nightmares.

One-shot about SoarinDash.

Proofread by: MLP Fangirl

Written for this contest

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Sometimes your passions are at odds with one another. In some cases, they're so at odds with one another that you need to hide behind a different name just to be yourself. Living two lives is hard, and in the case of Photo Finish and Rainbow Dash, it's about to get harder.

Rated Teen for mild cursing, alcohol, and mild adult themes.

Thanks to my good friend Falkon for edits, MelodicMarzipan for the awesome cover art, and everyone who has pestered me to work on this story since I had the idea back during Season 2

Hey look, someone reviewed my story!

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This story is a sequel to My Little Rainbows

Rainbow Dash is a complex character, her past as mysterious as her future, made who she is by those she left behind and those who follow her still.
However there are a few ponies who are more important to her development than most, those that made her the mare she is today.
That's right, it's that cliche, her family.

This is a rewrite of my first My Little Rainbows. While it follows a similar timeline it deviates somewhat with more and better ideas, also it is written so much better, so much so I believe it deserves to be republished under a new story. Plus I just want to give the original watchers some closure after nearly five years.
It isn't even close to canon anymore as so much has happened since I planned this, hence the AU tag.

Chapters (13)

This is the story of Rainbow Dash and her family.

Chapters (15)