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This story is a sequel to The One Who Got Away

A frustrated young orphan colt with a talent for painting is determined to run away from his dead-end rural village for the distant cultural haven of Baltimare. All he needs to do is slip aboard a raft and drift down the river Fen until he reaches his destination. It’s a simple plan, and would have worked just fine except for one thing.


Editors: Tek, Docontra, Themaskedferret,

Image credit: Pen Mightier(pencil) and Manifest Harmony (colors)

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And a wonderful review by Paul Asaran
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This is the story of Kitzumi Nova Nightfoal Silvermane, and how she deals with the outcome of a spell gone horribly wrong. Kitzumi, known as Kitzu or Kizu by her friends, by means not entirely understood, somehow manages to go back in time, and finds herself in the ruined castle of the Two Sisters where she is found by Twilight Sparkle. Twilight is astonished that such a young filly would be so far out in the forest, and even more so when Kitzu identifies Twilight as her mother.

Kitzu is now faced with having to live in a past were no one knows her, and Kitzu isn't like other ponies either. Kitzu is part enchanted fox. A fox pony to be exact. Not only that but she has both wings, having been born a pegasus, and a small horn that's barely noticeable when she first arrives in the past. Just a pegasus with a button horn. How well will she cope with her situation, what will Twilight do now that a foal has been suddenly dropped in her lap? Not to mention the paradox of raising a foal who hasn't even been born yet. To make things even more complicated Kitzu is afraid of Princess Celestia while looking to Princess Luna as a second mother. It wouldn't be long before Luna finds herself doing everything she can to help Twilight.


There have been a few minor alterations for the sake of clarity, and with any luck I've found the majority of the issues. And to be honest I really didn't find a lot. I've lost track of how many times I've been over this and everything else, and quite frankly, yes there are probably more mistakes I've missed, and at this point .... take it as is because it's not really worth the trouble for something I'm not getting paid for. If I was, it would have professional readers and editors. Some of the best story tellers in history never worried about whether or not they had everything perfect.

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An MLP FIM fan fiction writer and super mega nerd who while in her Autumn years wakes up in the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters and finds that she is a filly named Kitsumi Nova. The very character she'd created just for fun. Her first obstacle will be to find her way to civilization.

From there the story becomes a slice of life where our former human must live out the life of a pony who is also a young alicorn. And if that's not enough, she is Nightmare Moon's daughter and fears what will happen if she presents herself at court. Will she be reunited with Princess Luna and reconciled with Princess Celestia? Will she go back to earth when the opportunity arises, and who wants Sunset Shimmer dead? OK, there's a long list for that last one.

Yes, this did start out as a blatant self insert. Originally I started it as an exercise in the first-person narrative and really had no intention to publish it. Ever. After a while, the main character morphed into someone older than myself and a bit more accomplished. Reasons for doing this is because, well, let's face it, I'm a deeply private individual and prefer to have that layer of insulation. There is also the issue where many of my life experiences simply don't fit the character I wished to portray.

The story itself is loosely based on my other Kitsumi Nova stories and is its own independent story in its own dimension within the Kitsumi Nova Multiverse. It also predates the Mustang sisters Nova and Summer. There will be comedy, and there will be poignant moments sure to tug at the heartstrings.

The story itself has seen several major rewrites and was even abandoned for a while.

Contains mild swearing and a few f-bombs
There will be one chapter in which the more squeamish may wish to skip over containing borderline gore and outright nightmare fuel. Granted that the more jaded readers probably won't even blink an eye.

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What if first contact between civilizations went much cuter different than anyone could have expected?

With Goldfur's permission, an alternate version of the last section of his Cosmic Lotus Chapter 17: First Contact

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By some cosmic happenstance, a young woman is transported to Equestria, and finds herself in a precarious situation. She's taking it in stride so far. Maybe because finding herself in an alien world and in an alien body is not the worst thing that's ever happened to her.

Some wounds, especially those of the soul, can take a long time to mend. What healing arts can the ponies of Equestria offer a scarred young woman? What can she offer them in return?

Timeline-wise takes place starts off in the later parts of season 4 but before the season finale. It also mentions events from the EG-movies and the comics, but neither of which are required watching/reading in order to understand this story.

- Human-turned-into-pony-
- Who's kind of okay with being a pony-
- And becomes friends with the Mane 6.
- Being a pony is pretty awesome.
- Has both slice of life and adventure.
- Equestria Girls happened.
- Like the source material, it has adventures.
- And Celestia is not a jerk.

Cover art by the extraordinarily skilled viwsrasputr.
The piece in particular has been uploaded here: https://derpibooru.org/1478347
Really cool art by Cyanjames2819. Also found here.
Leave a comment if you so desire. Simple praise also appreciated.

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One day, I become Princess Celestia in the middle of Lunch at school. A year of testing, spellcrafting, and preparing later, I end up in Equestria, thanks to Discord. Now, I get to meet Celestia, Luna, and others of Royal Company as I troll the shit out of everything. Maybe I'll learn some new tricks too.

Thanks to Blazing Archangel for pointing me to this picture. It fits perfectly!

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Caboose was helping his friend, but took a wrong turn while looking for a bathroom, and now he's in Canterlot during the Changling Invasion... can someone explain to me how that's physically possible?

Red Vs Blue crossover

Chapters (1)

Michael Wilson lived for seven years as a normal, happy boy, until he had to go to the hospital for an operation to save his life. After falling asleep in the operating room, he wakes up in the ruins of a castle. But his location is not the only thing that has changed. He is now a strange horse-like creature with a mane and tail that seem to be made of stars. Just what kind of dream is that sleeping gas giving him?


Or is it not a dream at all?

Dark and gore tag for certain chapters. There will be warnings at the beginning of these chapters to let you know which.

Cover art from HERE by ClassicsAreDead


First Featured 17-20/10/2014 then again 27-28/11/14. And again 24/4/1016.Seriously, thank you, all!

Now with a reading by TripyVox

Also with audio reading by Tarot Duelwield

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Inspired by Night Mist's "My life as a prince" Story
A young man with surprising leadership skills meets the most important day of his life, his death. Many would expect that to be that however fate has other plans. He is given a new life in a land he has never heard of, with the memories of his previous life, but now all he has are questions. What is his destiny? When will it come? What was the deity that decided that this would be his new fate? All he knows for sure is his new name, Mythic Light and he is the son of Princess Celestia, ruler of Equestria

Set after the events of Twilights Kingdom, Princess Celestia found a special stallion to be with however they were taken by forces beyond either of their control, but after his death Celestia realised that she is now carrying his foal. Months later she gives birth to a Alicorn prince that she swears she will protect with every fibre of her being.

Featured page: 05/09/2014, 23/10/2014, 19/03/2016!

Mythic Light's new life has begun and destiny is waiting. What awaits him? Only one way to know for sure
The characters in this story are protected by OCRA
Told generally from Mythic's perspective however other character will get POV's in chapters

This particular story focuses on Mythic Lights Foal years and includes a lot of cute moments. If you have a heart condition please make sure all relevant medication is on hand while reading

Please rate and review!!!

Cover art drawn by the amazingly talented Balthasar999


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A human gets pulled into Equestria by a spell cast by Twilight. He has a lot to learn about this new world and all its inhabitants. Will he be able to cope and live among the ponies, or will he be treated as an outcast, forced to run and hide as he tries to find a way home?

This is an alternate universe.

This is my first attempt at a story, so be brutal. Don't be afraid to tell me if I messed up royally.

Edited by Lady-Kaeru

Cover pic by TheParagon

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