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Do you ever regret things you did in the past? Whether it was accidentally insulting someone, or waging a war against a concept with chocolate rain and licorice trees? Well, Discord doesn’t “regret” it, but he can admit he made a mistake or two.

But his past certainly disagrees.

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Twilight's power, along with that of Celestia, Luna, and Cadance, has been claimed by Tirek. Drunk on power, the demon-centaur is unleashing destruction upon Equestria, his reign of terror just beginning.

But there is hope. A crystalline chest, a gift from the Tree of Harmony, able to be opened by six keys. Keys which Twilight has now claimed the last of. All they can do is hope, hope that whatever is contained inside the chest is enough to stop Tirek.

And then something goes wrong ...

Note: This story is in no way connected with my other fanfics. It's very much a one-off in good fun.

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Celestia and Scootaloo are homeless in a Ponyville alleyway together. They like to talk about things.

These are the things they talk about.

Note: The crayon scribbles of a plot is done, but the ride never ends story still updates.

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As a bright and promising student entering her senior year at Canterlot High School, Trixie Lulamoon thought she was prepared for many things... the least of which was being magically summoned across dimensions by her equine doppelganger to perform an all-important task. A bit of a warning would have been nice. Some clothes would have been nicer.

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Twilight Sparkle and Timber Spruce have been dating ever since the events of Camp Everfree.

But some time later, Twilight asks Sunset Shimmer to meet her in the school lab. Because Twilight has relationship worries—lots of them, and Sunset's the only person she trusts to help.

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.

Edits: nanashi_jones

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This is a sequel to Spiders and Magic IV: The Fall of Spidermane

There are relics that predate the universe itself.... An infinite force with infinite destruction that could destroy all life in Equestria.

Now new enemies have come to Equestria to claim such power, and it's up to Peter and his friends to stop them from claiming the ultimate power, but questions begin to arise.

Why is it here? And who are these strangers who are trying so hard to take these stones?

All Peter knows is that he can't face this threat alone...

Editor: FrostTheWolf
Proofreaders:Bad Dragon , MetalJrock2299

Series is made by Maximus_Reborn this may or may not be Canon.

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This story is a sequel to There's No Place Like Home

Since she was born, Trixie believed she would achieve greatness, but life had always conspired against her with setbacks. First, she was forced to drop out of school. Then her reputation was ruined, and next she fell under the influence of a dark magical artifact. Finally, her father was killed in a tragic incident.

Years later, the taint of the Alicorn Amulet is gone, but having felt the power of Princesses once before, Trixie hungers for it yet again, and she takes to exploring Equestria. With her will renewed, Trixie is ready to let the dice roll, knowing there will be no third chance if she fails. In Phantasia, a mare shall defy destiny.

Begins in media res. Absolutely no knowledge required out of the prequel, but one small plot point will be spoiled by Chapter 2 (Midsummer). Ignores post-Season 4. Cover Art by Malifikyse

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The journey to be the best. Many have taken this road and many have fallen to the wayside, for this is a road that few can conquer. But it is the road that a certain warrior takes, no matter where it leads him.

And now Ryu finds himself in the land of Equestria, a strange land for one such as himself. But here he shall seek to improve himself while fighting the best ponies in the land to reach the pinnacle of fighting. For Diamond Tiara he is a master who can help her overcome her foes and herself. For Rainbow Dash he is a rival to defeat so she can prove that she is a great fighter. And for Zecora he is a student that she hopes to keep on the right path.

But the ponies must be careful of this noble soul, despite his calm and kind demeanor. For if pushed too far they might see that even the most kindhearted of fighters...can house deep within a raging demon.

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Lost, starving, and hunted by the law, a lonely changeling finds a traveling entertainer who he plans on using to restore his energy by extracting as much love out of her as possible.

Too bad his target turns out to be Trixie.

After a brief violent encounter and some mutual blackmail, the two of them decide to perform together in front of the town to raise enough bits and love for them each to go their separate ways.

It works out better than they expected.

Picture credit: Ashindo (Check out his Dark Equestria)
Now on Equestria Daily
Editors: Peter, Tek, Themaskedferret, Bluepaladin42, D48

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Spitfire receives terrible news. An injury she sustained from their last show may have saved lives... but may not be treatable. They will have to amputate her wing. She must step down as Wonderbolt captain.

Written for Writeoff.me's 'End of an Era' competition.

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