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Now that I was living in Equestria, it was time to finally buy a new house. I’d settled on the charming little town of Haywards Heath, and found myself a decent house that just needed some work to spruce it up.

Or so I thought.

I might have gotten more than I bargained for.

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This story is a sequel to I Don't Want to Grow Up

Celestia was a filly living on an isolated farm with her sister and harboring dreams of greatness. Chrysalis was a black goo poured out from a screaming wound in the walls of reality, with a weak grasp on the appropriate amount of fangs one should have. Friendship was inevitable.

Image used with permission from miszasta

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You wake up in a land where magic is real and sapient ponies have built a civilisation. Being from a different universe, you have no understanding of their language or laws, but you're happy to have found yourself in the friendliest town there is. Good luck building a new life as their favourite... monkey thing.

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