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Reel Projection has disappeared. Nopony has any clue as to where he went or how he vanished. However, one thing is for certain is that he did leave a nearly seven-page note behind. In it, he described a lost, banned film from the silent film era.

A special thanks to LeylaQuartz for proofreading this.

Now with a Russian Translation by Doof Ex Machina

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Sunset Shimmer's life was good, she had plenty of friends and greatly enjoyed where she had eventually ended up in life. It's a shame then that reality had a different opinion on where she belonged. Now stuck in the past prior to first leaving for the human world, Sunset will have to figure out what kind of direction she wants to take in life this time around.

After all, the future she herself lived with her friends was not reachable without doing things that she now found appalling. Even so, she knows that staying in Equestria could very well doom the world to a much darker future. If she had time to draft a plan she could probably figure out something that would keep herself out of the way while also not affecting the timeline, it's a shame then that the two princesses of Canterlot would just not leave her alone!

Apparently this thing got feature mere days after publishing... somehow.

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Sunset's favorite jacket is looking pretty beaten up after that whole rainbow laser explosion, and she doesn't know the first thing about fixing leather. Obviously she knows someone who could help her, someone who's already agreed to be her friend. But after everything she's done, she doesn't really think she's in a position to be asking favors. She hasn't earned anyone's friendship yet, and she certainly doesn't deserve anyone's help. Still, she's got no other options. So she'll just have to swallow her pride and beg Rarity to take some pity on her.
Rarity certainly has her work cut out explaining to her how friendship works.

Set after Equestria Girls, but before Rainbow Rocks. No shipping. Just awkward, self-loathing Sunset and generous, understanding Rarity.

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Princess Celestia is a proud mentor to an extraordinary filly.

That very filly has read all there was in the vast libraries of Canterlot, and is bored to death during lectures at the School for the Gifted Unicorns where she attends. She’s also destined to bear the Element of Magic, and one day, perhaps, even take Celestia’s place on the throne. She may have some rough edges, true, but Celestia is going to teach her the magic of friendship and the values that are important in life.

If only Sunset Shimmer could stop sabotaging her efforts wherever they go.

Reviewed by Corejo and Csquared08 here! Also by PresentPerfect here! Check out Tales of the Sun to get this story in print!

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Twilight Sparkle accidentally discovers that her Friendship Castle can allow her to magically connect to a vast interactive library in another dimension. At first blush, it appears to be full of open journals, So she jumps in, starts her own journal and fills in the gaps as to what it's like to live in Equestria. There's food, fun, friends, festivals, facts, footnotes, finds and information.

What could Twilight have to say
If she journaled every day
Would she bemoan the ponies she dissed?
Or would she just jot down her laundry list?
You'd find out, you would be in the know
if to Twilight's Blog you would go.

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Sunset, instead of fleeing to another dimension, talked it out with Celestia and decided to stay in Equestria. As she continues her studies, Celestia gets a new student.

A young purple prodigy, Twilight Sparkle!

Celestia tasks her taking care of the young filly, which she is not too keen about. All Sunset wants to do is study magic with Celestia. What kind of scenarios are these two young unicorns going to get into?

Rated "Teen" because of themes, language, and a bit of violence. Sex tag because of raunchy/steamy innuendos. Violence tag because of light descriptions of violence and injuries.

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A few years after retiring, Celestia and Luna went on an extended vacation to see the world and broaden their experiences. Now, almost forty years later, they have returned to their roots in Equestria, at least for a while.

Four decades is a long time, so Twilight and Celestia decide to catch up over tea. However, it seems that Twilight has changed more than Celestia expected.

Cover by Nnaly.

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After ascending to princesshood, there was still the matter of Sunset's official coronation.

Of course, she was going to invite her friends along for the event.

It went about as well as you'd expect.

(Written in honor of Sunset Day.)

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This story is a sequel to The Face I'll Wear

Dear Small Pony Book,

Hello. My name is Thorax. I am a changeling formerly of the Badlands Hive, ruled by the terrible Queen Chrysalis. Nowadays, I am fortunate to call the Crystal Empire home, and their Royal Family my friends.

Since I'm rather new to living in pony society—without orders to infiltrate, of course—my new friends have been doing their very best to help me get acclimated to this strange, alien way of life. To this end, Princess Cadence has instructed me to tell you of my experiences so that we might use this as time to reflect together. However, I do find it strange. How am I to discuss my day to day interactions with a book? Especially one without a name? You can't not have a name, that would just be rude. So, I will just have to figure one out for you.

I'm not sure why Cadence is laughing at that, or why Shining Armor is groaning. This is a very serious issue.

These ponies are strange. But I don't think I'd have them any other way.

A little thing for me to fiddle with when I'm bored. Updates will likely be sporadic. Tagged as a prequel/sequel to The Face I'll Wear because it will explore some of the same themes and will show events before and after the story.

Preread by Timaeus.

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