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The Devil... The Devil is a debt collector. He's always around, always patient. And he always, always collects his due. So when the devil comes a knockin', best answer that door.

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Some bonds take longer to form than others. Some require quite a bit of pressure. Some happen whether you like it or not.

Some need only a spark.

Part of the Jinglemas 2022 collaboration.
Written for kalash93, who requested a story about Trixie and Sunburst, and maybe Starlight.
Preread by Alex_.
Edited by GaPJaxie.
Big thanks to Redruin for the cover art.

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You are Anon, and you own a musket for home defense. When four rapscallions break into your house. "What the devil!?" You do what must be done. Now you have to explain to Twilight why this makes sense.

Edit: Featured? Thank you everyone!

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Despite Princess Luna being rescued from the cruel embrace of Nightmare Moon and returned to her sister’s loving side, there is a dark secret of death and betrayal lurking in the moon’s shadow. Soon it will threaten the Royal Sisters’ reunion and ignite the flames of their deadly conflict again, unless a mere child can show them the way.

The last Nightguard is coming. Nothing will stop him until his nemesis is destroyed, not even death.

Fantastic cover art by Harwick

Editors include: Tek, Irrespective

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Ebony Dew has a friend that nopony believes is real.

However, she knows in her heart that he exists.

After all, it's his heart in the first place.

An entry for the Science Fiction Contest run by Bicyclette.

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This story is a sequel to The Visiting Team -- Part II

Princess Luna wants to return her nightmare guards to the dark realm from whence they were summoned. And there's just one pony who can help her with that: Trixie Luna Moon. With her Advanced Projects team, of course...


Since it's been a while, here's a quick recap for those new to the Advanced Projects series:

On an alternate branch of the G4 timeline, Twilight Sparkle never left Canterlot and is now an Acting Princess, with a very different group of close friends: Tempest Shadow, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Luna Moon, Sunset Shimmer, and Moondancer -- plus Cheese Sandwich as their on-call party pony. And each of these has had a very different past, as a result of meeting Twilight Sparkle so early.

In particular, Trixie was once the Great and Powerful student and protégé of Princess Luna... while she was Nightmare Moon. Which has its consequences...


For more of this series, start with: A Canterlot Engagement.

Also, check out the entire series, beginning with Not Exactly Friends.

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Raven Inkwell has been the royal aid to Celestia for all her life. Now that Twilight has taken the throne, she too will learn to harness the gift that Raven has to offer. But what exactly is Raven? And why has nobody bothered to ask this before?

A commission for Snow Quill, who also did the art!

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Nothing is more of a temptation to Luna than secrets. But one secret Luna uncovers goes back to the earliest days of Equestria, one which Celestia is trying desperately to keep hidden.

Now, Luna must walk into her sister's dreams to understand the past she missed... and save her sister from the the same darkness that once consumed her.

CW: implied thoughts of suicide


Originally done for a Quills N' Sofa's speedwrite on "Second Chances" in September 2021, where we took a story that we were not happy with and re-wrote it. The original version of this story was done in July 2020. Thanks to Lofty, Vis-a-Viscera,and Draconequus for encouragement and edits.

Cover Art by Yakovlev-Vad.

Notes on the story in this week's MT File.

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While visiting the earth pony town of Promise, the Great and Powerful Trixie is coerced into searching for a missing foal against her own better judgment. But things are not as straightforward as they first appear. When push comes to shove, what kind of pony is Trixie at heart?

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In the beginning, The Great Weaver brought together the world, from the mountains to the forests. Stitching it together, the Great Tapestry connects all living and nonliving things.

The Changelings found themselves especially connected to this Tapestry. Legend says that the first Changelings fell through the world as it was woven together, only to be caught on the First Weave beneath it all.

But what happens when something else is caught in the Weave?

Prince Phasmatodea, son of Queen Chrysalis, remembers what it was like before he hatched. He remembers being a human. He remembers dying. And he fully intends on avoiding another death.

But being gifted a new life does not matter when one failure, one false step, will lead to your untimely demise in the Changeling hive, for Prince Phasma must survive his toughest adversary from the start: Mother Dearest.

Cover art as of 1/18/21 by Nixworld

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