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This story is a sequel to Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally)

Tiatarta! The hidden gem of Equestria’s resorts. Sandy beaches, colorful locals, and relative isolation make this the ideal vacation destination. So what kind of friendship problem could this tropical paradise possibly have for Smolder and Ocellus to deal with?

And what the HAY is Queen Chrysalis doing here?! And what did she do to her mane?

Reading Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally) is recommended for context.

Chapters (15)

Smolder has a thing for Ocellus. She has had it for a long time, but each time she is given the opportunity to profess her feelings, she chickens out and swears next time will be the one. Hopefully this one will be the one.

After all, it has been years since they last spoke, and they are not getting any younger.

Cover art by Kerui8d.

Set after the end of the show.

Chapters (1)

It’s vacation time! And much to the chagrin of everycreature but Ocellus, Professor Rarity has given an assignment: use your unique skills to provide a service for your friends.

Ocellus has a great idea! In order to help propagate love, her service to her friends is the chance to take a practice run at admitting their feelings to their crushes, a task made easy by her changeling magic. It’s a great idea!


This story takes place shortly after She’s All Yak.

Chapters (6)

On the outside Ocellus is like any other changeling. but, she feel that inside of her lurks a monster. a monster ready to jump on it unsuspecting prey. she couldn't bear the thought of hurting any of her friends. so, she must do one thing and one thing only. protect her friends from the monster. by getting rid of the monster.

Chapters (1)

Gallbar: Sandbar anxiously reveals his true feelings for Gallus.
Smolcellus: Smolder and Ocellus realize they go together like bacon and eggs.
Yonastream: This ship makes no sense, and they know it.

This was written for someone who shall remain anonymous, but needless to say, they really enjoy shipping. I hope y'all do too!

Chapters (4)

(Loosely involves the events of "Student Counsel", slight spoilers.)

Ocellus starts to suffer from self identity issues, fearing that she may be losing control to her transformations.

Unable to get answers out of Guidance Counselor Starlight, Ocellus has to rely on the help of her friend, Smolder. And Smolder is glad to have another creature to share her recent experiences with.

But Ocellus suspects Smolder has another reason for helping her out. But can she focus on her suspicions long enough to act on them? Or maybe Smolder will confess on her own?

Chapters (1)
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