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A 21-year-old guy with a creative mind who wishes for a better life. a pony that wishes for something more in her life that she feels she has lost. There, two strong wishes somewhere somehow clash each other and a miracle is born. It is the start of a hold new life for once a man and a soon-to-be mother. With the wonders as well as the storms that come with it. Does the man get the family he needs to mend the wounds from his past life as well as hold in the secret that he is more than what he is while unlocking new potential? can she gain happiness in these sad times while trying her best, to be a teacher, a ruler, and now a mother?

The story focuses a little on domestic abuse as well as bullying but only a little in the beginning. as well as small hick-ups along the way, I will not go into high detail about the subject but there will be problems later on.

Any feedback and criticism are welcome.

Genres and age rating may change in the future.

I own all the rights to the picture. It was made by NixWorld a amazing artist.

Chapters (9)

Ten years ago, Twilight Sparkle and her friends defeated and stoned Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Chrysalis. A certain alicorn princess, Flurry Heart, is not pleased with Cozy's punishment and decides to free her.

Cozy Glow absolutely does not want to be reformed, but at least she gets to live in the Crystal Castle and be "friends" with a young but pretty powerful Princess. Maybe she could use that to her advantage! It would be nice to have a pretty Princess on her side...

Flurry Heart desperately wants to reform Cozy and become closer to her. But she gets the feeling that the pink Pegasus doesn't trust her, even though she's starting to get better. After all, it could all be an act. But Flurry, for some reason, feels she needs to befriend Cozy Glow, for personal reasons too. After all, the Pegasus is kind of cute...wait, who said anything about cute?!

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Child of the Night

Helping other ponies with their insecurities and nightmares has always been the job of Princess Luna, and one she took quite seriously.

However, after saving one small filly from a terrible nightmare, things get turned on their head when the filly begins helping Luna instead.

Chapters (1)

I don't know what I am, but I know where I am. Equestria, magical cartoon uptopia. A place that's basically a dream come true.

So why is the only thing I care about finding another drink?

Art by ExoticEon

Featured June 4, 2021. Thanks y'all!
Again on June 17!
Also August 17
And August 26
And October 17
And so on and so forth.

Chapters (18)

Mark always knew he was... well, you know. But what was he supposed to do about it? Nothing, really. It didn't matter anyway. Nothing was ever going to change. Or so he thought, until a portal to Equestria appeared in his house. But with that portal, he'll be forced to acknowledge and confront what he is head on.

Preread by everyone's favorite writer, Starscribe. They've helped make this story ten million times better than it was before.

Cover art by CrimsonWolf360. You can find their work here.

Chapters (27)

In life, a variety of incidents happen, for example - getting into Equestria? Finding himself in an incomprehensible place, the hero wants to return to his world, but things are complicated by the fact that he has the body of... a Filly? By trying to return home, what challenges will the hero meet? What lessons will he learn? And in the end, does he want to come back? After all, maybe a new life in Equestria is maybe not so bad after all?

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to That Time I Became a Friendship Bomb

Peter Westmoore, formerly nineteen year old college student.

Once upon a time, his friends described him a responsible, hardworking student, not overly outgoing, but pleasant enough to talk to. He never was one for the party scene, nor did he drink, but he really put his all into his work. When he wasn't doing that, he was refining his skills in animation.

For his dedication and diligence, he is rewarded with a trip to a land of colourful ponies! He's even provided with a form to blend in! Mostly... a real shame he has no idea what's going on.

The epic rewrite of That Time I Became A Friendship Bomb. Don't know if the changes will be significant enough to warrant this being a new story, at least for the first few chapters, but since this one is going to continue updating, I think it might.

There is also the fact that I had no real idea where the old version was going, something I've fixed here.

Huge thank you to Gerandkis for editing this story, and the original as well! This wouldn't be as good of a story without their help, so you enjoy it, be sure to give them a thank you!

Chapters (9)

Against better judgement, David buys his daughter a pony for Christmas. Too bad it was Diamond Tiara. She, like many other fillies and colts in Ponyville, was taken by Discord for his cross-dimension pony trade. Now she must convince David and his family to help her and the others get back to Equestria. Fortunately for her, David is more than happy to get rid of her. His daughter Tiffany however, is not.

Chapters (15)

A well-led life runs into an end. If that was it, it would have been fine, but the forces of the universe were not content, finding another purpose, or perhaps reward, for this being in another world entirely. May she shine gently.

Key words: Human in Equestria, Human to Pony(but it's basically the start point), Transgender

Chapters (35)

The end was nigh, I knew that much. Within three years' time, my entire family would be dead. If I did manage to survive, I'd no doubt be hunted down by the government and the citizenry as well. Everything had gone to shit so quickly. War, famine, invasion, and there was nothing I could do about it. I just wanted to disappear from the planet, live in a place where I wasn't constantly under threat.

I got my wish, I suppose.

Chapters (2)