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This story is a prequel to The Draconequus' Song. It will soon be rewritten. Archive chapters will be kept.

Out of destruction comes new creation.

In the beginning, the Magi created the earth. These ancient beings consisted of the first alicorns and the first draconequus, their roles being to create, destroy and renew the land. However, the draconequus eventually rose against the Magi, and they were forced to eliminate them.

But not all of them.

Early in the Princess' rule over the Everfree Forest, a creature appears. The last draconequus, Discord, with one fell swoop, throws the land into disharmony, and force the Princesses to abdicate the throne. But they stumble upon one unicorn, who may either help their cause or cease it, for his memory is gone, and his loyalty may waver.

Rated Teen:
Mild Gore

Big thanks to ParaducksSpace for helping me out with the setting and such! You can find her on Archiveofourown by clicking on this sentence.

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Book 1 of The Draconequus' Song

Cover Art by Moonlightfan on Deviantart/Little Tigress on FIMFiction!

This story takes place after the events of the MLP Movie and before Season 8. It digresses from that point on.

From the dawn of recorded history, accounts were vivid and for the most part consistent until the Celestial rule. Under Celestia, a fifty year period of history disappeared without a trace. These are called the Lost Histories. Twilight Sparkle is keen to know what exactly happened during this period, and she succeeds to a degree. However, when reporting her findings to select friends, a bomb is set off in their midst, sending the castle up in flames.

Enter Trixie Lulamoon and Discord, who see the chaos from ground level. Enlisting each other's help, they try their best to help in the moment, but in the end, there was nothing much they could do to alleviate the tragedy. With Starlight in critical condition, Trixie is useless, and with Fluttershy's life hanging by a thread, Discord's desire to see justice served to the culprit rages like fire.

So when Discord extends an offer to Trixie to hunt down the culprit, who is she to refuse?

Originally an entry in Equestria Daily's National Pony Writing Month Challenge 2017

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