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Looks like the Speed Triumvirate have done it this time. Dean has somehow managed to piss off a massive Equestrian crime ring through unspeakable means and now, the three owe the mob hundreds of thousands of bits.

Thankfully, V has a solution. An entry into the most grueling and challenging street race in Equestria.

The Run. 2500 miles (4023.3 kilometers) from San Franciscolt to Manehattan. Over 200 drivers vying across the country for a massive $25 million bit jackpot. More than enough money to pay off the gangsters hunting them down.

But will our three heroes have it in them to take on this journey? Let's find out...

Crossover with Need For Speed: The Run

And once again, thanks to DangerDean for the logo art!

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This story is a sequel to F1 Equestria: Duels of the Century

The NASCAR 2020 Season is about to kick off, and with it a new series has arrived. With the success of pony integrated Motorsport series on the rise NASCAR has given the all clear for ponies to enter it's walls and compete in their own series. With help and sponsorship from many of the top teams in the sport, 25 drivers are set to take on the ovals of America in it's number one sport on wheels.

Presenting the NASCAR Equestrian Cup.

NASCAR and MLP are not mine and belong to their respective companies and owners.

Driver List:

#1 Trixie Lulamoon (Ganassi Racing Chevrolet
#2 Rarity (Penske Ford)
#3 Oscura Galaxia (Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet)
#4 Vinyl Scratch (Stewart-Haas Racing Ford)
#6 Scootaloo (Roush-Fenway Racing Ford)
#8 Bloothy (Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet)
#9 Pinkie Pie (Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet)
#10 Octavia Melody (Stewart-Haas Racing Ford)
#11 Lightning Dust (Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota)
#12 Sweetie Belle (Penske Ford)
#14 Lyra Heartstrings (Stewart-Haas Racing Ford)
#18 Rainbow Dash (Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota)
#19 Spitfire (Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota)
#20 Fluttershy (Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota)
#21 Apple Bloom (Wood Brothers Racing Ford)
#22 Applejack (Penske Ford)
#24 Viral Velocity (Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet)
#37 Vapor Trail (Daughtery Racing Chevrolet)
#40 Akula (Ganassi Racing Chevrolet)
#41 Derpy Hooves (Stewart-Haas Racing Ford)
#42 Sunset Shimmer (Ganassi Racing Chevrolet)
#47 Sky Stinger (Daughtery Racing Chevrolet)
#48 Twilight Sparkle (Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet)
#88 Starlight Glimmer (Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet)
#95 Danger Dean (Leavine Family Racing Toyota)

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Now has official sequel! NASCAR: The Equestrian Cup

It has been years since the portals to Earth first appeared. However, both the human world and Equestria have come to an alliance.

Now, a few years after the defeat of Cozy Glow at the hands/hooves/claws of the Young Six, the FIA has decided to create a new racing scene. A series of one-on-one races between two rivals involving races with each other and the entire F1 2019 grid.

These are the Formula 1 Duels.

And recently, the nation of Equestria has included some of its best racers to participate. Join them as they face off on the tracks of the F1 2019 Duel series.

Driver list:

Twilight Sparkle (TWI) No. 21: Mecredes-AMG Petronas
Pinkie Pie (PIN) No. 220: Aston-Martin Red Bull Racing
Applejack (APP) No. 7: McLaren
Rainbow Dash (RBD) No. 1: Scuderia Ferrari
Rarity: (RAR) No. 19: Renault
Fluttershy (FLT) No. 109: Aston-Martin Red Bull Racing
Lightning Dust (LTD) No. 2: Scuderia Ferrari
Akula (AKU) No. 98: Mercedes-AMG Petronas
Celestia (CEL) No. 100: Alfa-Romeo
Luna (LUN) No. 101: Alfa-Romeo
Suri Polomare (SUR) No. 49: Renault
Cheese Sandwich (CHS) No. 174: Red Bull Toro Rosso
Chrysalis (CHR) No. 99: HAAS
Ocellus (OCE) No. 64: Red Bull Toro Rosso
Silverstream (SIL) No. 36: Racing Point
Gallus (GAL) No. 32: Racing Point
Sandbar (SAN) No. 17: Williams
Yona (YON) No. 14: Williams
Gladmane (GLA) No. 80: HAAS
Big Macintosh (BMI) No. 8: McLaren
DangerDean (DNG) No. 15: Scuderia Ferrari
Viral Velocity (VRL) No. 33: Mercedes-AMG Petronas
Oscura Galaxia (OSC) No. 13: Aston-Martin Red Bull Racing
Spitfire (SPI) No. 3: Scuderia Ferrari

I got the inspiration to make this story after playing a little too much F1 Mobile Racing. This story is focused on the Duel mode in the game, where you race another player in 3 different race types (Qualifying, Sprint Race and Grid Start).

For the full Formula 1 2019 season calender, click here.

Hope you enjoy!

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When training to become a future Equestrian Wonderbolt, Lightning Dust made poor life choices. She abused her parents encouragement and provisions and instead took life into her own hooves. She cared little about following a good example, she only cared about herself and her own feelings. One night she sneaked out of her family home and had fun with a stallion. He was not willing to stay and fled her life, leaving a life changing new addition for her in the process. She pays no attention to the foal, leaving her newborn under her parents control. Then it all comes crashing down.

Her dreams dead by her own doing and her parents now deceased after a family tragedy. She is left with only her first born daughter. With help from her brother Sky and his friends, can Lightning put herself back together and create a true bond with her daughter, Viral Velocity?

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3 days ago, in the middle of Ponyville, a mysterious portal appeared in the town square. Nopony knew how it got there, and a few wondered what was on the other side of the portal...

...and 1 day ago, Princess Twilight Sparkle received a letter from Princess Celestia that, according to Mayor Mare, her friends have gone missing, and both Mayor and Celestia know that they dissapeared into the portal. Twilight suspects that her friends have run into danger by exploring the strange portal, and packs up her and Spike's gear, and enters the portal...

...Upon emerging on the other side of the portal, she discovers that she is, once again, in the human world. However, she still in her pony form and not a human. Then, Rainbow Dash pulls up in a car, opens the passenger door and the journey begins...

NOTE: I just recently got Burnout Paradise for my XBOX 360, so I decided to create a fanfic about it, involving the ponies, racing and crazy, metal-twisting crashes!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it!

If you have never played Burnout Paradise, or ANY of the previous Burnout games, I highly suggest you do! It should give you a good idea on what the series is about, and what you might expect in the story.

Update: Added a new title page, that I custom made with the use of Photoshop! :pinkiehappy:

The Twilight, Derpy and Changeling vectors belong to MLP-Vector Club
Burnout Paradise picture belongs to the Burnout FANDOM Wiki

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This story is a sequel to PONY POV SERIES SEASON 8: FINALE!

This takes place narratively after the entire pony pov series, IE, Pony Pov Series episode 435 (actual final chapter, "I wish you all to fair well my friends.") as there are spoilers for the entire series in here. So please read this last.

This was commissioned by me years ago to Godzillawolf, who has only now gotten around to completing it. I felt the story might have needed more polish, but after all the blood, sweat and tears he put into working it, he just waned it DONE, and I can very much appreciate that.

The story will run about 3 parts give or take.

The title says it all really about what this IS about! It's SIRENS, verses NIGHTMARES, who is gonna win? No matter who wins, we lose.

I hope you enjoy this final run through the pony pov series.

PLEASE don't forget the Pony POV Series Trope page! https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/PonyPOVSeries

Cover art by Godzillawolf.

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