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Twilight is a mare of many trades. She prides herself on control, ambition and building solid friendships with those around her. A hero and a princess at the same time. Perhaps one of the greatest mares to ever live.

But when a fleeting crush returns on a certain mare, Twilight finds herself in a difficult emotional position. Especially when said crush is on somepony that she's known all her life but could never truly have. Somepony that's given her everything she could have dreamed of and more. Alas she knows it is not to be.

It would be improper. It would be wrong. It would be...unacceptable.......Or would it?

*Edited by: Grimman007 thanks man.

Art work is not owned by me. The artist is Sokolas on Devianart If the owner perchance comes by and asks me to drop the picture, he only has to say so.

Wrote this after dealing with illness for a few days. My first Twilestia story. Probably one of the more emotional and fun ships I see out there and one of my favourites. My third foray into a romance fic.

Criticism is appreciated.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle has had a crush on Princess Celestia for a very long time. When Celestia's own advice prompts her to confess her attraction, Twilight discovers a secret that Celestia has hidden for hundreds of years. With the fires of the sun itself separating them, can Twilight find a way for them to come together?

Cover art by NadnerbD

Huge amounts of editing by Jordanis

Chapters (2)
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