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I make both fanart and fanfic. I draw all my cover images myself, and I take art and writing commissions!

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Cozy Glow hates working in this stupid coffee shop, but she hates one particular recurring customer just as much. Even if that mare is the one who got her this job in the first place.

A comission for the one and only Shaslan! Want a comm? Please read this!

Art was done by the very lovely Cereal!

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Every winter, Nurse Redheart leaves behind the sterile rooms of Ponyville General to join in a celebrated tradition: dogsled racing to the Northernmost-point of Equestria. Forming the infamous team Redjacks with her girlfriend Roseluck,  Redheart aims to settle the score with rival Lone Raider in this year’s contest: the catch is that with one sick dog, she’ll have to settle for an untrained, unproven replacement. 

A fic exchange gift for Azure Notion as a part of the Enchanted Library server's secret Santa! Cover art by Snow Quill!

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Years later, I watched a shooting star pass over the place where we used to live, stars blinking in and out like distant, tiny lights. What were the chances?

“What are the chances?”

“Chances of what?”

“That I’d fall for you.”

An entry for the third mxm shipping contest.

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Uplifting an entire species from a biological existence to a fully digital one is never straightforward, even for a incomprehensible superintelligence like CelestAI. Humans come in many variations, with a wide spectrum of desires, values, and needs. A statistically significant majority respond to standard methods. But there are always outliers that require a personal touch.

An anthology of optimalverse flash fiction. Reading the original or my own first take on the universe is suggested before reading this one.

This story was created to hold the oneshot commissions I received as part of printing my hardcover Optimalverse anthology. But I've always wanted a place to hold short stories in this world, since I've had plenty of little ideas that wouldn't make it as novellas or novels of their own.

Now that I have this thing, I'll probably add new chapters here and there. Even so, it has no regular update schedule, and will grow whenever I have something fun to toss in here.

Edited by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha

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A child prodigy, a stallion running out of space, agents on a mission, a mage at the height of her power, a farmer in search of a new beginning, and a pony that just wants to keep her secrets buried. The caretaker who watches over them all.

Empty roadways after dark, lit only by the pale moon and distant lights. Living rooms void of furniture and life, with only ghosts lingering where warmth once was. Supermarkets with full shelves, and distant songs playing overhead with the hum of electricity flowing through the air. Places where life should be, but isn't. Places where you can't help but feel that you do not belong.

Ponies that have nothing and everything in common, in places that wear familiar faces but are haunting all the same. In a world beyond space and time, the tower teaches them the lessons they must learn.

This a tale of liminal spaces, twists of fate, and a tower that looms over everything and everypony below. It will update twice a week until it is complete, usually on Tuesday and Thursday. Strap in for a long ride.

UPDATE 16 nov 2022: The first arc is now complete, so there will be a temporary hiatus till the second arc is ready. Stay tuned!

Cover image is a commission from Shaslan.

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Lying on the floor of the missing Princess's ransacked room is an otherwise-unremarkable diary. Most of the pages have been torn out or rendered unreadable by debris and spilled ink, but a few are still legible.

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...oh. Apparently, I dozed off again. Why does my room look like a total wreck? Why are my eyes streaked with so many tears? And... and where is my girlfriend Lightning Dust?

And why does thinking of her make those tears start up all over again?

Unsubmitted submission for the Quills and Sofas Batponies 2 contest. Thanks to Sunlight Rays and Shaslan for reviewing it.

Pic credit goes to Dragonataxia, from Derpibooru.

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Twilight Sparkle is good at finding books even in unexpected places.
She's also a very helpful and proactive young filly.

You'd think these would be good traits, and yet still she manages to nearly ruin Hearth's Warming with an interstellar war.

Written as a gift for Zontan, as part of an anthology. Art by rice.

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Life is more beautiful in the movies

Winner of the Quills and Sofas 2nd Anonymous Write Contest

Thank you to Wish for helping with the art and description, and Silent for listening to me rant about the fic

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What cost is worth paying to live in the City above the clouds? Whatever it takes for Rainbow Dash to feel alive.

While this fic is a sequel to I wander, no prior knowledge is necessary to enjoy this fic.

Written for the Science Fiction Contest.

CW: violence, injury, use of hallucinogens

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