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Rainbow Dash, the proudest flyer to have ever come out of Cloudsdale, lived an exciting and adventurous life whether it be with her best friends or by herself. But all that changes one fateful night when she is plunged into nightmares each time she falls asleep. Will she be able overcome the gruesome trials each night? Or will her life come to an unfortunate end?

Special thanks to NicholazLikesPoniez for giving me yet another beautiful idea for a story!

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How did this happen. King Sombra has returned and taken over the Crystal Empire, the elements bearers are divided, and Equestria is at war. To understand the end we must start at the beginning, and it all started when Rainbow Dash preformed her first sonic rainboom.

Cover Art by Ccphony on DeviantArt.
Made the popular stories 9/3/16, 9/4/16, 9/5/16. Awesome! Three days straight.

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Rainbow Dash has a crush.

A huge one.

On a mare with beautiful purple eyes.

On a mare with a nice, pointy horn, and a wonderful set of wings.

On a mare that can somehow rock what had to be the most boring of haircuts known to ponykind, making it look like the leading act of a fashion show.

So, with all that in mind, what was there for a big, athletic, inexperienced, and frankly, totally awesome pegasus to do?

Well, to be honest, there is only one real solution. Acquire a book, get a reservation to a fancy restaurant, some tickets to las Pegasus, bribe Starlight, hire Scootaloo with a radio as a spy, and see which things work.

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Rainbow Dash is lost. Not in the normal sense of lost. She's in Cloudsdale, but it's not the same. She can't figure out why until she visits Ponyville and makes a startling discovery. Will she ever be the same?

(A/N): I like constructive criticism, because it helps my writing. you can be harsh, but not downright rude, things that will help me become a better writer. Thank you :)

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I know you guys are tired of all these Cupcakes sequels and stuff, but I thought it would be fun. I'm jumping on the Cupcakes train! This fic takes place about 2 years after Rainbow Dash's number was drawn. Rainbow Dash wakes up inside a coffin with no knowledge of how she got there, or how she died. All she knows is that everyone thinks she's dead, she has no wings, no cutie mark, and no organs. And she has a strange sense that one of her friends knows more about Rainbow's death than she's telling. I know, it sounds really dumb, but give it a chance! Read, comment, and enjoy!

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Rainbow Dash finally gained her consciousness to see she was in a dark room. She tried to rub her head, but saw that her legs were tied down, as well as her head and waist. She suddenly remembered where she had experienced this before.

Well, she herself didn't experience it, but in a story she read, her best friend, Pinkie Pie, kidnapped her and turned her into cupcakes. She noticed how despaired her pink friend was when she found out what Rainbow Dash had read, even though she didn't understand why Pinkie Pie was so badly shaken up. Rainbow Dash knew Pinkie Pie would never harm her in any way, but why is she down here, strapped against her will, if her friend would never harm her?

Had Pinkamena Diane Pie, Pinkie Pie's evil side, finally resurfaced to kill everypony they knew and loved?

I wrote this story back in 2012, so of course my writing wasn't nearly as good as it is now, not meaning to brag. :twilightsheepish:

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Sweetie Belle goes missing one day. She is found near the Everfree Forest beaten and bloodied. With no evidence of how she ended up there, life returns to normal. Until Rainbow Dash gets signs that another pony is going to disappear next. Soon all of Equestria is dragged by the black shadows into an unending nightmare. Only one pony can free Equestria, but at a cost.

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