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Car guy, Militaristic enthusiast, New writer and also a big fan of MLP F.I.M. Luna & Celestia! I'm also from New Zealand!

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Long ago, the Seraphim granted power to the Doom Slayer that he might conquer the forces of Hell. The Doom Slayer has won, Hell lies defeated, and now he returns to the Seraphim's holy realm. His mission is not over though, he has promises to fulfill, rewards to collect, and as always, evil to defeat. Let those who would harm this sacred land tremble, for the guardian of Equestria, has returned!

Chapters (26)

The Nightmare is gone and Luna's return has been welcomed by everypony but there is someone else that was alerted by her return. Someone that has been gone for a long, long time... and now, her past has come back to haunt her.

Cover Art by Mr Tech

His Deviant Art

Chapters (1)

Everypony has a story. Some tell of heroic feats and grand adventure. Others tell of villainy against the forces of Harmony. The story of an average guard, however, is one of obscurity. They live in the background, unnoticed but ever-present.

Silent Knight assumed his tale would be like that of his father's: join the Royal Guard and serve Equestria. He would be just another helmet and spear, part of the rank and file. And that was all he ever wanted.

However, when Captain Shining Armor asked for volunteers to form a House Guard for the recently returned Princess Luna, it was Silent's hooves that stepped forwards to set his new life in motion.

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It is Heartswarming Eve, and filly Twilight Sparkle wants to stay at the empty castle with Princess Celestia, refusing to go home with her parents even after the monarch has sent all the staff back to their families. But why?

Twilight's answer leaves Celestia contemplating all the ways that make the lavender unicorn so special.

(Cover Art made by me!)

Chapters (1)

An American soldier, dedicated to his country, who has seen and fought in many wars, seeks out a way to escape his war ridden world and finds a new one. A planet free of death and wars. Where friendship, harmony and peace were plentiful. Or so he had first thought.
He came to the magical world of Equss to escape war. But now finds himself needed for it once again.
But this world was different. This time he could do something to stop evil. But that requires power. Power he will claim. Even if he has to shake the very foundations of Equestria to get it.

(Takes place before Luna/Nightmare Moon's return.)

Chapters (14)

Human X Pony

Human in Equestria

Kenneth is your average everyday person, all up until he was tossed off a boat and into an insane asylum. Unable to speak nor learn their language, ken decides to stick by the only two ponies that he can communicate with. Just when things are starting to look up, and the ponies start to grow on him, reality throws one last curve ball his way.

*Comments contain spoilers, read at your own risk.*

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The time has come, and Chrysalis has made her stand against Equestria as a whole. On the brink of extinction and fueled by rage, Celestia uses an unlikely weapon, with an unlikely hero to save her kingdom from absolute destruction. The cost? More than she could have predicted. The story starts out with the fallout, then Luna recalls what truly happened from that fateful night to the final battle.

This BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE cover art was done by a VERY gifted artist and author named Moonlight Mare, if you haven't seen her work, you need to go give her some love. Seriously. This is the exact image I wanted, and holy cow is it perfect! <3

Chapters (21)

Yeah, I'm still not quite sure as to how all of this even happened. One moment I'm doing the typical Sunday afternoon drive with my mates and the next, we're... well, not.

Why us?

Three friends, Jack, Thomas and Nathan are group of three best friends who all have relatively good paying jobs, all go round to the pubs at a weekend, and all own sporty saloon cars. They can't decide on which is the best, so they decide to settle it once and for all.

Namely by racing to a restaurant.

During this race, however, the trio get sucked into Equestria, along with their cars. Not really knowing what to do next, they decide to do the only thing that would make sense to them at that point...


They didn't expect to find what they found next.

Specifically talking, colourful ponies with varying traits and abilities that could only be described as supernatural, and a city that looked like something out of a Disney movie.

And now, they have to stay in a world so familiar to them, yet so different at the same time, until somepony can find them a way back to their old lives.

The questions remain... Will they fit into life in this new world? Will they be able to return? And most importantly...

Will they stay friends for long enough, as cracks begin to show in their relationship?

This is my first story, told from the first person perspective of Jack.

Chapters (22)
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