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Pinkie Pie is looking for a special party decoration for a special party and she asks for Rainbow Dash's help. With limited time on their hooves, will they be able to make it before it's too late?

Story takes place in Season 2

A gift for TheLegendaryBillCipher. Definitely make sure to check them out!

Minimal editing was done with the help of The Red Parade.

Cover art by me.

Chapters (1)

In October of Celestia knows what year, six young changelings (actually seven changelings but who cares?) made the audacious decision to film a found footage movie to celebrate their first Nightmare Night.

This is their story.

A “Meet The Change Gang” side story.

Co-written by MlpHero.

Happy Halloween.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Blue Fang

After the events of Blue Fang, the Fang Gang starts to settle into the new hive. All seems peaceful until a threat arises from the darkness. The Fangs, once a gang of outlaws are now tasked with stopping this threat, not only for the hive, but for all of Equestria.

Excellently done cover art by the talented Hippocratic Oath! Thanks a lot buddy!

Chapters (18)

This is where I will be posting my unfinished entries for writing contests or scrapped drafts that were canceled while being written.

These drafts will be given 0 edits whatsoever, so bear that in mind when reading.

For now, drafts and entries that I have no intentions of expanding into a story will be added here. That means that chapters will be added or even deleted from this collection.

EDIT: entries that have been expanded into complete stories will also be added to this list (02.11.2020.)

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Apple Bloom is a pony you've spent most of your time with and come to view as a little sister. That being said, you've watched her grow up from a playful and adventurous little filly into the independent mare she is today. You've seen her relish in her moments of triumph following earning her cutie mark and you've seen her at some of the lowest points in her life when she needed somebody to be there for her.

You've always been there for her when she needed that shoulder to lean on, as rare as that event takes place, but you know she requires you to be there when she comes home in a bruised and battered mess after spending time with her coltfriend. Learning what he had done to her, you take it upon yourself to show this stallion what happens when they hurt your little sister.


WARNING: Before reading, understand that this is a non-consensual fic and involves some heavy stuff and a topic I never write for due to personal reasons. It hurt to write this.

Does NOT contain any sexual scenes, but is clearly stated what happened, so is Teen rated.


FEATURED (briefly) 04/10/2020...twice.


Cover art credit: https://www.deviantart.com/lady-jay-bird/art/Sad-Apple-Bloom-576628860

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J̷̛̱̯͎̯̙͔̞͉̯̉̏̑͑̄̋̎̒͂͒͘ ̸̧͈͓̯̦̩̟̪̞̠̦̍͌̉̓͂͋̉͛̋͒͂̃̎͜͠Û̵̯̪̪͎̹̝͙͎̻͕̭̘̂̔͒́͜ ̴̯̠͕̩͖̘̲̗̟̣̬̞̅́̐͜S̵̡͓̮͎͕̰̟̺̭̤̀̉̀͜ ̷̨̨̨̹̠̘͎͕̙̼̌͌̑̏̌̎͑́̑T̷̠̝͓̟̤̔ ̷̨̺͖̳͓̙͖͍͓̺̝̲̹̼̏͋̔̎̋̂̊ ̷̛̺̜̳͎̬̭̠͙̤͓̫̎̅̾͊̊͊͛̌ͅC̴̡̭̤̯͓͍̱͓̬̗̱͚̈́͆͒̅͒́̅́͛̇̄̈́̎̒ ̸͖͖̖̥̞͐̿͂̅̌́̒͒͌̏͂͝Ơ̶͖̻͉̣̏̑́͋̏̾̀ ̷̛̭̙̊͛͂̈́̅͑̒̕̚͠Z̵̢̮̞̦̙̈́͆̄̀͗͆̌́̈̒͠ ̶̧̛̜̹̪̲̪͖͈̊͂̄̅̾̌̕ͅͅY̴̧̘̔́

(This is a work of fiction and is not directed at any real person, living or dead. This story is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.)

Chapters (1)

Blue Fang knows a lot about changelings. Heck, he is a changeling. But, one night, while laying in bed with his girlfriend, Kydra, who happens to be Chrysalis’ heir, he learns... a bit about the twos’ mating anatomy.

(Sex tag is there for obvious reasons, but nothing explicit is shown)

Chapters (1)

The story of Blue Fang. A young Changeling soldier. He serves in the Queens loyal army, the Devil Horns. Follow him and his adventures.

Characters Include:

Cannon Characters:
Queen Chrysalis (Main Character)
Thorax (Main Character)
Pharynx (Main Character)
Main Six (Main Characters)
Princess Luna (Main Character)
Princess Celestia (Main Character)
Princess Cadence (Main Character)
Shining Armor (Main Character
Ocellus (Main Character)

OC’s include:
Blue Fang (Changeling)(Main Character)
Brokenwing (Changeling)(Main Character)
Mitchell (Changeling)(Main Character)
Hivehunter (Changeling)(Main Character)
Dagger (Changeling)(Main Character)
Mantis (Changeling)(Main Character)
Stinger (Changeling)(Main Character)
Kydra (Changeling)(Main Character)
Zenex (Changeling)(Main Character)
Grubber (Changeling)(Main Character)
Clover (Changeling)(Main Character)
Hex (Changeling)(Main Character)
Arthrax (Changeling)(Main Character)
Cobshot (Changeling)(Side Character)
Mothray (Changeling)(Side Character)
Bugbite (Changeling) (Minor Character)
Flint (Changeling)(Minor Character)
Diamond Shard(Pony)(Minor Character)

Chapters (34)

Pharynx has always faced bullies before. Especially ones that pick on his younger brother for no good reason.

So then why is he getting stepped on by this weird blue-maned changeling... who’s six years younger than him?

A prequel to “Meet the Change Gang.”

Done for my one-year anniversary of both my Fimfiction account and MTCG.

Co-written by Melody Song and MlpHero.

Chapters (1)

Sandbar and Gallus have been dating for a while, Smolder and Ocellus too. Only they know about each other's relationships. Of course, they would tell Silverstream and Yona, but Silver has a bit of a habit of accidentally revealing secrets and Yona has the tendency to blurt things out. Then, all that changes when a couple of mares find out. Now, the four friends must decide how to come out to their friends, families, and everyone in-between.

Warning: contains gayness, cuddles, and M/M and W/W. If you are not comfortable with these things don't read on.

Chapters (14)