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With the mundane amount of space in the world around earth, a man named Craig is ripped from his reality and thrown into a new. As he ascends to the soil of equestria he is magically gifted by an unknown source to create or replicate anything from his worlds entertainment system on a whim. Grasping the reality that is now his home, he lives and follows his new found friends into endless adventures.

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In this wasteland many wish to make something of it, having a purpose to go on. Some men just want to watch the world burn, walking in the footsteps of their forefathers singing the symphony of destruction. Then there are those few who gain a desire for power to make the world anew in their own image. Courier Six, is such a man. One who has traveled many roads and shall once more travel anew to make this new road his own [MODS & X-Overs]

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Twilight is called on to be a political Emissary to the far northern kingdoms. Due to the attacks from Tirek and the others, the land borders have been altered. Several miles of land that was once considered to be a part of Equestria is now within the borders of their northern neighbors. It is ruled solely by a pony that is as unwavering as steel. Twilight is tasked with being an emissary to this kingdom and try to negotiate to have him withdraw his claim to the territory. Meeting him is going to change everything she knows about how an Overlord rules his ponies. She finds out just how politics works for him and how he treats his subjects. She reminds herself to keep an open mind and treat him as she would any other. She is not prepared for what she finds. A stallion that rules alone. One that is more complex than she realized. One that if offended could spell disaster for Equestria itself. Hunter Flame is about to make her realize that nothing is as simple as she thinks it is.

Story is loosely based off the Overlord Video Games By Triumph Studios

Cover art by https://www.fimfiction.net/user/228967/Little+Tigress

Featured on Front Page 3/9/2019! OMG! Thank you!
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My name is Eric. Me and my sister prepared for Comic-Con this year, the Covid happened. So we decided to put our costumes on and post pictures of us on Facebook. But we needed to finish them, so looking online, we found the helmet I needed and her contacts on a unusual website. After putting them on we found ourselves in Equestria, but it's not that great. Ponies are calling us monsters and trying to kill us. It's time we take the fight to them.

Chapters (1)

A woman named Marsara Semmeture goes to a store to get the final piece of her costume but gets sent to Equestria as a Zerg Broodmother.

I have been meaning to make this for a while now, and Bronyparasite got me to start making it as well as helping me by editing, so thanks a lot!

Unofficial tags: Displaced, StarCraft II spoilers.

Status: Undergoing massive editing.

Chapters (7)

I was playing Starcraft 2 as the Protoss. It was my fifteenth game in a row and I was tired as hell. I just closed my eyes and when I opened them I was no longer in my room. I was standing on a mountain overlooking a medieval kingdom.

"What the-? Oh S***!" I shouted (telepathically) as I saw my hands. "I'm a F***ing Protoss?!"

What is your command? I turned and saw a cute little probe looking back at me

"I'm F***ed" was all I could say before blacking out.

I am going upload chapters every other week and I took inspiration from:
But instead of being Zerg The main character is Protoss

Chapters (1)

A Crossover of Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V & MLP

Coverart not mine

A great evil capable of mass destruction has made its way into Skyrim, and I'm the only one destined to stop this threat from turning the world into oblivion. However, when I used an elder scroll to try and destroy Alduin into oblivion it ended up back firing on me. The magic made us both vanish from our world entirely.

Now, I ended up in a relatively different world with talking humanoid ponies instead of Nords scattered across its lands. The elder scroll and Alduin currently missing. But I'll find him and defeat Alduin because..... I am Dragonborn.

Might contain suggestive themes: mention of sex and brief nudity.

Chapters (10)

Normally a magic hammer calls lightning and shit, you know, smite some bitches. However apparently the one I got never got that memo, so now I am bored as fuck, and stuck in a land of ponies. Time to become un-bored, this should be easy. All I need to do is call in some magic frog fuckers and we got a party, Castle Crashers style.

Huge thanks to Jimmy the Grape for inspiring me to write again.

Chapters (5)

It has been one of the closest guarded secrets of Canterlot's royalty. Deep in a specially constructed dungeon, surrounded by warding spells and powerful magic barriers, exists an enigma. Within a cage that could only be described as something out of a nightmare, it waits and watches all of Equestria. A creature that cannot age, is immune to disease, does not thirst nor hunger, and resists all injury. But, it also holds secrets and knowledge that could safeguard the kingdom. Its powers are frightening, but it is civil enough for debate when patience permits.

Princess Celestia has sought counsel with the creature before, enduring it making deal after deal for its services. The Princess walks a fine line when dealing with it, knowing full well anything could give it an advantage despite its imprisonment. She has had to go back on her word in these dealings, and from this a deep animosity between them has been born. It is a necessary evil as she is convinced this is a being capable of untold evil far and above anything Equestria has ever dreamed of. So long as it remains within the confines of its cell, her kingdom is made safe. So much magic has been woven to ensure that, there is little chance of escape.

So long as the magic holds, there is no danger. So long as the cage remains strong, the nameless creature stays enthralled in his cavernous dwelling. If that were to change--if the magic failed--not even the wisest could say. But one thing is assured, it does not bode well for Equestria.

Chapters (14)

Note: THERE IS NO EDITOR FOR THIS YET! if you would like to be please PM me.( I have an editor but I could always use another to speed things along)

Do you like funny storys? Do you like romance? Action? Characters evading capture? Custom species?

Then this is a story for you!

After working in a Diamond dog mine for a year Jack and his lover Piper are finally free after a riot is caused during a royal army raid, Grabbing their friends and escaping to glorious freedom they find that, even freedom has a cost.

Chapters (5)
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