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Hey I'm Gol D Colt (or Gol for short) And I adore writing stories with massive tasty hoots and gender bent characters.

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This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane

Based on the Super Cafe series and centered around the Spiders and Magic series.

A short collection of what-if scenarios had everyone practiced hindsight, foresight, and common sense to prevent some of the biggest plot-holes in the Spiders and Magic series. Might be expanded upon, depending on the feedback and requests. (Officially Complete)

Cover Art done by woogiegirl (Woogs)

Thank you, XangelMusic, Lord Lycaon, Regreme, and Darth Cygnus for editing!

Chapters (2)

A breakfast conversation between the princesses turns toward Celestia's long history of losing fights.

Chapters (1)

As Twilight attempts to get Starlight Glimmer to see the error of her ways, Spike can't help but interject. If Starlight had a portal to take her to any place or any time, why fixate on one single event when she could accomplish so much more?

As it turns out, Starlight Glimmer has an answer. Several in fact.

Inspired by a conversation with the story's editor Tired Old Man.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to An Unexpected Love

"Oh you did such a wonderful job, darling. We even got first place! I swear if there is anything you want I'll-Applejack is everything ok?"

"Oh sorry Rarity, I uh have to go somewhere. Go on the train to Ponyville without me, I'll go to the next train."

"Ok, but wait Applejack where are you going?! You are still in your dress?!"

Chapters (1)

After being ditched by Rarity, Applejack finds herself on a train to Canterlot for a fashion show. The train was just under a tunnel when there was a crash. Now Applejack is stuck on a train with no way out with a stallion she wished wasn't there.

Editor: Professor Tactitus

Features in popular stories.

Chapters (1)

A look at what Rainbow Dash may have been like if she were born as a unicorn instead of the ever popular pegasus so many know and love.

Chapters (1)

Trixie has never been one to shy away from boasting and ego stroking. It certainly helps when you've suddenly become one of the most important ponies in the world in the span of a single night. But Twilight starts to think things are getting out of hoof for the showmare when she starts hoofing out autographs and getting news columns for things as simple as stopping a runaway baby carriage or fixing a broken carriage wheel.

So she decides to show Trixie what a real hero is like with a little help from her friends. Unfortunately for them, everything will go too according to plan. When a simple scheme to teach a mare about swallowing your pride turns into a race to save a reputation, a friendship, and perhaps an entire city, there's only going to be one question on everypony's mind at the end of the day:

What truly defines a hero?

Story set in the Manehattanverse.
Cover art by punzil504

Chapters (5)

After Moondancer's disaster of a birthday, Minuette comes up with a brilliant plan.
Sneak into Star Swirl the Bearded's Wing, borrow a time travel spell and use it to MAKE Twilight go to the party.
However, the return of the Mare in the Moon throws a wrench into things.

Chapters (1)

Twenty-five moons ago, an accident unleashed billions of nanoscopic machines called Nanites, which spread to every corner of the globe and infected every living thing.

Most of the Nanites are inactive. A lot of them aren't.

When Nanites go active, their host organisms mutate unpredictably, becoming dangerous creatures called EVOs. Some EVOs have control over their powers. Some remain intelligent. Some even just want to be left alone.

Some have more sinister goals.

And then there's the outsider. One teenage girl who is, in reality, a unicorn exiled from another dimension. Having turned her back on Equestria and fled through the mirror at almost the exact same time as the Event, Sunset Shimmer has become the most extraordinary, unusual EVO of all...

...and she has the power to cure EVOs.

But will a self-centered, power-hungry, arrogant former unicorn really save a human race she doesn't care anything about?

Adapted from Generator Rex by Man of Action.

(Cover art is temporary; permanent cover art coming later...)

Chapters (2)

Blueblood just wants to run his charity and be left alone, but High Society - and starry-eyed mares - have other plans.

He's not a good stallion, but maybe he's a better one than even he would guess. Now if only he'd stop being so cynical...

Chapters (10)