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This story is a sequel to Angel Of The Snow

When faced with the reality of losing everything you ever had and loved, the only way for you to go is up, and reclaim what you've lost. Follow the journey of a young sphinx who lost all that he held dear, and came back to regain all that he once had. As well facing off against the one who betrayed him, and taking back his rightful kingdom.

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Sometimes life's lessons are easiest to learn in our old classrooms, and with our old teachers. Standing on the cusp of her journey as an instructor at the School of Friendship, Scootaloo hopes that her very first teacher can offer her some insight.

Third place in the of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting 'Colorful Characters #5' contest. The colorful character was Cheerilee, and the prompt was "patience".

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Loquaciously prolix Autumn Blaze hires terse Bulk Biceps as a parsimonious expert who can efficiently orient the isolated kirin on Equestria's history.

It was forbidden.(From the contest rules (related to word count): "...please don't write an entire encyclopedia on the comprehensive history of Equestria, featuring Autumn Blaze and Bulk Biceps.") :raritydespair: Yet, it must be told. :pinkiehappy:

Era: Season 8. (See an index of my stories, sorted by My Little Pony Season).

- Attained the Feature Box (#1 position at highest) on 25/5/2021 and 26/5/2021. Thank you!
- Equestria Daily on Kirin Day 2022/April/17, listed it as a top Kirin-featuring fic. Thank you!

Entry in the May 2021 Pairing Contest. (Contest Folder Link). Not a romance (though seeds of a romance may be planted for the future), just featuring two characters rarely seen working together.

Cover Image from here, with rights to the cover image discussed on that page.

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Fluttershy and friends gain access to this website, but quickly find themselves trapped within a paradoxical situation.

Check out the comic where the cover art comes from!

Posted with approval from the staff.

Update 3/19/2021: A couple days after publishing this story, and after Fluttershy injected a hacking payload into the mainframe utilizing a quantum subspace frequency modulation algorithm, we were able to access hidden meta-data for this data endpoint and successfully remove ourselves from the causality loop. I am writing this message to preserve our efforts before we sever the connection, in the off chance that something like this ever happens again. With Love and Friendship, Twilight Sparkle.

Check out the awesome reading by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan!

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This story is a sequel to King Of The Mountain

All Luna and Snowdrop ever wanted were for somepony to appreciate them for who they were instead of shunning them for something they could not control. So what happens when the two meet and discover not only their love for the night but for all the beauty it held as well? Follow the story of the Princess of the Night and her Angel of the Snow as they befriend each other, lose each other, and find one another in the snow once again.

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Derpy Hooves is your typical mailmare. She has a good job, has a nice house, and is a loving mother. Just don't keep her from her daughter.

However, when there's a real crisis, Celestia turns to our favorite gray pegasus with her wonderful golden eyes to save the world! Derpy has the best weapon at her disposal for just such a crisis!

This story is a thank-you for Cross Lament.

Image source.

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There's a new filly in Celestia's school, who finds making friends difficult. She's seated next to a filly who could care less about making friends. Neither is exactly friend material... but sometimes you just have to take a risk...

For more of this AU, see:

Series 1:

Series 2:

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Young Twilight Sparkle is sent to the moon. And kidnapped by Discord. And more craziness ensues.

Disclaimer: This is a truly random story! It has more randomness and storyline! Yet it was speed written, so yeah.
Not meant to be featured or anything, just a fun bucket of a random story! :yay:

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Sometimes ruling a kingdom comes with difficult decisions, like who will lead once you're gone.

Celestia has someone in mind, she just needs to fire Luna first.

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Discord calls himself Sir Real. The princesses don't approve. So he is a statue now, and the dictionary just got updated. Twice.

Set before he turned to stone the first time.

Happy April Fools!:pinkiehappy: Oh, just don't mind me.

This was all thought of, written, edited, and published on April 1st. A big thank you to My Little Epona, my editor!

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