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Your dad is out of town.

You've got the whole house to yourself.

You invite Berry Punch over.

You'll find heaven in her hooves tonight.

Written for Hexane. Pre-read by r5h, Pearple Prose, and re-Yamsmos.

Edited cover by ThePoneDrome. Un-edited art originally by ayahana.

Chapters (1)

"Every pony thing evre made would be better if it had me in it."
- me

I, Detective jakkid166, will be prepared to make every pony fanficion, video, and game better by me being in it. All you favorite pony content, except it has ME! And even I could be in some episodes of the show except cause the charaters are idiot I'm good at my job.

The ultimate Detective jakkid166 adventures collection, as he goes into EVERYTHING to make it good.

(These stories is not canon to my other stories unless it says so.)

Chapters (7)

There's an old book that's falling apart. Twilight wants to copy it down to preserve it. But it needs to be as accurate and precise as possible, to preserve the state of the original. That shouldn't be too hard. After all, it's not like the text will change whenever she looks away.


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When Apple Bloom goes missing, Applejack desperately searches for her missing sister. She finds Apple Bloom trapped inside a well. But what she pulls out may not be her sister at all.

Artwork provided by Glen Gorewood

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Pinkie wakes up sick one morning, which is just about the worst thing she can think of!

But Fluttershy will be there to make things better. Things are always better with Fluttershy around.

Also, check out the artist's deviantArt gallery! His pony stuff is all adorable, and I just went on a massive upvote spree of all his pictures on Derpibooru. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to see a doctor. I think my heart has melted from all the cuteness.

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This is NOT human x pony romance!

Rudy is a pegasus stallion, living on Earth for the last 5 years. He's been helping a human named Jack deliver newspapers since coming here, and in the newspaper industry, there's no such thing as a holiday, unless the presses break down and can't be fixed by 8am the next day. This New Years Eve, Rudy and Jack go out to do what they do every night, but tonight might just be something special for the first time, as a mare he's come to fancy working inside the press building asks him a strange question.


Edited (or at least who I saw in the gdoc before posting it) by Bill Cypher and Moonshot.

Written for Admiral's Not a Contest contest. I delivered newspapers most of my life, and we worked every day, every night, holidays be damned. I wanted to convey just how... normal a holiday would be to us. It was just another day, like Christmas, or Easter. We worked, we lived on, and we did the same thing every night, from when I was a baby, up to my mid 20's. Side note: I'm immune to paper cuts.

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That wacky Spirit of Chaos is at it again...
Except, there's no ponies in the audience.
There's nothing, really. Just an empty, post-apocalyptic expanse.
Nothing, and some ants.
Inspired by WrathOfGod519 and "Alone" - Downface.

Also now the excuse/subject for an RCL Interview.

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"Mind thy work. Honor thy kin. Stay away from Holder's Boulder."

Marble disobeyed the warnings.

* * *

Audiobook by Scribbler Productions.
Edited by GaryOak.
Cover art by Mica Halligan.
Written for Scribblefest 2016.
Titanium Dragon
The Hat Man

Chapters (1)

After a long time, Zecora has finally caught the pony she's been hunting.
But now comes the hardest part, now she needs information.
And out in her tent, she'll do anything to get it.

Written as a Christmas gift for Anon Y Mousse in the Quills and Sofas group Christmas writeoff.
The prompt was 'Zecora, Rap Battle'

Chapters (1)
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