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"Fight like a title holder,/Stand like a champion,/Live like a warrior,/And never let 'em break you down!" -The Interrupters, 'Title Holder'

A new masked wrestler is capturing the attention and the hearts of the audience in Ponyville Extreme Wrestling. She’s powerful, skilled, popular, and....a yak? Behind the mask is Yona, the beloved yak of the School of Friendship. However, Yona is starting to worry that her passion for smashing in the wrestling ring might not sit well with the school or her friends.

Cover art drawn by MidnightPremiere on Twitter.

Chapters (8)

After an awkward moment with Ocellus and Smolder, innocent nymph Flutterwings has been having a rather... odd question on her mind.

Unfortunately, she goes to poor Pharynx for answers.

Poor unlucky Pharynx.

A “Meet The Change Gang” side story.

Co-written by Mlphero

Featured 5/3/2020 - 5/4/2020!

Fanfic Reading by Skijarama!

Chapters (1)

Anon is full of turmoil. Fluttershy is there to help him lay his feelings bare.

Cover art by Yanoamsuda.

Chapters (1)

When sorting through a horde of ancient artefacts Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash accidentally activate the magical powers of a pair of bracelets which force the wearers to be in constant physical contact with one another. Stuck together until Twilight manages to find a way to remove the bracelets, the shy and timid pegasus must cope with re-emerging feelings, while the athletic and rash pegasus must cope with the various antics of a bunny rabbit out to get her.

The cover image for this story is the artwork ‘FlutterDash RainbowShy IDK’ by TheDracoJayProduct.

This fanfic features FlutterDash and hints/mentions other pairings such as SpArity, RariPie, and SweetieSpike to a lesser degree.

I do not - nor do I claim to - own any characters or artwork I use in this story unless otherwise stated - they belong to their respective series and owners.

Now with a fan-made TV Tropes page created and maintained by Zyr1987 because readers of this story consider this to be that awesome.

Chapters (9)

Following her tragic death by yet another villain of the week, Twilight Sparkle finds herself facing something all alicorns eventually uncover.

The continue screen.

Chapters (2)

“In every generation there is a chosen one. One mare who will stand against the demons, the monsters and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.”

Bon-Bon never asked to be a monster-killing secret warrior of the night. It's a lonely life in which she cannot afford to get close to ponies. After previous losses took their toll, she has closed off her heart and dedicated herself to never letting herself love anypony ever again.

Then she is sent to Ponyville.

Then Twilight Sparkle is sent there too.

Then Princess Luna returns from the moon.

Not to mention that darn unicorn neighbour Lyra won’t leave her alone.

And suddenly everything becomes much more complicated.

Chapters (11)

After the Storm King's army was disbanded Tempest decides to stay in Ponyville for a few weeks to prove she can be a valued citizen of Equestria.

She expects to be bored. She expects civilian life to be hard to adjust to.

She doesn't expect Rainbow Dash to approach her, asking for combat training. And she certainly doesn't expect to start to like the cocky Pegasus.

But opening your heart to friendship means opening it to some other things as well.

Chapters (4)

This story is a philosophical and comedic telling of my journey, becoming one with Fluttershy, after waking up one morning quite yellow and quite confused.
Set it the "PonyEarth" verse (group here: PonyEarthVerse)
Rated teen for mentions of sexuality etc. (and guns!)


The picture is being used with permission from the artist, original here: Soapie-solar

Chapters (71)

Love is built up over time, and no one knows that more than Ocellus.

Chapters (6)

"If this world makes you crazy,/And you've taken all you can bear,/You call me up,/Because you know I'll be there./And I'll see your true colors,/Shining through./I see your true colors,/And that's why I love you." -Cyndi Lauper, 'True Colors'

Ocellus has checked herself in to a mental hospital and, to the confusion of the entire staff, she seems perfectly fine. They invite the rest of the Student Six over to see if they can help figure out exactly what is going on with their changeling friend.

Credit to DeadParrot222 for helping pitch this idea.

Chapters (1)
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