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With Gabby having a day off from the mail business and Smolder out of school for the weekend, they have a nice, quiet picnic together.

Entry for the May Pairing Contest 2020

Chapters (1)

Yona and Smolder have been friends for years, but sometimes friendship blossoms into something more.

Sometimes that process is straightforward.

Sometimes that process is anything but, and involves a whole lot of wrestling.

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Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara have been dating for over a month. Diamond has finally decided to come out to her parents in a well thought out and elaborate plan, Apple Bloom has other ideas.

This story takes place 5 Years after the Season Finale, the CMC and everyone in their age group are around 16 Years old. Cover from the DiamondtotheCore Ask Tumblr Blog

Featured 12/6/2019!

Thank You to PoisonClaw and Night-Shade for editing

Warning: Contains Cute.

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