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The story of Blue Fang. A young Changeling soldier. He serves in the Queens loyal army, the Devil Horns. Follow him and his adventures.

Characters Include:

Cannon Characters:
Queen Chrysalis (Main Character)
Thorax (Main Character)
Pharynx (Main Character)
Main Six (Main Characters)
Princess Luna (Main Character)
Princess Celestia (Main Character)
Princess Cadence (Main Character)
Shining Armor (Main Character
Ocellus (Main Character)

OC’s include:
Blue Fang (Changeling)(Main Character)
Brokenwing (Changeling)(Main Character)
Mitchell (Changeling)(Main Character)
Hivehunter (Changeling)(Main Character)
Dagger (Changeling)(Main Character)
Mantis (Changeling)(Main Character)
Stinger (Changeling)(Main Character)
Kydra (Changeling)(Main Character)
Zenex (Changeling)(Main Character)
Grubber (Changeling)(Main Character)
Clover (Changeling)(Main Character)
Hex (Changeling)(Main Character)
Arthrax (Changeling)(Main Character)
Cobshot (Changeling)(Side Character)
Mothray (Changeling)(Side Character)
Bugbite (Changeling) (Minor Character)
Flint (Changeling)(Minor Character)
Diamond Shard(Pony)(Minor Character)

Chapters (34)

Pharynx has always faced bullies before. Especially ones that pick on his younger brother for no good reason.

So then why is he getting stepped on by this weird blue-maned changeling... who’s six years younger than him?

A prequel to “Meet the Change Gang.”

Done for my one-year anniversary of both my Fimfiction account and MTCG.

Co-written by Melody Song and MlpHero.

Chapters (1)

Sandbar and Gallus have been dating for a while, Smolder and Ocellus too. Only they know about each other's relationships. Of course, they would tell Silverstream and Yona, but Silver has a bit of a habit of accidentally revealing secrets and Yona has the tendency to blurt things out. Then, all that changes when a couple of mares find out. Now, the four friends must decide how to come out to their friends, families, and everyone in-between.

Warning: contains gayness, cuddles, and M/M and W/W. If you are not comfortable with these things don't read on.

Chapters (10)

"Fight like a title holder,/Stand like a champion,/Live like a warrior,/And never let 'em break you down!" -The Interrupters, 'Title Holder'

A new masked wrestler is capturing the attention and the hearts of the audience in Ponyville Extreme Wrestling. She’s powerful, skilled, popular, and....a yak? Behind the mask is Yona, the beloved yak of the School of Friendship. However, Yona is starting to worry that her passion for smashing in the wrestling ring might not sit well with the school or her friends.

Cover art drawn by MidnightPremiere on Twitter.

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Trouble in Tiatarta

Reading Trouble in Tiatarta is not necessary to enjoy this story, but you should probably read Queen Chrysalis Reforms (Accidentally)

Rainbow Dash is certain she's about to have the best week ever! She's gotten a letter from her idol Daring Do, inviting her to an expedition to the ancient Centaurian ruin of Midnight Castle to retrieve a lost Equestrian artifact! A daring adventure with Daring Do? What could go wrong?

Well, for one thing, Doctor Caballeron could show up, chasing after the same artifact. For another, Lord Tirek and Cozy Glow could show up too, with their own nefarious plans. Wait, but they're supposed to be in Tartarus!

Maybe this isn't going to be such a great week after all...

Chapters (4)

After an awkward moment with Ocellus and Smolder, innocent nymph Flutterwings has been having a rather... odd question on her mind.

Unfortunately, she goes to poor Pharynx for answers.

Poor unlucky Pharynx.

A “Meet The Change Gang” side story.

Co-written by Mlphero

Featured 5/3/2020 - 5/4/2020!

Fanfic Reading by Skijarama!

Chapters (1)

When sorting through a horde of ancient artefacts Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash accidentally activate the magical powers of a pair of bracelets which force the wearers to be in constant physical contact with one another. Stuck together until Twilight manages to find a way to remove the bracelets, the shy and timid pegasus must cope with re-emerging feelings, while the athletic and rash pegasus must cope with the various antics of a bunny rabbit out to get her.

The cover image for this story is the artwork ‘FlutterDash RainbowShy IDK’ by TheDracoJayProduct.

This fanfic features FlutterDash and hints/mentions other pairings such as SpArity, RariPie, and SweetieSpike to a lesser degree.

I do not - nor do I claim to - own any characters or artwork I use in this story unless otherwise stated - they belong to their respective series and owners.

Now with a fan-made TV Tropes page created and maintained by Zyr1987 because readers of this story consider this to be that awesome.

Chapters (9)

Fluttershy has been best friends with Rainbow Dash since Flight Camp. It's quite a strange friendship, as no two ponies could be more different. However, what began their friendship is one very, very big thing they have in common: they're both fillyfoolers.
Of course, they're not girlfriends or anything. After all, Rainbow Dash is too adventurous and AWESOME to be tied down or any other mushy gunk like that. I mean, sure they had a sort-of friends-with-benefits thing going on when they lived in Cloudsdale, but that was because they were sort of... well, lonely. By all means the cute, awesome Rainbow Dash should have had tons of friends, but Pegasi aren't terribly tolerant of fillyfoolers, so naturally Fluttershy and Gilda were her only friends, and she theirs. Where else were any of them supposed to get any flank, or for that matter any sort of affection at all?
Of course, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy stopped sleeping together when they moved to Ponyville to escape all that; nobody knows they're fillyfoolers and they have more friends here, so they're not soul-crushingly lonely anymore. However, Fluttershy continues to long for Rainbow, and not just for the occasional fun night; she's in love with Rainbow, and ever since they were fillies she's wanted to be her full-fledged girlfriend.
However, Fluttershy knows Rainbow isn't interested in anything like that and so hasn't told her the way she feels. However, Rainbow decides to come out to their other friends, and at that moment she's up for grabs; Fluttershy finds herself rivaling Scootaloo, Gilda, and Pinkie Pie for Rainbow's affections. Will Fluttershy find the courage to confess her feelings to Rainbow before it's too late?

Now with a TVTropes page!

The cover art was provided by my wonderful and talented friend, PastelDemon.

Chapters (12)

Following her tragic death by yet another villain of the week, Twilight Sparkle finds herself facing something all alicorns eventually uncover.

The continue screen.

Chapters (2)

When Pharynx continuously has nightmares about his old outcast issues, he comes to face two options: to open up to his brother about his issues, or to continuously let himself crack under the constant pressure, thus letting himself continue to be tormented in his sleep by his inner emotions.

Idea and co-written by Melody Song. It was an honor doing this with you.

Featured on 5/28/2020!

Chapters (1)
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