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I am an freelance artist and writer. I love MLP:FIM and enjoy reading some of the stories other Bronies write.

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Should the powerful and sexy alicorn Dark Demon King Ravenblood Nightblade follow his destiny as savior of Equestria, or his love of interior design?

Why not both?

BASED ON AN ORIGINAL CHARACTER BY DEVICE HERETIC!!! This is my first alicron Mary Sue self-insert fic, so plz b nice. Maybe Ill write moar if ppl like it

Reading by AShadowOfCygnus!
On EQD Oct. 20, 2012.

Chapters (2)

The star system Omega Centauri was just another oddity on a map to scientists in the not too distant future. However when they found the star was orbiting an earth-sized, earth-like planet instead of a black hole as its motion had suggested, a mission was scrambled to investigate this most unusual of celestial behaviors.

Hamstrung by politics, and nearly crippled before it began, the 'Lone Ranger' mission was reduced to just one crew member and left to his own devices.

These are the logs of Arrow 18 and its lone commander. This information is classified TOP SECRET by the Global Space Agency.

Do NOT tell the princess.

Chapters (16)

It was only a few days ago when I lost my voice and Fluttershy had to sing in my place with the Ponytones. Then, just the other mornin', Rarity's asked me out to a big fancy dinner in downtown Ponyville. What could this mean? Have I done somethin' wrong? Is she finally kickin' me out of the quartet? Or, even worse, could an elegant unicorn like that actually be interested in a stallion like me?

I ain't no good at reading ponies, and I'm even worse at speakin' my thoughts out loud. Rarity is a nice, elegant lady, and I'd be a plum fool to hurt her feelings. Still, the truth's gotta come out somehow. There's only one mare in this-here town who strikes my fancy, and it ain't her.

Based on an idea given to me by Propmaster.

Chapters (2)

It's almost Hearth's Warming Eve, and everypony is looking forward to spending the holiday season at home with their families. Everypony, that is, except Scootaloo. Her two best friends are about to learn that sometimes friendship is the best gift you can ever give.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash finds out that Twilight's mother is the real identity of Silky Dusk, the author of the Daring Do books.

Excited by her discovery, she writes a fan letter.

Things only go downhill from there.

(Written before Daring Don't)

Proofread by RainbowDashie1001.

(Russian translation courtesy of Korryamber)

(Audio reading by KhaosSparkz)
(Audio reading by Ironwolf)
(Audio reading by Landon)

Chapters (3)

After a long day of flight practice with Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash discovers the filly knows next to nothing about preening and takes it upon herself to teach her.

Warning: May Contain Feels and/or D'aww moments.

Featured on FIMFiction on 7/20/2013. Yay!
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Though the distance between Pinkie Pie and her five closest friends has grown in the half-century since they claimed their Elements, she does what she can to prevent the others from drifting away. It’s small things, mostly: tea with Rarity, a drink with Rainbow Dash, a few words with each of the others. The friendship still makes each day together magic, and she works as hard as ever to bring cheer to all of her friends. When the smiles come less frequently, that just makes each one that much more precious.

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After seventy years building up one of the biggest companies in Equestria, Applebloom finally decides to go home. As she rides the train back to Ponyville, she revisits some of the moments in her life that have led her to this point and thinks about what could have been different.

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to Scion of Chaos

After returning to Ponyville from Canterlot, Sweetie Belle tries her best to find her place amongst friends and family and to remember what it feels like to be home.

This story takes place 4 days after the finale of Scion of Chaos. (I recommend reading that first, if you haven't already)
And set 5 years later is the sequel story: A Heart of Change

Thanks to Rameslack for his amazing cover art.

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It was a surprise that Dash offered a kiss as a prize at the charity auction. It was a surprise that the colts were as "enthusiastic" as they were. It was a surprise that Dash didn't leap on the colts and beat them for their comments.

But, the biggest surprise of all was which one of her friends bid on her kiss... and why.

Chapters (2)