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Ponyville is known by its residents as a place of safety from other ponies, where crime is infrequent and violence is almost unheard of.

But Twilight's illusions of protection are shattered when she and her friends arrive home one night to find her home ransacked by unknown burglars with unknown motives.

The case is picked up by a local private detective, Phillip Finder. But while he works at cracking the case, Twilight and her friends have another mystery on their hooves: who is Phillip Finder, and what secrets do his past hold?

The Phillip Finder series
The Pony in the Gray Trilby
The Everfree Forest Affair
Time Flies
The Blue Moon Brings Death
Letters to a Candymare
The Face in the Darkness
Secret of the Mare Lisa
The Sun Falls
Behind Locked Doors
Siege of Clovenworth
The Silent Fugitive
Curse of the Taverneigh Blue
Mystery on the Mareish Moors
The Grilled Cheese and the Muletese Falcon
Trifle Not With Monsters
The Fillydelphia Solution
The Sydneigh Ritual

Chapters (8)

Twilight asks her brother Shining, if he'd like to spend a night with her to reenact the dreams she's had for so long. The catch is, Twilight wants to be dressed like a foal and coddled. Fortunately for her, Shining is more than willing to help her out.

(Warning: Diapers, Cuddling, and Emotions)

Cover art by: Cuddlehooves (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13158975/)

Chapters (1)

Two noname stallions arrive at Ponyville, searching for a fresh start. However, upon bringing their attitudes and misfortune along with them, the citizens of Ponyville are in for quite a shake.

In desperate need of work along with a place to live, Ponyville's own Twilight Sparkle makes one of the biggest mistakes of her life: letting them stay in her home. Unable to bring herself to kick them out, she must learn to live with them and their ridiculous, destructive antics. Fortunately, she will not be the only victim to their mayhem.

This tale is an episodic series composed of smaller chapters within each episode.
'Peace Breakers' is a collaborative effort between a friend and I, we hope you enjoy!

Chapters (5)

Roseluck wakes up to find herself trapped inside a strange underground facility. As she wonders through the facility, Roseluck soon realizes that she is being stalked by a familiar party pony, a party pony who isn't at all pleased to see her.

Note: This isn't a Cupcakes copy cat fanfic, so please give it a chance. Also if you favorite this story could you please give it a thumbs up. It just helps me feel good about my story and it helps the story get views. :raritywink:

The story was proofread and edited by: TheDizzyDan. He is a pretty awesome guy. :pinkiehappy:

An Audio Reading by Swift Blade can be found: Here.

The image was created using GIMP.

Chapters (1)

A war breaks out between Dragons and Wolves. But what will happen when you're both wolf and dragon?
One can only pick one side....
Rated T for violence and multable uses of profanity.

Chapters (1)

When Pinkie came knocking at her castle door, Twilight herself was a little surprised. She had brought her a gift. But the older mare had a strange, dark mood about her. Shouldn't Twilight be happy, anyway? Yet when she opens the present, it just might be the most heartbreaking thing she has ever recieved.

Chapters (1)

A power struggle between two royal sisters of a magical land of Equestria, and a master of nightmares from Tartarus, fight over the life of a rare breed of human that died out in Equestria long before the ponies became the sentient beings of the world. Their struggle has now lead to a battle through the dark ones realm of twisted nightmares that will test the love and wits between the two sisters and the human. As they impersonate to plushies of night and day to give him hope and the light he needs to battle the darkness

(Inspired by Among The Sleep)

Chapters (7)

It's Valentine's Day at Equestria, and George Cunningham wants to find a girlfriend. After being rejected by several mares, George's hopes are suddenly blast off the roof when a girl by the name of Shadow Mavis comes stealing groceries from ponies... and blowing up markets with bombs. Suddenly, when Shadow Mavis is about to be sent to the slammer, George defeats the guards and sets her free. A few days later, Shadow Mavis appears in George's home. The two realize they have things in common, and start going out as boyfriend-girlfriend. George's friends will be helping along the way. But Trixie has heard about the two criminals, and she is desperate to capture and turn them in. How will this all turn out?

Takes place after "George Cunningham: The Story You Never Knew" and before "Toby Mason and the Bandicoot".

Huge credit to NoGoodUsernames for the cover art and pictures. He shall be remembered!

Chapters (1)

Hearts and Hooves day is special in all kinds of ways, but some of it not for the best. Love is in the air, and the ponies are all reacting to it in different ways. Come see what different ponies get up to on this festive day of love. Several different ships occur and overlap in the chapters. Ships include Sparity, Twixie, Flutterdash, and more. NOTE: Completion of this fanfic will depend on demand for completion and author's will to complete it.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to The Reunion of Good Friends

After the events of "A Reunion of Good Friends", Octavia decided to visit a couple of friends in the town of Ponyville.

Two things: #1. No Romance involved, I ain't about that ship life.
#2. You HAVE to read the prequel before the sequel, so you don't get confused.

Chapters (6)
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