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Pinkie Pie explains to Twilight how she, with the help of Rainbow Dash, invented a new type of candy.

(I finally decided to upload this from EqD.)

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This story is a sequel to CAPS LOCK

After several months, Caps Lock has finally made a friend at Ponyville Elementary School. Button Mash may not be the troll Caps Lock is, but he sure can hold his own in Battle Stallion. They spend all their time gaming together until Button takes up a new interest: Sweetie Belle. When she sends down an ultimatum, Button must choose what's more important: Caps Lock's friendship or her.

Hearts and Hooves themed story.

Thanks to Sky Wishes 7266 for the wonderful cover art!

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Authors note: The story will be more of the interaction between Shining Armour and Flash Sentry and the bromance that doesn't blossom. I wrote this story solely because I really liked the idea of military ponies but didn't want to make an OC.

Thanks for reading

Flash sentry was a Pegasus royal guard with a lot going for him. He was working his way up the ranks as a prominent soldier, and was the rising star amongst his peers. After a mistake in battle causes Flash to question his abilities as a soldier, Captain Shining Armour reassigns him to castle guard duty in Canterlot.
During the captain’s royal wedding, Flash catches a glimpse of a purple unicorn mare. Months later, fate steps in and he meets her properly for the first time. When they start dating, it seems he had finally made a right decision… until Flash finds out who her older brother is.

Let the games begin! (wut)

Less on the romance and more on the comedy. Don't think of it of a TwiXFlash fic

Edited and Proofread by Level Dasher

Also the picture is by a very talented artist on deviant art. Here is his page

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A refined mare fresh out of high school and a dropout following her dreams find themselves forced to spend a lot of time together.

With the help of a meddling psychology tutor and their new classmates, can they find what they've been looking for?

French Translation!

Fan Stuff!

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In celebration of getting promoted to Captain of the Guard, Shining Armor decides to have a night on the town with his men. As the night goes on though, the new guy, Flash Sentry, decides to give Shining a hoof getting home. After a disastrous encounter with Princess Celestia where neither Ponies could keep their mouths shut, they end up getting taught a lesson and possibly learning more than they thought they would in the process.

This awesome cover art is done by Conicer and GottaLovePinkiePie They are both two awesome ponies.

Made it on the feature box on 12/30/13. I want to thank everypony who made this possible.

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First part: When Button Mash invites Sweetie Belle over to his place for gaming, who knows what will happen?
Parts after: The growing relationship of Sweetie Belle and Button Mash after that fateful house visit.
Time to pick up my pen.

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What happens when Big Macintosh spills pie on Shining Armour? You probably already know, or you wouldn't be reading this. *wink*

This is just a really quick one-shot. I am hoping to encourage more coltcuddlers to upload more stories.
Cover art by Braeburned
Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, this story contains M/M shipping and coltcuddling. Don't like, don't read.

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Dixon Alexandra Shephard, your everyday 16 year old going through high school and adolescence stuff. He never would have thought that one day, he will find a very confused and lost princess from a television show. Much less having his normal life turned upside down.

Join him as he endure a day of high school with the most irritating classmates, and school bullies. While at the same time, trying to keep Princess Luna safe.

(Rated Teen for language and some 'situation')

Coverart by BerryPAWNCH

Luna's Fanfiction Library Approved!
Do not confuse 'Luna's Fanfiction Library' with 'Luna's Library'. 'Luna's Library' is a different group focused on Crossover stories while 'Luna's Fanfiction Library' are focused on all kind of stories.

Edit: 20/10/2013, 50 likes! Milestone #1! Thank you all!
Edit: 31/7/2014, 100 likes! Milestone #2! Thanks guys! You're awesome!
Edit: 21/12/2013, The following chapters, Monday Blues, The Three Stooges and Snow Day, will be taken down for reworking and rewriting. I will update this post when each chapter is re published.

Edit: 26/12/2013: Chapter 1 have been re-released.

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Pony magic works in funny ways. Unicorns all have magic they can control. Earth ponies and pegasi have innate magic that connects them to the earth and the sky. And then there are more unusual cases. Pinkie Pie's supernatural senses, for example. And then there's Braeburn, who seems to have a rather unusual effect on other stallions...

Chapters (6)

There is a ton of mail in Canterlot. What are Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to do? At Cadence's suggestion, they do the only logical thing: answer it with the help of Equestria's two premier jokesters, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Join them on their quest to answer strange questions, eat snacks, and make many inappropriate jokes along the way.

Written for the purposes of:
a) to help with my depression
b) get a lighthearted, funny, episodic fanfic up on FIMFiction
c) give Respawn Inbox the semi-crossover it deserves
d) Mr. Sark is best pony

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