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While Sunny Daze and Peachy Pie are having a sleepover, a storm rolls in before they go to bed.

Sunny, shaken by fear, confides in the comfort of her friend, while Peachy holds a secret she desperately wishes to tell to Sunny.

They grow closer through the storm.

Proofread and Edited by EverfreePony

Cover Art by DinkyUniverse

Song by 4EverfreeBrony

Extra Character Tags: Sunny Daze, Peachy Pie.

This is a submission for the Pride and Positivity 2020 Event.

This is a submission for the Right Back At It Again 2020 Shipping Competition.

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Rainbow's happy with her newfound relationship with Pinkie Pie—excited, even! What she's not excited about, however, is being the one to decide on where their first date is. She's not an expert in the whole romance thing, but she wants to impress Pinkie and time's running out! Maybe her friends can help her...

Mentioned relationships include Fluttercord and Rarijack. Don't worry, though, this is about PinkieDash, my friends.

Written for the Right Back at It Again! contest.

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For their honeymoon, Lyra and Bon Bon go to the beach after their wedding.

For the "Right Back At It Again" 2020 Shipping Contest

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Soarin asks to meet Rarity’s parents – naturally, Rarity would rather die.

And as the horrid day continues on its merry way, you'll find that there are no good guys here; just lessons to unlearn and battles to choose.

Slight crack, so the characters do come with a grain of salt.

(Also you'll notice I had to edit the coverart because Soarinxanypony is harder to find than I initially thought. Original art is linked)

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When a freak accident causes Rainbow Dash to lose her trademark defining trait, Twilight worries that it might have taken her spirit, soul, and her love away along with it.

With the help of a friend, maybe there is a way she can help her find it again.

Perhaps a trip to a very special place is in order.

Written for Famous Last Words' "Right Back At It Again" 2020 Shipping Competition

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In which Rarity believes in true love and Applejack thinks Rarity's crazy if she thinks she has a chance with her cousin.

Everyone else in the story are just there for plot convenience.

Cover art background slightly edited in order to not mislead, but sourced nonetheless. I can't draw, I can barely write.

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Rarity has had some tough luck at love. Blueblood, Trenderhoof... Now that she's been set up on a blind date by Rainbow Dash, all she hopes for is that it won't end in utter embarrassment.

She didn't account for having already impacted their life in a major way.

Rated Teen for Horse Romance. Coverart by myself.

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Twilight took pity on Trixie and offered her a place in the Library after her home and stage were destroyed by the Ursa Minor, and Trixie happily accepted. After much persuasion to not run off into the darkness of the night to avoid the passing judgement of sleepy ponies.

It has been months since and Trixie has decide that Twilight is Great and Powerful in her own right and they could be a Great and Powerful couple! Unfortunately for her, while getting her hat repaired, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy decide to help. A little too much.

An entry into the Right Back At It Again - 2020 Shipping Competition

This being my first one shot and first (real) attempt at romance (and comedy), as always, critique is welcome!

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Twilight is back to Equestria, but Fall Formal isn't over yet. Applejack and Rainbow Dash get the chance to compete, pick on each other, and make up for the lost time since the baking sale situation.

Set between Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks.


Contains AppleDash

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