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When it looks like the CMC might actually have a shot at becoming Ponyville's flag carriers for the Equestria Games, Silver Spoon comes up with the ultimate plan to throw the Crusaders off their game: Have Diamond Tiara flirt with Scootaloo.

An alternate take on "Flight to the Finish".

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This story is a sequel to Chaotic Love

[The sequel to Chaotic Love, reading it is advised.]

It's been ten years since Discord defeated his inner demons and married Fluttershy. Now the father of three children, Entropy, Pandemonium and Songflower, he lives his days in peace & quiet with his wife and their friends.

He couldn't be happier.

But when something from his past threatens to resurface and possible tear apart his whole world apart, he stands to lose the one thing he cherishes over all else.

His family.

Temporary Hiatus whilst plot gets slight re-vamp. Apologies!

Humanized ponies, cover art done by ManiacPaint, background from Google images. Edited version to come!

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H-hey, it’s me, Fluttershy. I can’t come to the phone right now, so please leave a message if you want to. O-or you could just call again. I’ll try my best to get a hold of you. BEEP.

Hey, Flutters, it’s me, Rainbow Dash. Where the heck are you? You were suppose to meet us here an hour ago! AJ’s already left, and I don’t think the others will stay much longer. Just try and hurry. I’ll be here till it closes. CLICK.

Something happened to Fluttershy, and now no one knows where she is. The cops found her bag in the park, a part of her dress, and her phone. It's all Rainbow can do to stay stable, now that the one she loved is gone, possibly forever.

Now with a wonderful reading by VisualPony.

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