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Crossover with The Avengers

9.12.2014- Cripes, I made the featured box?! Thank you all so much!

After his actions in New York, Odin hands down his sentence for Loki's crimes. Instead of execution or being locked in the Asgardian dungeon for the rest of his natural life, Loki will instead be sent to live with his granddaughters, to learn the virtues he is so desperately lacking.

Loki didn't know he had granddaughters. He had even forgotten he had a son in the first place.

And to make things even more complicated, said granddaughters are magical pony princesses in a magical land of talking, technicolor ponies called Equestria.

Yeah. Things are gonna get interesting.

Chapters (11)

Silver Spoon is going on a cruise vacation with her best friend!

Absolutely nothing can go wrong!

Until everything does.

Chapters (1)

Downtown Canterlot, the largest entertainment center in all of Equestria. The large neon lights that lit up its streets were something that you had always dreamed of seeing as a little colt. Now, yout dream has come true! However, how will you make a living in such a place as a musician from Ponyville? A chance encounter with a fellow musician may give you your answer!

Looking for proofreaders!

Chapters (1)

Ditzy walks into "Ye Olde Muffen Shoppe" desiring a bit of lunch, she finds a bit more.

[Revisions pending. Could be a while, though.]

Chapters (4)

Sally, shivers in the cold winter weather, getting tossed around by frantic last minute shoppers who treat her like she's as light as a feather. But as she curls up on a bench in the park, she hears something in the dark. and Hark, the Herald Angels sing, but they are not the ones she was really expecting.

A sad but heartwarming tale, of a little girl lost in her own shadowed veil. And one tiny gift from a mysterious source, can be a life altering force. One tiny gift in the form of a doll, a pretty pony, can soften even the stony.

Chapters (1)

Nothing's gone right for Silver Lining. It all started with his wife's passing shortly after foal birth, he is told that his filly has an incurable and deadly hereditary disease, and he has no friends in the world, but can Pinkie Pie help him see that even in the worst of times you can still smile?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Ghosts in the Code

**Inspired by the song of the same name by Aviators ft. Princewhateverer.**

That day was like any other... a nice enough day, all told. I made my patients feel better, my bills were paid, and I wasn't going hungry. Being a counselor in a happy town like Ponyville isn't an easy job, and my life is rough. At the end of the day, though, I make ponies happy, and that's what matters. I'd lived a peaceful life there for the past three years, and it was a content one. I'd have been happy there. But that day... that day, one that should have been like any other, everything went upside-down. My name is Bright Dawn, and this is my story.

I'll add character tags relevant to a chapter a week after they air, as to avoid the spoiling of the thingstuffsomethingorother. Also my first story with a female protagonist. We'll see how this goes.

Comments of the supportive/constructive variety are highly encouraged! (Just don't mindlessly flame me and we'll be good.)

[Gore] Tag just to be safe.

While this is the 'sequel' to Ghosts in the Code, it isn't required reading. After all, it was a retroactive prequel.

Cover art by Devix

Chapters (10)

M/M, if you don't like it, then you probably shouldn't read.

A butterscotch Unicorn stallion who goes by Midnight Wisp, helps an odd looking Changeling, even if it may come at his own safety.

I hope you guys enjoy, this is my first story, please do critique. if it does decent then ill keep going.

Chapters (4)

Ditzy doo is crooked. And when a strange creature follows her because of it, she befriends a most unusual pony. (In this story, the Doctor and Ditzy had never met)

Chapters (17)

Romantic encounters lead to romance, right? Two ponies meet, they share a shy kiss, then it's happily ever after. That's what Applejack thought anyway. Then one night she got to experience it for herself.

Applejack and Fluttershy find themselves in a complex situation after too much cider robs them of their judgment and inhibitions for a night. What was supposed to be a night of fun has unforeseen and far reaching consequences that nopony is prepared for. Things only get worse when the secret gets out. When friendships are tested, the cracks begin to show in everypony's carefully constructed worlds. How will their friends react? What of their families? And most of all, how will they deal with themselves? If friendship is magic, can one mistake really destroy it?

They say that love is the most powerful force of all, but isn't it supposed to be a force for good? Can the love within one pony really tear apart family and friends?

Cover art by 2135D
Check him out on Deviantart

Chapters (21)